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Rugrats (1991)

Date added to database: 2/06/2001
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DVD Rights owned/licensed by:
Nickelodeon, Paramount Home Video
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Show Categories: Animation, Comedy, Family, Kids

Releases for Rugrats (Top)

Season Releases

Season 1 buy
Season 1 buy
Season 2 buy
Season 2 buy
Season 3 buy
Season 3 buy
Season 4 buy
Season 4 buy
Season 5 buy
Season 6 buy
Season 7 buy
Season 8 buy
Season 9 buy

Individual Episode Releases

Halloween buy
Rugrats Holiday Celebration buy
Tales From The Crib: Snow White buy
Vol 1: A Decade In Diapers buy
Vol 2: Mysteries buy

Individual Episode Releases - Random

Nick Jr. Celebrates Spring! buy
Nick Jr. Holiday buy
Nick Picks Vol 1 buy
Nickelodeon DVD Sampler info
NickToons: Christmas buy
NickToons: Halloween buy
Outdoor Shenanigans! buy
Reptar Returns! buy
Vol 1: Growing Up Changes Everything buy

Best Of Releases

Best of Season 2 buy
Best of Season 9 buy

Reviews for Rugrats (Top)
Tales From The Crib: Snow White - Once upon a time... (9/17/2005)
Video:   9/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   2/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Tales From The Crib: Snow White - Once upon a time...":
I'm never too sure about shows, or movies, that take characters and have them play someone else. They can be colossal wastes of time, or they can be entertaining. This was the latter; I quite enjoyed the story, and I think the babies playing other characters worked out well. The two bonus episodes which help bring the total content to around 2 hours, which isn't bad for one of these animated releases.

I keep holding out hope for season sets of the Rugrats, but I don't think it'll ever happen. (read entire review)

Nick Picks Vol 1 - I pick Nick (5/26/2005)
Video:   9/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   0/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Nick Picks Vol 1 - I pick Nick":
It seems as though Nickelodeon continues to release discs that collect a few episodes of their shows, but they're always renaming the released. This is "Nick Picks Vol 1," but will there be a "Vol 2"? If you've been collecting all the Nick releases then this one has 3 new episodes on it; "Information Stuporhighway," "Bitter Reunions" and "Hostile Makeover." This is a fun disc if you don't mind some possible duplication. (read entire review)

Rugrats Holiday Celebration - Happy Holidays (8/27/2004)
Video:   7/10
Audio:   7/10
Extras:   1/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Rugrats Holiday Celebration - Happy Holidays":
Fans of the show will pick this set up, but they'll probably grumble that some of these episodes have been released before. I keep holding out hope that we'll see the show released in season sets, but this is probably unlikely. (read entire review)

NickToons: Christmas - It's Christmas! (11/16/2003)
Video:   9/10
Audio:   7/10
Extras:   1/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "NickToons: Christmas - It's Christmas!":
These holiday-themed discs are nice for parents, but also for consumers not familiar with all the cartoons. While I've seen every SpongeBob disc that's been released, I've only caught a few episodes of The Fairly OddParents and I want more, more, more! Please Nick, release some The Fairly OddParents DVDs for me. Pretty please. (read entire review)

NickToons: Halloween - Spooky Stories (9/28/2003)
Video:   8/10
Audio:   7/10
Extras:   1/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "NickToons: Halloween - Spooky Stories":
While not every episode is about Halloween, these 6 episodes are entertaining. I'm really interested in checking out some other episodes of The Fairly OddParents. If you're looking for a Halloween themed disc, or just want to check out a few different Nick shows, this is the perfect disc for you. (read entire review)

Vol 1: Growing Up Changes Everything - Babies, big! (8/25/2003)
Video:   10/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   1/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Vol 1: Growing Up Changes Everything - Babies, big!":
I really liked this show. As much as I like the babies, it's great to see the same characters 10 years older. They're the same, but they don't talk like...well...babies. Nick DVD has the right idea by releasing unseen episodes on DVD before they air.

Fans of Rugrats will want to check this disc out. (read entire review)

Vol 2: Mysteries - Play All!! (1/28/2003)
Video:   7/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   0/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Vol 2: Mysteries - Play All!!":
While I love the 'rats, I was expecting more from this release. I think the people at Nick DVD need to sit down and put a bit more thought into their releases. If I were confused for a minute or two while looking for the other episodes on the DVD, imagine how a 4 or 5 year old will react; "Play All" should do just that. The inclusion of an episode that hasn't aired will be a drawing factor for some, but I was looking for a bit more in this release. (read entire review)

Vol 1: A Decade In Diapers - I dunno doesn't look safe (10/03/2002)
Video:   6/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   4/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Vol 1: A Decade In Diapers - I dunno doesn't look safe":
If you're a fan of Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and baby Dill, you'll want to pick this disc up. It's perfect to put in and plunk the kids in front of, or watch yourself. If you've never seen "Rugrats", this is also a good chance to be exposed to the characters. I had never seen an episode with Chucky's step-mom and step-sister (introduced in the second movie) but I like the characters from the few episodes they appeared in on this disc (the last two). Fans of the show should pick this one up, and those of you with youngsters who have never seen the show should rent it (you'll end up buying it later). (read entire review)

Nick Jr. Holiday - Stocking Stuffer? (9/25/2002)
Video:   7/10
Audio:   7/10
Extras:   1/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Nick Jr. Holiday - Stocking Stuffer?":
This disc will not win any prizes for the video and audio quality, that's for sure. But kids aren't as picky as we adults are, are they? Definitely not. Although average-quality, these are four fun episodes that the children will enjoy. The parents and caregivers will appreciate the educational nature of these shows, and the projects involved may be perfect in a daycare setting.

