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NYPD Blue (1993)

Date added to database: 8/19/2001
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20th Century Fox, Shout! Factory
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Show Categories: Crime, Drama

Releases for NYPD Blue (Top)

Season Releases

The Complete 10th Season buy
The Complete 11th Season buy
The Complete 12th and Final Season buy
The Complete 1st Season buy
The Complete 2nd Season buy
The Complete 3rd Season buy
The Complete 4th Season buy
The Complete 5th Season buy
The Complete 6th Season buy
The Complete 7th Season buy
The Complete 8th Season buy
The Complete 9th Season buy

Reviews for NYPD Blue (Top)
The Complete 6th Season - Bring the tissues! (7/02/2014)
Video:   8/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   0/10

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Summary of "The Complete 6th Season - Bring the tissues!":
Though I'm extremely excited that season 6 was put out by Shout! Factory, I knew what was coming, and that made me very, very sad (and those that have seen the show know what I'm talking about). I think I cried as much as I did when the episode first aired. I love that Shout! Factory is releasing these at the speed they are; this is the second release this year, with a third already scheduled (can they squeak in a fourth?).

Besides the tear-jerker episode, we were introduced to Danny Sorenson (Rick Schroder) this season. I didn't mind the Sorenson character, but he was my least-favorite out of the partners Sipowicz had during the run of the show (but I didn't hate him).

Look for these notable guest stars: Danny Trejo (Sons of Anarchy, 200+ movies), Mark Pellegrino (Lost), Wade Williams (Prison Break), David Barrera (Generation Kill), Richard Gant (Special Unit 2), Kevin Dillon (Entourage), Frank Cassini (The Bridge), Chad Allen (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), Khandi Alexander (NewsRadio, ER), T.K. Carter (The Corner), Terrence Howard (Law & Order: Los Angeles), Willie Garson (Sex & the City), Sam Jones III (Smallville) and Daniel Benzali (Murder One, The Agency).
Don't forget that season 7 is out in September! (read entire review)

The Complete 5th Season - It's Back!! (1/08/2014)
Video:   8/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   0/10

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Summary of "The Complete 5th Season - It's Back!!":
While this is a bare-bones release from Shout! Factory, lacking in both the bonus material, and fancy menus (there's a single menu page per disc), I'm really thankful that this was even released. NYPD Blue has been one of my favorite cop shows for years, and it pained me that the show was stalled on DVD. It also appeared Fox was doing very little to license it out to a third party that could continue it. That's all in the past now, and I hope fans flock to this release and show Shout! Factory that they made a good decision to pick it up, ensuring they continue releasing it on DVD. If this fails to sell, there's no reason to think we have a hope of someone else swooping in to get the rights.

Now, I feel the need to point out a big packaging boo-boo that was made with this set. Though they matched the artwork style of the previous Fox sets nicely, they really messed up the spine of the set. Fox's releases included the season number at the top of the spine, but that's right where Shout! Factory put the disc count, so it looks as though season 5 is missing, because there's a giant "6" on the spine. Check out this photo Dave took of his sets in a row, and you can see why it's an issue. I've already considered scanning in the artwork and fixing it in Photoshop so it matches the spines of the previous sets.

Look at the list of guest stars in season 5; John Finn (Cold Case), Mos Def (Dexter), Jude Ciccolella (24), Daniel Dae Kim (Lost), Michelle Bonilla (ER), Dann Florek (Law & Order), Silas Weir Mitchell (Grimm), Mathew St. Patrick (Six Feet Under), Aldis Hodge (Leverage), Julien Cesario (Sunset Beach), Karim Prince (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Karina Arroyave (24), Titus Welliver (The Good Wife, Sons of Anarchy, Lost), Michael Cudlitz (Southland), Willie Garson (Sex and the City), Terrence Howard (Sparks, tons of movies), Paris Barclay (director/producer on TONS of TV shows), and Walton Goggins (The Shield, Justified).

I'm thrilled this show is continuing on DVD, but remember: if this doesn't sell, we won't see more sets released, so buy, buy, buy! (read entire review)

The Complete 4th Season - I love this show (6/21/2006)
Video:   8/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   3/10

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Summary of "The Complete 4th Season - I love this show":
I can't recall seeing any of these episodes before, which I've discovered means little the older you get. I could have watched the entire season when it was on TV, and I just don't remember it, or I might have skipped watching it (I know there were a few seasons I didn't watch). I enjoyed these episodes whether I had seen them before or not, and yes, I still miss the show.

