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Prison Break (2005)

Date added to database: 9/06/2005
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20th Century Fox
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Show Categories: Crime, Drama

Releases for Prison Break (Top)

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Reviews for Prison Break (Top)
Season 3 - Back behind bars (8/08/2008)
Video:   9/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   3/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Season 3 - Back behind bars":
I enjoyed this season, and I think a lot of that had to do with it being a partial season due to the writers' strike. I said in my review of season 1 that the show would be better if it were 13 episodes, and I think this season proves I was right. We're not jerked around as much as the previous seasons, and the story flowed a lot better. I doubt it'll happen, but I'd prefer to see season 4 be 13 episodes as well.

The set, while not being as loaded as some in the past, is a fairly decent release. The audio and video is good, and the extras are entertaining, though I have a feeling many of the features have been seen elsewhere (on the Fox channel perhaps?). I was surprised there weren't any commentary tracks at all; season 2 had 10 of them.

While watching season 3, and the bonus material, I became interested in the Brazilian prison used as the basis of the prison in season 3. Carandiru Prison was in operation from 1956 until 2002 when most of the prison was demolished. In 1992 there was a bloody massacre, and over 100 prisoners died in a revolution when guards stormed the prison in an attempt to regain control. The events were told in a 2003 movie named after the prison Carandiru, and now I'm interested in tracking down a copy (it's distributed by Sony Pictures Classics).

Prison Break season 3 entertained me for fewer episodes than the previous seasons, but I thought the quality of the show was much better. (read entire review)

Season 1 - Even better on BD (12/26/2007)
Video:   9/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   5/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Season 1 - Even better on BD":
It's quite obvious that the BD release is better than the DVD when it comes to video, and audio quality. The extras are nearly the same, with one extra TV spot on the BD, and the removal of the "Vanished" promo (which clearly didn't do very well in the ratings. Otherwise the sets contain identical content, leaving people who wish to upgrade to the BD release with a difficult decision. You aren't losing any content (of value), but you aren't gaining any extra content either, just a bump in the a/v for the discs. Is it worth the cost to upgrade? That's up to you.

I was also very impressed that the bonus material on the set was all in 1080i. The interviews looked fabulous, and it's a positive sign that the studios have been shooting bonus material in HD for a couple of years; hopefully we'll see other HD bonus material on upcoming Fox BD releases.

Fox hasn't announced any other shows on BD yet, so I'll have to cross my fingers and hope that we see FireFly released on BD in 2008. How awesome would that be?! (read entire review)

Season 2 - On the run (10/09/2007)
Video:   9/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   4/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Season 2 - On the run":
Well, that was a ride! I burned through this season in a few days of marathon watching, just like I did with the first season. I think these types of shows are best watched in a few days; I don't think I could take the pain of watching week to week, especially when the story slows down. Yup, there are some slow episodes near the middle of the season, but I was past those in a matter of hours.

I was surprised that the set lacked deleted scenes; it's something nearly every current show includes on their DVD set. The commentary tracks were good, and the featurettes were great, especially the "Reinvention of a Series," but the set was missing those "filler" pieces the first season had; the TV spots, and a promo for the next season.

Season 2 was fun to watch, and I look forward to catching season 3 on DVD sometime next year (probably August/September again). (read entire review)

Season 1 - Let's break out! (8/08/2006)
Video:   9/10
Audio:   7/10
Extras:   6/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Season 1 - Let's break out!":
I enjoyed Prison Break, but I felt it dragged on a bit too long. The first season should have been 13 episodes, that's all. Stretching it to 22 resulted in some very boring episodes, and some "come on!" moments. I think the major networks could learn a thing or two from HBO; shorter seasons that are packed full of quality episodes.

How about that Wentworth Miller!? He was fabulous as a slightly psycho cheerleader in Popular, which you have to see if you like him in Prison Break. His performance in the show was good enough that I immediately remembered him in the role. Dominic Purcell will always be John Doe to me; I don't know why he thought more people would remember him from North Shore.

