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Las Vegas (2003)

Date added to database: 10/28/2003
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Dreamworks SKG, Unapix Entertainment, Universal Home Video
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Releases for Las Vegas (Top)

Season Releases

Season 1 - Uncut & Uncensored buy
Season 2 - Uncut & Uncensored buy
Season 3 - Uncut & Uncensored buy
Season 4 buy
Season 5 buy

Reviews for Las Vegas (Top)
Season 3 - Uncut & Uncensored - Yeah... that's uncensored! (9/16/2006)
Video:   9/10
Audio:   9/10
Extras:   2/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Season 3 - Uncut & Uncensored - Yeah... that's uncensored!":
Last November I received a VIP invite to come visit the Montecito from the real President of Operations, Gary Scott Thompson (AKA the creator of the series). I had Gary on a panel I put together for the TV-DVD conference held in Los Angeles, and he invited me to stop by the set a few days later. The Las Vegas set is both impressive and spooky. I go to Las Vegas every year, and there's one thing a casino isn't, and that's quiet. The Las Vegas set looks like a real casino filled with slot machines and people playing blackjack, but it's completely quiet. No "ding, ding, ding" sounds of money pouring out, no people yelling because they won money, just a few people talking quietly as other people mingle about. It was fascinating to watch them shoot some scenes, and I realized how much work goes into the show. Almost every sound you hear in the casino is added in afterwards; the only sounds that are real come from the actors in the scene. I watched them shoot someone winning some money at blackjack, and the women threw their arms in the air and jumped up and down, hugged each other, and then went back to playing, all without making a sound. Gary and I sat near the car (which is real) talking about DVDs, and the show, when Josh Duhamel came up to see what was going on. I think he was a bit freaked out because he wasn't the tallest on set (I'm 6'8, and he's only 6'4), so he joined our DVD conversation. He started asking Gary whether they would be recording commentaries for any episodes, something that was missing on the season 2 set, and again on season 3. Dean Cain was hovering around as well, and when he heard the commentary talk he strolled over and jumped into the conversation, saying how much he enjoyed recording commentaries for Lois & Clark. They were shooting "Down and Dirty," (directed by Robert Duncan McNeill from Star Trek Voyager) and had to leave to film a scene along with James Lesure. I was impressed that Duhamel remembered my name after shooting for 45 mins, and said it was nice to meet me. Both he, and Dean Cain, were really, really nice guys. Gary gave me a tour of the 2 storey set, and then had to leave and get some work done. I only saw a small part of the set, but man, was it impressive! I could be wrong, but I remember hearing something about it being the largest TV set ever created.

There are some awesome guest stars in the third season of Las Vegas! Look for Lara Flynn Boyle (The Practice), Rachael Leigh Cook, Richard Lewis (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Jill Hennessy (Crossing Jordan), Jerry O'Connell (Crossing Jordan), Ethan Phillips (Star Trek Voyager), Colby Donaldson (Survivor), The Pussycat Dolls (Singers), Sarah Clarke (24), Criss Angel (Criss Angel Mindfreak), Robert Goulet (Singer), Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), Barry Bostwick (Spin City), Ron Jeremy (Porn Star), Lil' Flip (Singer), Willie Garson (Sex and the City), Dominic Keating (Enterprise), Wolfgang Puck (Chef), Dale Dye (about a million war movies), Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR driver), Howie Mandel (Deal, or No Deal), Charo (The Love Boat), Donny Osmond (The Donnie and Marie Show), Brooke Burke (Wild On...), Hal Sparks (Queer as Folk), Robert Wagner (Hart to Hart), Christina Hendricks (Beggars and Choosers), Sasha Cohen (Ice Skater) and Sugarland (Singers). The weird thing is that I've met 7 of the guest stars from this season.

Las Vegas continues to entertain me through the combination of drama, laughs and cheesiness. It's a great show to escape to for a few episodes at a time (or 9, as I did the other day). I wish Universal would put more extras on this set, especially when the creator and cast members are interested in doing them. (read entire review)

Season 2 - Uncut & Uncensored - The show is better than the city (9/13/2005)
Video:   9/10
Audio:   9/10
Extras:   2/10

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Summary of "Season 2 - Uncut & Uncensored - The show is better than the city":
I was burning through this set at a nice pace (12 episodes one day, 6 the next) when I hit the bad disc and had to take a breather. I'm anal about watching shows in the proper order, and I hate skipping an episode (that's probably why I enjoy watching shows on DVD so much). I really hope these production issues can be cleared up; I hear a lot of complaints from visitors to my site, but it's never something we can narrow down.