There were fewer guest stars in this season than in the past, but you should still look for Wood Harris (The Wire), Willie Garson (Sex and the City), Dean Winters (Oz), Christopher Meloni (Oz), Danny Masterson (That 70s Show), Don Stark (That 70s Show), Jim Beaver (Deadwood), Tony Todd (Candyman), Robert Carradine (Lizzie McGuire, Michael Pena (The Shield), Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal), Yancy Butler (Brooklyn South), K Callan (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), Titus Welliver (Brooklyn South), Currie Graham (appeared as a regular in the final season), Richard Schiff (The West Wing) and John Finn (Brooklyn South).

Season 4 contained some great episodes, and this set contains some decent bonus material. Fox seems intent on releasing the series as long as fans keep buying. Hopefully we see season 5 before the end of the year. (read entire review)

The Complete 3rd Season - They're back!! (2/21/2006)
Video:   8/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   4/10

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Summary of "The Complete 3rd Season - They're back!!":
Wow, I miss this show a lot! The show was still on the air when I reviewed the previous seasons, but the final episode aired last year and I've been Blue-less since then. I have a few stories to share since the second season set was released.

The first story took place in October, 2003 (a few months after the release of season 2). I was in LA for the TV-DVD conference and I made arrangements to get a tour of the Fox lot. I arrived a few minutes late after a series of funny, but unfortunate events. I rushed off to find the tour (the guide, and two others) with the former Fox TV-DVD PR person. We were running through the backlot on Fox when I took a look around and realized I was in New York. Yup, these were the streets used to shoot NYPD Blue on. It was a bit odd to run down a New York street in downtown LA, but I had to find my tour so I didn't have time to enjoy it. We finally met up with the tour group just South of The Simpsons building; phew! At the end of the tour our guide, Michael, took me onto the set and I walked around for a bit. I saw the squad room, the bathroom, coffee room, and "The Pokey" which has a cute little sign above the cage that says "The Pokey" and has a drawing of Gumby's pal, Pokey; I don't think I've ever seen that in an episode. I took a look at the various mugshots and postings on the boards (most of them are of crew members, or silly things written in memos), and I noticed the plastic bricks used for the set. It was a great time, though it ruined some of the mystic of the show.

My second Blue outing was even more exciting than the first. I was in LA in January, 2005 for the Television Critics Association event, and there was a planned trip to the Fox lot so the critics could say goodbye to the show. The entire cast was there, along with Bochco and Mark Tinker. I listened as the actors and producers answered the questions from the critics; I was in heaven. The Q&A session ended and we all moved outside for the lunch that had been prepared for us. Most of the cast ate lunch as well, though a few took off to attend meetings or casting calls (hey, they were going to be out of work in a few weeks). I had a great chat with Bill Brochtrup ("P.A. John"), and I said "hi" to a few others. I was sad to say goodbye to the show, but it was nice to be part of the TCA event.

The third season contained lots of notable guest stars. Look for Melina Kanakaredes (C.S.I.: NY), Gina Torres (Firefly), Isaiah Washington (Grey's Anatomy), Titus Welliver (Brooklyn South), Steven Williams (21 Jump Street), Sam Rockwell (Galaxy Quest), Raymond Cruz (The Closer), Jasmine Guy (Dead Like Me), Corin Nemec (Stargate SG-1), Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Poppy Montgomery (Without a Trace), Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg), Dan Castellaneta (The Simpsons), Wanda De Jesus (C.S.I.: Miami), Jake Weber (Medium), Danny Trejo, Gareth Williams (Dawson's Creek) and Neal McDonough (Medical Investigation).

Fox could have taken the easy way out and delivered a bare-bones set for season 3, and the fans probably would have been happy with it, but they created a set that's on-par with the previous 2. The featurettes were decent, and they contained some new interviews with the cast of the show. I hope the May/June release rumors we've been hearing are correct and we see another set in the first half of the year. (read entire review)

The Complete 2nd Season - Bye bye Caruso (8/23/2003)
Video:   8/10
Audio:   9/10
Extras:   6/10

