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Pokémon (1998)

Date added to database: 8/05/2001
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DVD Rights owned/licensed by:
Pioneer Entertainment, Viz LLC
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Show Categories: Animation, Kids

Releases for Pokémon (Top)

Individual Episode Releases

Adventures On The Orange Islands #2 buy
Adventures On The Orange Islands! buy
Johto Vol 1: Journey To The Johto League Champion buy
Johto Vol 2: Johto League Champions buy
Johto Vol 3: Distance To The Johto Championship buy
Johto Vol 4 buy
Vol. 01: I Choose You! Pikachu! buy
Vol. 02: The Mystery of Mount Moon buy
Vol. 03: The Sisters of Cerulean City buy
Vol. 04: Poke-Friends buy
Vol. 05: Thunder Shock! buy
Vol. 06: Seaside Pikachu buy
Vol. 07: Psychic Surprise buy
Vol. 08: Primeape Problems buy
Vol. 09: Fashion Victims buy
Vol. 10: Fighting Tournament buy
Vol. 11: The Great Race buy
Vol. 12: Pikachu Party buy
Vol. 13: Wake Up Snorlax! buy
Vol. 14: Jigglypuff Pop buy
Vol. 15: Charizard!! buy
Vol. 16: Totally Togepi buy
Vol. 17: Picture Perfect buy
Vol. 18: Water Blast! buy
Vol. 19: Our Hero Meowth buy
Vol. 20: The Final Badge buy
Vol. 21: The Po-Ke Corral! buy
Vol. 22: Hang Ten, Pikachu buy
Vol. 23: Show Time! buy
Vol. 24: Into The Arena buy
Vol. 25: Round One! buy
Vol. 26: Friends & Rivals buy
Vol. 39: A Brand New World buy
Vol. 40: Midnight Guardian buy
Vol. 41: Mission Spinarak buy
Vol. 42: Snow Rescue buy
Vol. 43: Flying Ace buy
Vol. 44: Fire Power buy
Vol. 45: Team Green buy
Vol. 46: Crimson Warrior buy
Vol. 47: Azalea Adventures buy
Vol. 48: Buggy Boogie buy
Vol. 49: The Squirtle Squad buy
Vol. 50: Midnight Heroes buy
Vol. 51: Ursaring Rampage buy
Vol. 56: Crash Of The Dairy buy
Vol. 57: Johto League buy

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