I think Fox did a pretty good job with this set. The extras are good, though I'd prefer a single commentary track per episode. They really need to work on the "play all" issue; so many of their shows would benefit from it. I can't wait to see the direction the show takes in season 2; I may even watch it when it airs (which is extremely rare for me to do). (read entire review)

Prison Break News (Top)
6/12/2017 Package Art Breaks Out for the Blu-ray Disc 'Collector's Set'
Two or three weeks ago we brought you Fox's official press release for both Prison Break - The Event Series (on DVD and Blu-ray Disc) and Prison Break - Collector's Set (a Blu-ray-only release), all coming... (read entire news item)

5/24/2017 Fox Official Press Release: 'The Event Series' and Blu 'Collector's Set'
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FIRST IT WAS A PRISON. NOW, IT'S A NATION. Prison Break Event Series Arrives on Blu-ray and DVD June 27 Prison Break returns as a special Event Series, with its... (read entire news item)

5/16/2017 Release Date Listed for 'The Event Series'/'Season 5'
Back in March we reported that Prison Break - The Event Series (alternately known as "Season 5" or "Prison Break: Resurrection") is in-the-works for both DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats. The pre-order listings... (read entire news item)

3/21/2017 Blu-rays, DVDs for 'The Event Series' ('Season 5') are In-the-Works
With the success of show stars Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller in The Flash and then DC's Legends of Tomorrow as "Heatwave" and "Captain Cold," folks began talking about the original series that... (read entire news item)

10/21/2016 Blu-ray Releases at Last for 'Season 2' and 'Season 4'
From 2005 to 2009, the Fox network aired four seasons of Prison Break, starring Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller. Starting in 2006, Fox Home Entertainment released the show on DVD in season sets:... (read entire news item)

5/18/2009 Fox's Official Press Release for The Final Break on DVD & Blu-ray Disc
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE SHOCKING SERIES CONCLUSION WAS JUST THE BEGINNING... PRISON BREAK THE FINAL BREAK Never-Before-Seen Two Hour Special Event Receives Its Last Sentence Exclusively... (read entire news item)

5/12/2009 Scoop: The Final Break Direct-to-Video Box Art for DVD and Blu-ray
Just over a month ago we brought you our exclusive story about Fox Home Entertainment's July 21 direct-to-video release of Prison Break - The Final Break. This post-series wrap-up story warns you to... (read entire news item)

4/15/2009 Official Studio Press Release Breaks Out for Season 4: The Final Season
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE ONLY THING HARDER THAN BREAKING OUT IS BREAKING IN PRISON BREAK SEASON FOUR Witness The Final Riveting Season Of The Serial Drama, Escaping Onto DVD For The Last... (read entire news item)

4/09/2009 Show's Over in Mid-May? NO! A Direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray 'Final Break' is On the Way!
As you probably know, the 4th and final season of Prison Break is coming to DVD on June 2nd, following onto home video fairly soon after a two-hour broadcast of the series finale on May 15th. BUT WAIT!... (read entire news item)

4/01/2009 We Break Out with 4th Season DVD Info: Date, Cost, Specs, Extras & Box Art
Prison Break is gearing up to air its last run of episodes, starting back in primetime on April 17th (two and a half weeks from now), and airing on consecutive weeks through to it's big series finale... (read entire news item)

6/27/2008 Complete Press Release for Prison Break - Season 3 on DVD and Blu-ray
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW PRISON. NEW BREAK. PRISON BREAK Season Three Award-Winning Series Escapes On DVD and Blu-Ray August 12th From Fox Home Entertainment Four-Disc DVD Includes Over... (read entire news item)

6/20/2008 3rd Season DVDs & Blu-ray Discs Break Out 2 Weeks Earlier Than Expected!
Early in May, Fox Home Entertainment formally announced that Prison Break - Season 3 would be coming to both DVD and Blu-ray Disc in August. The date they originally gave was the 26th, but within the... (read entire news item)

5/29/2008 Blu-ray Disc Box Art is Here for Prison Break - Season 3
A few weeks ago we reported that Fox would release Prison Break - Season 3 on both DVD and on hi-def Blu-ray Disc this coming August 26th. We had DVD package art for you at the time (seen again at the... (read entire news item)

5/07/2008 Season 3 DVDs & Blu-rays Announced: Studio Provides Date, Cost, Extras & DVD Box Art **Pre-Order Available**
Earlier this week we had the early word that Fox Home Entertainment was preparing to announced the DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases of Prison Break - Season 3. Now the studio has made it official, confirming... (read entire news item)

5/05/2008 Word Leaks Out on When to Expect Prison Break - Season 3
Recently we reported that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will come to DVD in August, which - as it turns out - is around the same time Fox will begin rerunning those episodes on Monday nights.... (read entire news item)