Buy from (US)
Buy from (CAN)
Buy from (US)
Summary of "The Complete 2nd Season - Bye bye Caruso":
I really missed Caruso in this season, but I like Smits' character, Bobby Simone. Just like in the first season, the second season features a ton of well-known guest stars. Debrah Farentino (Earth 2, EZ Streets), Gary Basaraba (Brooklyn South, Boomtown), Peter Boyle (Everybody Loves Raymond), Bradley Whitford (The West Wing), Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), Danny Masterson (Malcolm in the Middle), Giovanni Ribisi (Friends, Saving Private Ryan), Debra Messing (Will & Grace), Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me, Galazy Quest), Jon Seda (Homicide: Life on the StreetSoul Food), Michael DeLuise (SeaQuest DSV), Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix, The Sopranos), Don Swayze (Brother of Patrick Swayze), Anthony Michael Hall (The Dead Zone), John Finn (EZ Streets, Brooklyn South, Dawson's Creek) and Michael Jai White (Spawn) all appear in the second season.

This is one hell of a show, and Fox has put out another great DVD release. (read entire review)

The Complete 1st Season - Blue Beginnings (3/17/2003)
Video:   8/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   6/10

Buy from (US)
Buy from (CAN)
Buy from (US)
Summary of "The Complete 1st Season - Blue Beginnings":
Well, I had a blast watching the first season of one of my favorite shows. NYPD Blue is such a solid show, right out of the gate. The show attracted some well-known faces, even if they weren't at the time. David Schwimmer (Friends), Daniel Benzali (Murder one), Joe Santos (The Rockford Files), Michael Rapaport (Boston Public), Ethan Phillips (Star Trek: Voyager), Luis Guzmán (Traffic, Magnolia), Dan Hedaya (The Usual Suspects, Cheers), Bradley Whitford (The West Wing), John Wesley Shipp (The Flash, Dawson's Creek), Debrah Farentino (Earth 2, EZ Streets), Barry Newman (The Limey, Petrocelli), Don Stark (That '70s Show), Kyle Secor (Homicide: Life on the Streets), Michael DeLuise (SeaQuest DSV), Stephen Root (NewsRadio) and Michael Ian Black (Ed). Quite an impressive list...

We should be seeing season two released in September (if the insert found in season one is correct). Fans of the show will love this set, just avoid the David Milch commentary. (read entire review)

NYPD Blue News (Top)
10/10/2016 The 12th and 'Final Season' is Announced for DVD
A masterpiece of modern television wraps up its last watch in NYPD Blue: The Final Season. Created by Steven Bochco (Hill Street Blues, Cop Rock) and David Milch (Deadwood), NYPD Blue's twelve-year run... (read entire news item)

8/04/2016 DVDs are Scheduled by Shout! for the Show's Next-to-Last Season
The detectives of the 15th Precinct are back to keep the streets of America's greatest city safe in NYPD Blue: Season Eleven. Co-created by television legends Steven Bochco (Hill Street Blues, Cop Rock)... (read entire news item)

5/06/2016 Shout!'s Already Back on the Beat with 'The Complete 10th Season' DVDs
NYPD Blue, the Emmy award-winning phenomenon from co-creators Steven Bochco and David Milch, returns to DVD for its milestone tenth season. This season, the men and women of the 15th find themselves under... (read entire news item)

1/07/2016 'The Complete 9th Season' is Scheduled for DVD by Shout!
The Emmy award-winning drama from co-creators Steven Bochco and David Milch returns for another twenty-three riveting episodes in NYPD Blue: Season Nine. Cast members Gordon Clapp, Henry Simmons, Bill... (read entire news item)

10/10/2014 Two-Thirds of the Way with Shout!'s Announce of 'The Complete Season 8'!
All 20 Original Episodes! The Emmy award-winning drama from co-creators Steven Bochco and David Milch delivers 20 more gripping police work to DVD in the eighth season of NYPD Blue. Season Eight finds... (read entire news item)

6/06/2014 A DVD Set is Announced for 'The Complete 7th Season'
CALLING ALL DETECTIVES! The men and women of New York's 15th Precinct return in the explosive seventh season of NYPD Blue, the Emmy award-winning police drama from co-creators Steven Bochco and David... (read entire news item)

4/21/2014 Shout! Factory's Official Press Release for 'The Complete 6th Season'
For Immediate Release Bring Home the Acclaimed Series on DVD NYPD Blue: Season Six June 24th, 2014 from Shout! Factory Ride along with New York's finest! One of television's best police... (read entire news item)

