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Season 14

The Complete 1st Season

Shadow Warriors (1980)

Date added to database: 1/01/2006
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BCI Eclipse
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Reviews for Shadow Warriors (Top)
The Complete 1st Season - Ninjas kick ass! (4/20/2007)
Video:   6/10
Audio:   6/10
Extras:   2/10

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Summary of "The Complete 1st Season - Ninjas kick ass!":
While the quality of the set could have been a bit better, and the extras certainly don't come close to the animated sets from BCI, I really enjoyed Shadow Warriors. Patrick Macias said it best in the liner notes:
    From high to low, Shadow Warriors is that rare TV series that seems to have everything in check: action, mystery, comedy, and drama with a high quality of storytelling and production throughout.
I knew there would be a lot of action ('s a ninja show!), but I was also impressed with the deep political stories that set the scene for the action. Unlike some American shows from the 80s which were heavy on the action, and light on the story, Shadow Warriors was a good mix of both. Reading the subtitles, which I was worried would be distracting, became second-nature as I went through the set, and now I can't wait for more Hattori Hanzo to be released.

If you can overcome the flaws in the video, and don't mind reading subtitles, then you should buy this set - it's a great series. (read entire review)

Shadow Warriors News (Top)
2/01/2007 Sonny Chiba hacks his way onto DVD
NAVARRE CORPORATION'S BCI TO RELEASE AN EPIC SAMURAI/NINJA TELEVISION SERIES STARRING SONNY CHIBA "Shadow Warriors" Seven-Disc Set Available April 17th for $79.98 Los Angeles, CA - Martial arts... (read entire news item)

1/01/2006 Rumors Say That Sonny Chiba's Series Is Headed To DVD!
The 1980 action series Shadow Warriors, starring Sonny Chiba, is coming to DVD next year according to industry sources in-the-know, who spoke on condition of remaining anonymous. This was originally... (read entire news item)

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