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The X-Files (1993)

Date added to database: 2/26/2001
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20th Century Fox
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Show Categories: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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The X-Files News (Top)
11/19/2012 I Want To Believe: 'Rumor Mill' Says to Expect the Classic TV Show on Blu-ray
Our friends over at The Digital Bits have recently redesigned their website, and with the re-launch they've also resurrected their "Rumor Mill" column as of a week ago. Their first post there is a doozy,... (read entire news item)

4/15/2008 Trust No One? Two Release Dates Given for Revelations DVDs!
When we first told you about the upcoming 2-DVD set of The X-Files - Revelations, the release date given to us by retailer contacts was July 1st. That date was repeated to us when we posted the contents... (read entire news item)

4/11/2008 The Truth Is In Here: The Complete Text of Fox's Official Revelations Press Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PREPARE TO BELIEVE AGAIN THE X-FILES REVELATIONS Just In Time For The Highly-Anticipated Theatrical Sequel, Eight Critical Episodes, Hand-Picked By Series Creator Chris... (read entire news item)

4/10/2008 Package Art Revealed for Revelations Set; Explains DVD Theme as Film-Based!
Californication cover art isn't the only David Duchovny-related DVD packaging we have to talk about today! This morning Fox Home Entertainment distributed to retailers a picture of the box for their... (read entire news item)

4/03/2008 Mystery Solved: Episode List, Extras for X-Files - Revelations DVDs
Yesterday we revealed (pun intended) that Fox is planning a July 1st release of The X-Files - Revelations. We had learned that this would be a 2-DVD set containing 8 episodes and some extras, but we... (read entire news item)

4/02/2008 Fox Announces a New X-Files TV-DVD, But it Seems to be a Mystery!
This morning Fox revealed an updated schedule to retailers, showing a July 1st street date for a DVD release called The X-Files - Revelations. Other than the title, date and a cost of $22.98 SRP in the... (read entire news item)

8/21/2007 Exclusive! First Look At Hi-Res Box Art for X-Files - Complete Collection
Last week we brought you Fox's press release for The X-Files - The Complete Collector's Edition, coming to DVD on November 6th. We had a pair of thumbnails at the top of the press release story, showing... (read entire news item)

8/15/2007 Press Release For Deluxe X-Files Complete Collection

8/10/2007 The Truth Is In Here: We've Got Info About The X-Files - The Ultimate Collection
The X-Files - The Ultimate Collection. No, this is not the same thing as the Region 2 release of "the complete collection", which only consisted of the nine seasons of the show in a crate-looking box.... (read entire news item)

3/10/2006 Final 3 slim sets announced
The final 3 X-Files releases in the new, slimmer packaging are up for order on These sets have been reduced in price, and size, but also lack the majority of bonus material (featurettes, documentaries);... (read entire news item)

1/30/2006 Repriced sets NOT the same as previous releases
The repriced X-Files sets aren't the same as the previously released sets as we initially believed, they're missing the bonus disc. The previous 7 disc sets are now 6 discs, and any episodes that were... (read entire news item)

12/01/2005 Discounts on Season 4-6
Fox has announced plans to reduce the price of The X-Files Seasons 4, 5 and 6 from the original price of $149.95 when they were first announced, to $49.98 ($69.98 CAN). These new sets will contain... (read entire news item)

10/06/2005 New packaging, new price!
Fox has announced plans to reduce two things with the first seasons of The X-Files; the price, and the packaging. On January 31 they'll reduce the price of seasons 1, 2 and 3 from $149.95 when they were... (read entire news item)

9/01/2005 Large Art for 'Super Soldiers'
We brought you news of the fourth volume in the X-Files "Mythology" line nearly a month ago, and now we have large art for you to check out: (read entire news item)

8/03/2005 Final 'Mythology' release in Nov
Fox has announced the fourth, and final, volume in The X-Files mythology series, "Super Soldiers." The 4 disc set will include 14 episodes from the final few seasons of the series (667 mins). Disc... (read entire news item)

7/05/2005 Mythology Vol 3 Announcement
In COLONIZATION Mulder's search for the truth suddenly seems near its end when he and Scully meet Cassandra Spender. A multiple abductee, Cassandra believes that aliens came to Earth on a mission that... (read entire news item)