3/04/2014 Shout! Schedules Rick Schroder in 'The Complete 6th Season'
THE BOYS AND GIRLS IN BLUE ARE BACK! One of television's finest police dramas returns in the sixth season of NYPD Blue, the Emmy and Peabody award-winning series from co-creators Steven Bochco and David... (read entire news item)

11/18/2013 Shout! Factory's Official Press Release for 'Season 5 on DVD!
For Immediate Release The Men and Women in Blue Are Back! NYPD Blue: Season 5 The Acclaimed Series Returns to DVD January 21, 2014 from Shout! Factory One of television's most acclaimed... (read entire news item)

10/03/2013 Shout! Factory Picks Up Blue Rights; Schedules the '5th Season'
The groundbreaking and award winning cop series returns with more gritty drama and frenzied New York City action at the 15th precinct. Season five finds Sipowitz (Dennis Franz) and Simone (Jimmy Smits)... (read entire news item)

5/23/2006 Season 5 coming soon
We've previously shown you the insert that came with the second season Hill Street Blues DVD set, speaking of when you'll get to see the third season of that classic cop show. What we've been neglecting... (read entire news item)

3/16/2006 Large art for season 4
The other day we posted news about the fourth season of NYPD Blue, but we just had a small graphic to show you. Now Fox has release the full-sized artwork you can see below. The fourth season will be... (read entire news item)

3/10/2006 Yup, season 4 in June!
We told you it wouldn't be a long wait for the fourth season, and now we have details on when the set is coming. has put up a listing with a release date of June 20. The suggested price of... (read entire news item)

1/31/2006 Hated The Long Wait From 2nd To 3rd Season DVDs? Short Wait For 4th Season!
NYPD Blue first came to DVD in March, 2003, and it was a short wait indeed from that to the second season DVDs: just 5 months. But then it was a much longer wait between the second season and the not-quite-released... (read entire news item)

12/25/2005 Exclusive 1st Look At Season 3 Box!
It's been almost two months since Fox Home Entertainment made the announcement that NYPD Blue - Season 3 would hit the streets on February 21st. Now they have been kind enough to supply us with our first... (read entire news item)

11/03/2005 Fox Officially Announces Season 3! Date, Details and Complete Contents!
First Fox told us January, then earlier today we passed along info from readers that Fox is saying February. February it is, as Fox officially announced NYPD Blue - Season 3 at the end of the day today! February... (read entire news item)

11/03/2005 Season 3 in Feb?
We received emails from two NYPD Blue fans (David Wells and Hans-Ake Lilja) letting us know that Fox gave them a February 21 release date when they inquired about a third season release date. Fox hasn't... (read entire news item)

8/03/2005 Season 3 in Jan
Big thanks to Theresa Bell for sending us scans of Fox's latest TV-DVD catalog, which includes lots of new release information. Here are the unannounced titles, building up to the big announcements for... (read entire news item)

7/01/2004 Where's Season 3? Read on...
They often say, "No news is good news," but that's not the case when it comes to DVDs. If a studio has been releasing a show on DVD and then you don't hear anything about a subsequent season, the assumption... (read entire news item)

12/09/2003 Blue news about Season 3
Some of you are no doubt anxiously awaiting the 3rd Season of NYPD Blue on DVD, especially after our story last September mentioning how Fox's "TV DVD" consumer site was showing a 1/13/04 street date. Since... (read entire news item)

9/26/2003 More Blue in 2004
NYPD Blue season 3 will be hitting the streets on 1/13/2004 according to information posted at the Fox TV on DVD site. Thanks to Cyn Hatmaker for sending us the news. (read entire news item)

6/02/2003 Fox drops dime on Season 2 specs, art
Last night, Fox revealed that NYPD Blue's speculated release date of August 19th was dead-on-target, and gave us the roll call of supplements as well. You can see that in the release listing, which is... (read entire news item)

11/11/2002 Season One: March 18
Since we reported a rumored March release date last Friday it's become official. 20th Century Fox will release "NYPD Blue: Season One" on March 18, 2003. This 6 disc set will include all 22 episodes of... (read entire news item)

11/08/2002 Blue March?
If the rumors we've heard are right, it could be a Blue March for fans of NYPD Blue. It's expected that Fox will release the first season sometime during the month, although nothing has been confirmed. (read entire news item)

7/19/2002 January Release
A few Fox employees at VSDA said we should be seeing season one of "NYPD Blue" released in January, 2003. This is a tentative date and may change. (read entire news item)

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