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The Bob Hope Show (1952)

Date added to database: 8/26/2002
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DVD Rights owned/licensed by:
NBC Enterprises, Respond 2, Unknown
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Show Categories: Comedy, Variety

Releases for The Bob Hope Show (Top)

Individual Episode Releases

Hope For The Holidays buy

Individual Episode Releases - Random

The Specials: Thanks For The Memories buy

Best Of Releases

The Ultimate Collection buy
Ultimate Collection Special Edition buy

Reviews for The Bob Hope Show (Top)
The Ultimate Collection - Thanks For The Memories (9/18/2002)
Video:   3/10
Audio:   6/10
Extras:   5/10

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Summary of "The Ultimate Collection - Thanks For The Memories":
Earlier, I said, "Bob Hope has brought us a lot of laughter and fun, and such an esteemed career deserves a true archive of his best performances." I truly wish that this DVD collection were it. But it's not.

I would be truly dismayed if this collection were all that survived of Bob Hope's legacy in 50 years. Such an American entertainment treasure deserves a library of his best work, taken directly from the original source materials, and then truly cleaned up and revitalized. Sharpened so that we can see and hear it, as crisp as the day it was first recorded.

I suppose that the producers of this DVD set decided that it was quicker and cheaper to use existing archival specials, than to create new programs especially for these DVDs. From what I see, they also seem to have thought that it wasn't worth the time or money to take each segment back out of the programs they are in, clean them up to original condition, and restore them into the sequence. I don't pretend to know what the cost-effectiveness of such endeavors would be. I do know that the results here don't look too swift. I could not, in all good conscious, recommend to, say, my father that he lay out the $60-ish dollars that this set would presently cost him. Nor could I recommend it to anyone else in general.

I want to point out that I spent a long time going over this set; and that I really wanted to enjoy it. I love Bob Hope! My concern, though, is that I found myself far too distracted from the entertainment provided on the disc, due to the issues I've been talking about. When you compare the cost of these five non-remastered NBC retrospectives compared to purchasing about 3 or 4 of Bob's best movies on DVD, then I don't think the average consumer would make this TV set his first choice for Bob Hope material.

It is true that this material is not currently available in any better condition. If you are a huge Bob Hope fan, and want to enjoy the laughs of his television career, then there is no doubt in my mind that you will make every effort to get past the video, audio, and navigational problems on this DVD set and mostly enjoy what's there. But have no doubt: you aren't getting it for the quality. You'll be getting it just for the memories.

(read entire review)

The Bob Hope Show News (Top)
9/01/2016 Time Life Announces Bob's 'Specials: Thanks For The Memories'

8/14/2007 New Special Edition of Bob Hope: The Ultimate Collection with New Footage!
5 years after their release of the original Bob Hope: The Ultimate Collection on 3 DVDs, Respond2 Entertainment has decided to release a new 4-disc set with the same title. What's going on? Here is... (read entire news item)

12/12/2004 More Bob Hope TV-on-DVD, for those of you who haven't seen it
Fans of Bob Hope, who enjoyed R2's The Ultimate Bob Hope Collection DVD set or their individual-disc releases like Hope For The Holidays, will be interested to know that a new DVD has been released from... (read entire news item)

6/27/2004 Bob's Back on DVD: Holiday Specials & USO Tours featured in 2 new offerings
Previously available as part of the The Best of Bob Hope - The Ultimate Collection box set release, Respond2 Entertainment is releasing a separate DVD this October 5th for the single disc Bob Hope - Hope... (read entire news item)

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