6/16/2005 Mythology 3 Date has posted preorder information for The X-Files: Mythology Collection 3 - Colonization to their site. The 4 disc set will be released on September 27. The suggested retail price is $39.98,... (read entire news item)

6/11/2005 Best Buy Super Sale
We had a few readers (okay, dozens) who wrote in to let us know that Best Buy is having a huge sale on The X-Files season sets. Each set is $49.99 (complete series for $449.91), which is a substantial... (read entire news item)

6/07/2005 More Mythology sets coming soon
The first X-Files Mythology set comes out today, and "Black Oil," the second set has been anounced for August 2nd. There's an insert in the "Abduction" set which rewards consumers with $5 back if they... (read entire news item)

5/26/2005 Beautiful artwork for 'Black Oil'
Fox has released artwork for the second mythology release, "Black Oil." It looks very classy; take a look: (read entire news item)

5/11/2005 Second Mythogy Set Announced
The Mythology is Chris Carter's visionary story arc of "The X-Files" comprised of 60 episodes from all nine seasons of the show. Now you can follow every government conspiracy, alien abduction, and hidden... (read entire news item)

3/16/2005 Eerie (or is 'Spooky' the word?) box art for Mythology a possible delay!
Late yesterday evening we set up our release listing here at TSoD for The X-Files - Mythology Collection: Abduction, a 4-DVD set featuring episodes from Seasons 1, 2, and the first couple of Season 3... (read entire news item)

3/10/2005 Conspiracy Contents Revealed
For nine seasons, fans of "The X Files" watched and waited for an ultimate explanation of the complex web of alien conspiracy theories, government cover-ups and shadow organizations woven by series creator... (read entire news item)

1/22/2005 Fox Brings You the Govt. Conspiracy in May!
Die-hard fans of The X-Files have already gone the season-set route to pick up every episode of the show that they want to have, but more casual fans have complained over time that they have no interest... (read entire news item)

3/03/2004 Price Reduction on ALL Season Sets!
First, The Actual News: Hot on the heels of Fox's official announcement for The X-Files - The Complete 9th Season, comes word from the studio of price reductions on all 8 previously released season sets.... (read entire news item)

2/27/2004 The final season - complete specs and date
May 11th, 20th Century Fox will end the series that was the first show to be released in a season configuration, The X-Files, and it's going out in style. The set will contain an anamorphic widescreen... (read entire news item)

2/24/2004 We Blow The Lid Off The Season 9 Cover Art!
"TrustNo1, " we told you, in regard to rumors of a delay of The X-Files - The Complete 9th Season from Spring 2004 to November. Now, we don't exactly have a street date yet, or even a street month.... (read entire news item)

2/14/2004 9th Season to be kept under wraps?
Last November, when The X-Files - Season 8 arrived on DVD, we reported about the insert card which said to expect The Complete 9th Season in the Spring 2004 timeframe. Hmmmm...we just talked about... (read entire news item)

11/11/2003 Season 9 (plus mail-in rebates on S1-8)
Fans who want to own every episode of The X-Files will be pleased to know that the Season 8 release comes with this announcement about plans for the Season 9 DVD set: Besides being able to plan... (read entire news item)

8/25/2003 Cover Art for Season 8
Here's a cover that hasn't made the rounds much yet: we thought you might like to finally see the box art for The X-Files: The Complete Eighth Season (due Nov. 4th): (read entire news item)

8/01/2003 Season 8 Update
We have finally gotten official word from Fox Home Video with details about X-Files Season 8. Please check out the release listing for all the details. The official date is definately 11/4, with six... (read entire news item)

3/23/2003 X-Files Season 6's 'Triangle' episode
There is a "housekeeping" item we've put off here at TVShowsOnDVD, concerning the 3rd episode of X-Files Season 6. By the sixth Season of X-Files, episodes were regularly protected for widescreen rebroadcast... (read entire news item)

1/16/2003 Season 7 News
Fox has announced "X-Files: The Complete 7th Season" for release on May 13th. The 6-disc box set is once again presented in anamorphic widescreen and Dolby surround sound. SRP is $149.98, with a running... (read entire news item)

7/23/2002 Season 6 announced
20th Century Fox Home Video will be releasing season 6 of "The X-Files" on November 5th. The set will carry a suggested retail price of $149.95 and carry extras similar to the previous sets ("The Truth... (read entire news item)

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