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Season 2

The Complete 1st Season

The Pretender (1996)

Date added to database: 2/14/2001
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20th Century Fox
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Show Categories: Drama

Releases for The Pretender (Top)

Season Releases

The Complete 1st Season buy
The Complete 2nd Season buy
The Complete 3rd Season buy
The Complete 4th Season buy

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Starter Set: Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2 buy
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Reviews for The Pretender (Top)
The Complete 1st Season - I know everything too, but I don't brag about it (3/19/2005)
Video:   8/10
Audio:   7/10
Extras:   3/10

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Summary of "The Complete 1st Season - I know everything too, but I don't brag about it":
Pretender is featured as one of Fox's "Starter Sets," which allows you to sample a show by buying the first two episodes for a low price. The disc carries a suggested price of $9.95, but you can find them as low as $6.99 from The best part is that you get a coupon for $10 off the season set, which leaves you $3 ahead, AND you have the first two episodes you can loan to a friend and get them hooked as well. There's a tip from me to you.

Thankfully there aren't any reruns on DVD sets, so I could watch the set knowing I wouldn't repeat my experience from the broadcast run of the show. I got sucked into the show after watching the first two episodes, which is a good thing for Fox and their "Starter Set" promotion. If they can get people to buy the single disc, then I think it'll result in a sale of the season set. The show is complex, with plots that run through the entire series, and then a plot contained in the single episode. I like shows that have large story-arcs, though The X-Files abused it a bit too much (okay....a lot).

I think Fox put together a decent set for the first season. It may be a tad light on the extras compared to some of their other releases, but I like how they did it. Notice the packaging doesn't list 11 featurettes, but just one. That's because Fox respects the consumer, and our ability to spot an obvious deception when it comes to bonus materials. It seems that some studios are eager to get more bullets on the box, so they break up one featurette into smaller chunks. I hate that! Fox broke up one featurette into three pieces on three discs, but they didn't try to hide what they did; they still list it as one featurette.

There aren't many notable guest stars in these episodes, but I saw the future Darth Vader (Jake Lloyd), and laughed when William Sanderson and Ray McKinnon showed up in back-to-back episodes, since they're both on Deadwood.

I think The Pretender is a show which can appeal to a lot of viewers, if they give it a chance. If you're sitting on the fence then I'd recommend picking up the starter set and giving it a shot. You won't be out much money if you hate it, and if you like it then you'll save on the season set. (read entire review)

The Pretender News (Top)
1/17/2007 Movie Artwork Available
Fox has finally made the artwork for the March 13 release available. Please refer to our previous news item for more information on the release. (read entire news item)

12/04/2006 Fox wraps The Pretender with TV movies
Fox has already released the four seasons of The Pretender on DVD, but now they've announced that the two TV movies, Pretender 2001 and Pretender: Island of the Haunted will be released on March 13, 2007. This... (read entire news item)

4/25/2006 Season 4 Cover Art
Fox has made the season 4 artwork available to us, which we didn't have when we posted the announcement of the release last week. The set will be released on July 18, and can be preordered from (read entire news item)

4/19/2006 Final Season coming in July!
The 4th and Final Season of this fan favorite! Jarod is a genius of exceptionally high I.Q. who was brought up at the Centre, a clandestine research facility where he was kept against his will until he... (read entire news item)

2/09/2006 Video previews of Season 3 bonus material
Here are some commentary clips from the season 3 set, available Tuesday: Co-Creators discuss the evolution of Michael T. Weiss' hair ASX High MOV High RM High WMV High ASX Low MOV Low RM Low WMV... (read entire news item)

12/07/2005 Jarod strikes a pose on season 3 cover
A month ago we brought you news that the third season of The Pretender would be released on February 14, and now we have cover art: (read entire news item)

11/03/2005 Third season announced in less than a year
The next installment of this cult-fan favorite! Jarod's suspenseful journey continues as he uses his powers of reason and logic to right wrongs, while searching for his past and the family he lost. You... (read entire news item)

7/24/2005 Season 2 delayed
Fox has informed us that the second season of The Pretender will be delayed one week. The set will be released on September 20 instead of September 13. (read entire news item)

6/15/2005 Season 2 Artwork
We weren't expecting artwork this quickly, but here it is. For more information on the title please see the previous news item posted earlier today. (read entire news item)

6/15/2005 Season 2 Date & Details
Jarod is a Pretender-a genius whose exceptionally high I.Q. allows him to master virtually any profession. Since escaping from the Centre, the secret research facility where he was brought up after being... (read entire news item)

2/07/2005 New details for The Pretender - Starter Set, plus a look at the box
A week ago sharp-eyed readers noticed our story about Fox Home Entertainment's "Starter Set" program, in which a group of TV properties from the studio each get a separate single-disc release containing... (read entire news item)

2/01/2005 Slight Delay for First Season
The Pretender season 1 has been pushed back, but just slightly. Instead of arriving on March 15, it will be released on March 22, the same day as the "Starter Set" for the series. Fans wishing to save... (read entire news item)

12/23/2004 We've got your first look at the Season 1 box!
Three weeks ago we were very pleased to bring you the long-awaited news that The Pretender - The Complete 1st Season was coming to DVD. At that time we gave you all the details of that March 15th release,... (read entire news item)

12/02/2004 No pretend news here...Season 1 is really coming!
Jarod, a boy genius with a special gift for pretending, was kidnapped and held prisoner by a corporation that used him as a human simulator in their clandestine research. Escaping from The Centre more... (read entire news item)

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