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News for Smurfs, The

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News Title
7/15/2013 A Look at the Package for 'A Magical Smurf Adventure 2' DVD
7/11/2013 Announcement for Warner's 'A Magical Smurf Adventure 2' DVD
6/19/2013 'Smurftastic Journey' DVD: Date, Cost, Package Art
4/03/2013 Smurfing to Stores Soon, We've got Box Art for 'Smurfs to the Rescue!'
3/28/2013 Warner Announces 'Smurf to the Rescue' DVD
1/16/2013 3-DVD Set for 'The Best of Seasons 1 and 2'
9/29/2011 Formal Press Release from Warner for their 'Holiday Celebration' DVD
7/18/2011 A Very Smurfy 'Holiday Celebration' DVD has been Announced!
7/15/2011 'A Magical Smurf Adventure': Formal Press Release Before Tuesday's Street Date
3/31/2011 A New Single-DVD Release is Announced: 'A Magical Smurf Adventure' ***UPDATE: More Cartoons and Discs, Box Art, Extras!***
11/09/2009 Studio Press Release for 'Volume 3: Worlds of Wonder'
9/02/2009 Volume 3: Worlds of Wonder DVD Announced: Date, Contents, Package ***UPDATE: EXTRAS***
6/02/2009 Rear Package Art for the Volume 2: Smurfy Tales DVD
5/11/2009 Warner's Official Press Release for Volume 2: Smurfy Tales DVD
4/30/2009 Vol. 2: Smurfy Tales: Date, Cost, Episodes, Extras, Box Art
2/03/2009 Cartoon-Related Release Date Change #1: Smurfing the DVD Schedule Back a Couple of Weeks
1/09/2009 Official Studio Press Release for The Smurfs - Volume 1: True Blue Friends
12/10/2008 Package Art, Front & Rear, Gives Us the Correct Title, Details and Extras
12/05/2008 New DVD Release with 2nd Season Cartoons Announced for February
8/15/2008 The Studio Smurfed On Over a Formal Press Release for Season 1, Volume 2 DVDs
7/15/2008 2nd DVD Release Announced: Date, Cost, Package Art & Extras!
11/17/2007 Revised Rear Box Art for Season 1, Vol. 1 Corrects Title Error
10/30/2007 Warner's Formal Press Release Arrives For The Smurfs On DVD
10/26/2007 OFFICIAL Announcement At Long, Smurfy Last!
10/17/2007 We Just Can't Keep From Smurfing The Beans...
9/26/2007 Warner: Smurfs DVDs Won't Make It By Year's End
9/08/2007 Extras Revealed for Smurfs - Season 1, Volume 1 on Rear Art
8/19/2007 Disc-by-Disc Cartoon List for Smurfs - Season 1, Volume 1
8/02/2007 Smurfy good news! Season 1, Volume 1 info
6/12/2006 2007 to be Smurfy?
10/24/2004 Les Schtroumpfs arrivent en DVD en Novembre!

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