My only misgivings is that so MUCH of the shows on this disc concentrates on the Christmas holiday, and were it not for Blue's Clues (and a malfunctioning giant neon dreidel in Rugrats), the other holidays of this season would get no recognition at all. I wish I could find a great kids' DVD that actually spent time with ALL of the winter holidays, with some depth. Rugrats provided a great opportunity to be more varied, as they could have put either the "A Rugrats Chanukah" or "Rugrats - Kwanzaa" episodes on here instead as the bonus. A missed opportunity?

But don't miss your opportunity to share these fun episodes with the little ones. Until full-fledged collections of each of these shows hit home (well, Rugrats should have "A Decade in Diapers" by the time you read this, but the other three are lacking), getting episodes in collections like this will just have to do!

(read entire review)

Rugrats News (Top)
1/19/2018 Official Nickelodeon Press Release for 'Season 3' and 'Season 4' DVDs

11/29/2017 'Season 3' and 'Season 4' DVDs to 'Go Wide' at General Retail
This past March, we had the news that - after a series of MOD releases for season sets between 2009 and 2014 - Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Media Distribution were releasing the complete first two seasons... (read entire news item)

4/07/2017 Official Seasons 1 & 2 Press Release

3/01/2017 'Season 1' and 'Season 2' Announced for 'Wide' General Release!
Far back in 2009, we passed along word that Nickelodeon was working with Amazon's CreateSpace MOD program to release manufacture on demand DVD sets of Rugrats - Season 1 and what turned out to be a three-disc... (read entire news item)

5/22/2014 Has the 'Season 2' and 'Season 9' Issue Been Resolved?
Reader Paul Farrell has said it best: "This has been super confusing." However, we're going to try to make it super-simple for you. We've had a number of reports lately about Nickelodeon's releases of... (read entire news item)

5/21/2014 Not-so-'Complete' After All? Issues Arise with Season 2 and Season 9
Early last week we reported about a change to Amazon's CreateSpace MOD (manufacture on demand) releases for the 2nd and 9th season DVD sets of Rugrats. Each had been put out in the past (2009 for the... (read entire news item)

5/12/2014 'Season 2' and 'Season 9' MOD Sets Are Now 'Complete!'
In 2009, Nickelodeon teamed up with Amazon's CreateSpace manufacture on demand (MOD) program to release Rugrats - Best of Season 2 on DVD. And in 2011, they also released Rugrats - Best of Season 9 on... (read entire news item)

4/16/2014 'Reptar Returns!' on DVD This Summer, Along with 'Outdoor Shenanigans!'
Rugrats is goin' green, with three outrageous adventures featuring the one and only giant green T-Rex, Reptar! Then, reunite with the Rugrats in these 5 exciting outdoor adventures that include a trip... (read entire news item)

10/07/2011 6th Though 9th Seasons Now Represented on DVD with 4 More MOD Sets
Recently we reported that Amazon's CreateSpace manufacture-on-demand (MOD) program had teamed up with Nickelodeon to make Rugrats - Season 3 and Season 4 available on DVD. Even more recently - just two... (read entire news item)

10/05/2011 'Season 5' DVDs Now Available via Amazon's MOD Program, too!
We reported a week ago that MOD (manufacture on demand) DVD releases from Amazon's CreateSpace program had been made available for Nickelodeon's classic series with Rugrats - Season 3 and Rugrats - Season... (read entire news item)

9/28/2011 Amazon's MOD Program, CreateSpace, Releases 'Season 3' and 'Season 4'
The toast is clear for more kid-sized adventures with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica and Susie! In Rugrats, Season 3, Phil and Lil take on new personas, Susie and Angelica head to summer camp, Chuckie... (read entire news item)

8/30/2011 Nickelodeon/Paramount to Put Out a Single-DVD 'Halloween' Release
It's Halloween, and leave it to Angelica to stir up trouble! She's convinced the babies that whatever they're dressed as on Halloween, they'll turn into the day after. And Chuckie's not too happy to think... (read entire news item)

5/19/2009 Get Into All Sorts of 'Pickles' this June: Ship Date Set for Season 1 & Season 2
We reported, earlier this month, that had begun taking pre-orders for DVD releases of the Nickelodeon titles Rugrats - Season 1 and Rugrats - Season 2, as Manufacture On Demand (MOD) items... (read entire news item)

5/07/2009 Amazon Reveals Season 1 and Season 2 Packaging for these 'MOD' Sets
Last week we reported that Amazon is now taking pre-orders for Rugrats - Season 1 and Rugrats - Season 2. These DVD-R releases are only going to be available through Amazon, using their CreateSpace manufacture-on-demand... (read entire news item)

5/01/2009 Season 1 DVD Release Up for Pre-Order using Amazon's CreateSpace System **UPDATE: Also, Season 2!** is now taking pre-orders for Rugrats - Season 1. There is no shipping date mentioned yet for this title; the e-tailer is allowing fans to lock in their copies now, before finalizing the availability... (read entire news item)

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