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News for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Date Posted
News Title
1/05/2011 Fox's Official Press Release for 'Season 4, Volume 2' on DVD
11/01/2010 A New Bonus Item and a Short Delay for 'Season 4, Vol 2' on DVD
10/12/2010 'Season 4, Vol 2' Package Art Gets Revised Following Fan Feedback
10/06/2010 DVDs with the Final Episodes Announced: Date, Packaging, More!
9/30/2010 Place Your Pre-Order Right Away for Fox's Upcoming 'Season 4, Vol 2'
7/30/2010 'Season 4, Vol 2' on DVD at Last? Fox Exec Says 'Yes' at the HTF
1/07/2009 Overdue Package Art Picture Finally Docks for Season 4, Vol 1
12/10/2008 Official Studio Press Release for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 4, Vol 1
11/28/2008 Bonus Material Surfaces for Season 4, Volume 1 DVD Set
11/27/2008 The Voyage Continues in 2009 - Season 4 News!
6/02/2008 They Haven't Sunk the Seaview Yet: More DVDs ARE Planned!
8/07/2007 It Looks Like a Box Art Change For Season 3, Volume 2
7/23/2007 Season 3, Volume 2 Press Release
7/08/2007 The Seaview is Set to Finish Out the 3rd Season on DVD
4/25/2007 Box Art Surfaces for Season 3, Volume 1
3/09/2007 Season 3 (Part 1) on the schedule
11/21/2006 The 'Flying Sub' Joins The Seaview On The Box For Season 2, Vol. 2
11/02/2006 Fox finishes season 2 in Feb
7/20/2006 More Details, Artwork and Extras For Season 2, vol 1
7/18/2006 The 2nd Season's First Volume Comes To The Surface This Fall
4/12/2006 Season 1, Volume 2 announced!
3/16/2006 No date yet, but we have Volume 2 artwork
2/19/2006 There's been an Irwin Allen title mix-up, we're afraid!
1/31/2006 Go On A Second DVD Voyage This Spring!
1/12/2006 Final Art for Season 1, Volume 1
1/04/2006 Box Picture Turns Out To Be 'Temp Art' Made Just For Ad Insert
12/31/2005 At Long Last...Box Art For Voyage's First DVD Set!
11/03/2005 Start your Voyage in February!

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