I was bummed that there weren't any commentary tracks, or any extras that examined the show at all. The gag reel was great, but the other featurette was an ad for the Palms hotel. If you're going to do a V.I.P. piece then more hotels should be involved, otherwise it looks like an ad. There were some neat things that happened in season 2, but nothing was documented for the DVDs. Possibly the worst omission is the first part of "Two of a Kind," which aired as an episode of Crossing Jordan. Both shows are owned by Universal, so I assume this would have been easy enough to include (one side would have 5 episodes, though this would fit quite easily).

The first season included a lot of guest appearances, and season two kept it up. Look for Bryan Callen (Mad TV), Michael DeLuise (21 Jump Street), James Eckhouse (Beverly Hill, 90210), George Hamilton, Lindsay Price (Beverly Hill, 90210), Jill Hennessy & Jerry O'Connell (Crossing Jordan), Ivana Milicevic (The Mind of the Married Man), Sylvester Stallone, Jay Mohr (Action), Christopher Wiehl (Playmakers), Lochlyn Munro (Two), Dean Cain (Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), Joe Rogan (Fear Factor), Don Knotts (The Andy Griffith Show, Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall), Jon Bon Jovi and John Elway. Also look for Jon Lovitz (Fred Puterbaugh), Cheryl Ladd (Jillian Deline), Alec Baldwin (Jack Keller), James McDaniel (Gavin Brunson) in roles from season 1, as well as Michael Bublé, Clint Black, Snoop Dogg, Duran Duran, Black Eyed Peas, Paul Anka, Tony Orlando, Ashanti and Gladys Knight as musical guests.

The DVD set could have been a lot better, but it also could have been a lot worse. It was an enjoyable way to spend a few days, though I was hoping for better special features. (read entire review)

Season 1 - Uncut & Uncensored - Gimme $5000 on this set being a good one (1/03/2005)
Video:   9/10
Audio:   10/10
Extras:   5/10

Buy from (US)
Summary of "Season 1 - Uncut & Uncensored - Gimme $5000 on this set being a good one":
I loved this set in so many ways. I think the changes in the set were a big step in the right direction for Universal. This is the first time we've seen them include a music disclaimer, and the first time in awhile where we've been able to easily skip the opening of a show. It shows that they're a company willing to listen to consumers, and implement changes that are asked for. The Big Gamble featurette was very cool, and I enjoyed the four commentary tracks. I could have done without the AFL schedule and match up, but it doesn't bother me that they're on the set.

Keep your eyes open for some excellent guest stars appearing in the first season. Some of them include Phil Maloof, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Desmond Askew, Elliott Gould, Ken Marino, Penn & Teller, James McDaniel, Mimi Rogers, Hugh Hefner, Kevin MacDonald, Nana Visitor, Alec Baldwin, Brian Austin Green, Paris Hilton, Jon Lovitz, Harry Groener, Harland Williams, Jon Seda, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Hopper, Little Richard, Sean Astin, Mark McGrath, Christian Kane, Jennifer O'Dell, and many more. They had quite the lineup of guest stars!

I've already recommended this set to friends, and now I'm recommending it to you. Pick this set up, I bet you'll like it. (read entire review)

Las Vegas News (Top)
6/13/2008 The 5th Season DVD Set's Studio Press Brief
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LAS VEGAS SEASON FIVE SYNOPSIS: Television icon Tom Selleck hits the town in TV's sexiest show! Las Vegas is even hotter on DVD in Season Five. Join A.J. Cooper (Selleck),... (read entire news item)

5/18/2008 A Sneak Peek at the Menu Screens for Las Vegas - Season 5
Several days ago you got your first look at the package art for Las Vegas - Season 5, coming to DVD on July 22nd. Now Universal has sent out an advance look at the main menu and bonus menu screens for... (read entire news item)

5/14/2008 5th Season Package Art Arrives, Plus Universal Hints at 'Uncensored' Episodes
The other day Universal Studios Home Entertainment announced the July 22nd DVD release of Las Vegas - Season 5, the final season of the show. While we fans continue to hope that there might be some closure... (read entire news item)