1/28/2008 Amazon's Gold Box Deal Today Is Prison Break - Season 2!
Amazon has a new 1-Day Sale every day; they call it the Gold Box Deal. Today their offer is on the DVD release of Prison Break - Season 2, which has a list price of $59.98 SRP and normally is sold at... (read entire news item)

10/29/2007 Official Press Release for Prison Break - Season 1 on Blu-ray Disc
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT BREAKS OUT FIRST TELEVISION SERIES ON BLU-RAY PRISON BREAK Season One Of Hit Series Produced By X-Men: The Last Stand Director Brett Ratner Arrives... (read entire news item)

9/18/2007 Box Art for High-Definition Release of Prison Break - Season 1
Two weeks ago we broke the news with all the details (now studio-confirmed as accurate) about Prison Break - Season 1 for Blu-ray Disc. This is Fox's first-ever TV-on-BD release, set to arrive on November... (read entire news item)

9/05/2007 Exclusive Info for Season Sets on Blu-ray: Date, Cost, Contents, Specs
Two-and-a-half weeks ago 20th Century Fox issued a major announcement, bolstering their support of the Blu-ray Disc format of HDTV-compatible home video media. Their support of Sony's high defininistion... (read entire news item)

8/20/2007 Fox & MGM Re-Affirm Blu-ray Disc Support; Announce Prison Break as 1st TV-on-BD Release
Fox and MGM have just issued a new press release, re-affirming their support for the Blu-ray Disc format. Maybe it's just from this point of view, but it is seemingly in response to this morning's announcement... (read entire news item)

5/18/2007 Another delay for Season 2 - Artwork Added!
Fox has moved the second season of Prison Break again, moving it from August 28 to September 4. What's the reason for the delay this time? Our guess is the desire to stay away from Heroes season 1, which... (read entire news item)

5/12/2007 Fox Says DVD Date For 2nd Break-Out Was Off By A Week
The other day Fox Home Entertainment announced the DVD release of Prison Break - Season 2, and we faithfully passed along the info to all of our readers...including the release date of August 21st. Yesterday... (read entire news item)

5/10/2007 Season 2 breaks out in August
Fox has announced the second season of Prison Break for release on August 21. This 6-disc set includes all 22 episodes from the second season (966 mins), presented in Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1), with... (read entire news item)

8/09/2006 Bail Out! Fox Fixes Fabulous Foul-Up With Prison Break Bonus
Earlier today we posted a brief story about how Fox was putting together a plan to fix the situation with Target's Prison Break bonus discs. You see, both Target and Best Buy were each supposed to get... (read entire news item)

8/09/2006 Fox to fix Bonus Disc Error
Yesterday we posted news about a mixup with the bonus discs in the Prison Break season 1 DVD set. Well, Fox has looked into the problem, and now they're taking steps to make things right. We should have... (read entire news item)

8/08/2006 Should Target be sent to jail?
A crime has been committed; should Target be sent to jail? We've heard from many, many people that went to Target to get their exclusive bonus disc, but walked away with the Best Buy disc instead.... (read entire news item)

8/06/2006 Target Bonus DVD Gets You An Extra Behind-The Scenes Featurette, While Best Buy's Gives You The Mobile Phone Episodes!
The Fox hit show, Prison Break, hit's DVD this coming Tuesday, and the studio is anticipating good sales for it. In fact, trade magazine Home Video Business had a story by Jessica Wolf this past week... (read entire news item)

6/06/2006 Season 1 Press Release
Fox has just issued a press release for the first season of Prison Break which was announced a last month. Escape Is Just The Beginning Prison Break Season One Ratings powerhouse and two-time... (read entire news item)

5/11/2006 Large Art for Season 1
Last week we posted news that the first season of Prison Break was coming out on August 8, but artwork wasn't available. Now Fox has sent us the art you'll find below; the set can be preordered from (read entire news item)

5/03/2006 Sound the alarm! Season 1 breaks out this August!
Most men would do anything to get out of Fox River Penitentiary, but Michael Scofield will do anything to get in. His brother Lincoln has been sentenced to die for a crime he did not commit, and the only... (read entire news item)

1/04/2006 FYE & Associated Stores Have Bonus Disc With Prison Break Pilot, 24 Trailer & More!
FYE and associated sister chains (such as Coconuts) are giving away a Fox promo disc containing some behind-the-scenes stuff and a trailer on the new season of 24, behind-the-scenes on Bones, and the... (read entire news item)

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