5/12/2008 Cash In Your Chips with Universal's 5th (and Final) Season Set of Las Vegas
The recent writer's strike not only shortened the seasons of many shows this year; for some it shortened their lifespan as well. Such was the case with Las Vegas, which underwent several cast changes... (read entire news item)

7/21/2007 Season 4 artwork gets tweaked
Universal has made a few tweaks to the artwork for season 4. What are they changes? Well, Danny has a different smile, and Mike is posing a bit different, but those are the only changes. You can preorder... (read entire news item)

7/05/2007 Menu Screens for 4th Season Set
Earlier this week Universal formally announced the 4-DVD release of Las Vegas - Season 4, coming on September 11th. They've now sent out a few screen shots of the menus for this set, and we've got a... (read entire news item)

7/02/2007 Formal 4th Season Announcement Brings Specs, Extras
The studio has formally announced Las Vegas - Season 4, and as we previously reported, the release date is September 11th. The $59.98 SRP is also confirmed, but now we have a lot more info for you! This... (read entire news item)

6/22/2007 Season 4? You Bet! Street Date, Price, Package Art
Many Las Vegas fans will remember our report from this past March, in which Creator/Exec Producer Gary Scott Thompson talks about extras that he and some of the cast had recorded for 4th Season DVDs.... (read entire news item)

3/18/2007 Show Creator Reveals Season 4 DVD Extras
A week ago we told you about the upcoming release of a Las Vegas 2-pack, containing the first and second seasons on DVD shrunk-wrapped together into one low-priced bundle. That was well-received by a... (read entire news item)

3/11/2007 Two seasons for one low price
Universal will release the first two seasons of Las Vegas in a "Value Pack" on May 8. This release includes the retail versions of season 1, and season 2, wrapped together in plastic, and selling for... (read entire news item)

6/28/2006 Season 3 Menus
Universal has just released menus for the third season of Las Vegas. The first shot is from disc 1, while the second shot is of the bonus material on disc 5: (read entire news item)

6/16/2006 Jackpot! 3rd Season Bonus Material Announced!
Last week Universal announced Las Vegas - Season 3: Uncut and Uncensored as a September 12th release. We didn't have info about the special features on this set at the time (other than mentioning that... (read entire news item)

6/09/2006 Season 3 Artwork
Yesterday we posted news that the third season of Las Vegas would be released on September 12, and now we have artwork to share with you: (read entire news item)

6/08/2006 Feeling like gambling this September? Season 3 info!
Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that they'll release the third season of Las Vegas on September 12. This 5 disc set (that's right, no double-sided discs!) will include all 23 episodes... (read entire news item)

7/21/2005 Season 2 Artwork (finally)
Universal has finally finished working on the artwork for the second season of Las Vegas! It's been nearly 5 weeks since the title was announced, so here's a recap of the set: September 13 release 3... (read entire news item)

6/30/2005 Season 2 Menus
We still don't have the box art, but here are two menus from the upcoming set: (read entire news item)

6/15/2005 Season 2 coming this fall
The second season of NBC's hot show, Las Vegas, will be released on September 13, almost a week before the third season returns on September 19. The three double-sided discs will be released in slim cases,... (read entire news item)

12/26/2004 2nd Season already being planned for '05 release
With just a little over a week to go before the release of Las Vegas - Season 1: Uncut & Uncensored, we've got news for you that the 2nd season of the series has been confirmed by Universal to be arriving... (read entire news item)

10/01/2004 First look at Artwork
Here you go, a look at the artwork for Las Vegas - Season 1: Uncut & Uncensored! Another extra, not mentioned in our previous news, came to light at the same time we got this art: a "Jon Bon Jovi... (read entire news item)

9/30/2004 'Uncut & Uncensored' 1st Season Announced! *UPDATED*
Universal Studios Home Video has announced this morning that January 4th will see the release of Las Vegas - Season 1: Uncut & Uncensored. No real details are available yet, other than the configuration... (read entire news item)

7/10/2004 Las Vegas heads to DVD!
Coming out of nowhere is the announcement that Universal is working on the first season of Las Vegas. Like the press release says, this was the highest rated drama for the 2003-2004 season, and the episodes... (read entire news item)

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