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Avatar: The Last Airbender
Could a Blu-ray Disc be Coming for Aang, Katara, and Sokka??!!!
Cold Feet
'The New Years: Season 1' Comes to DVD this Spring
Love, Lies and Records
North American DVD Release of the BBC One Show Starring Ashley Jensen
Official Sony Announcement Includes High-Res Art for Blu-ray, Blu-ray 'Collector's Edition'
East West 101
RLJ/Acorn to Release 'Series 2' DVDs in North America
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Date Posted
News Title
1/31/2013 Date, Cost, Packaging, Contents for 'Best of Warner Bros.: Superman TV Collection'
4/30/2012 Man of Steel Takes Top TV Honors at the 2012 Home Media Magazine Awards
10/06/2011 Complete Series, and Season 10, Press Release
7/26/2011 Finalized Date, Bonus Items, Packaging for Complete Series and The 10th Season Sets
5/16/2011 Update About 'The Complete Series': Anyone for 'Aquaman'?
4/27/2011 Press Release for 'The Complete Series': Official Details, Price, Bigger Artwork
4/26/2011 'The Complete Series' on DVD: Timeframe, Packaging, New Extras and Answer to 'Why Not On Blu-ray?'
3/14/2011 One Source Expects the 10th and Final Season on Blu-ray, DVD in Time for the Holidays
9/20/2010 The 10th (and Final) Season is Already Flying Toward its DVD and Blu-ray Disc Destiny
7/13/2010 The Complete 9th Season (DVD and Blu-ray) Official Press Release
6/17/2010 Final (Earlier!) Release Date and Extras for The Complete 9th Season on DVD and Blu-ray
6/10/2010 Blu-ray Cover Art and the Likely DVD/BD Street Date for The Complete 9th Season
5/25/2010 Fan Site Shows Off the First Picture of 'The Complete 9th Season' DVD Box
4/14/2010 Season 9 Pre-Order for both DVD and Blu-ray
7/01/2009 Mystery of The Complete 8th Season Blu-ray Package 'Change' is Solved!
6/30/2009 Blu-ray Box Art Changes for The Complete 8th Season
6/17/2009 Rear Box Art for The Complete 8th Season, on Both DVD and Blu-ray
6/08/2009 Official Studio Press Release and Trailer for Season 8 on Blu-ray & DVD
6/03/2009 DVD & Blu-ray Official 8th Season Announcement: Extras, 3D Box Art & August Date
4/28/2009 Complete 8th Season Packaging Pics for the DVD and Blu-ray Disc
4/17/2009 Blu-ray and DVD 8th Season Pre-Announce Pre-Order Listings are at Amazon
7/13/2008 Back of the Box Artwork for the Super 7th Season DVD Set!
5/29/2008 7th Season Press Release Offers New Details About DVDs, Blu-rays & Their Extras
5/21/2008 Official Release Date, Package Art & Extras for 7th Season DVDs & Blu-ray Discs
5/14/2008 Amazon Posts Probable Cover Art for the 7th Season DVDs
5/13/2008 DVD and Blu-ray Disc Pre-Order Listings are Up, Up and Away at Amazon!
4/11/2008 Fan Site Offers Early Info About Extras For Smallville's 7th Season Set
11/12/2007 Aquaman Pilot Episode, Starring 'Green Arrow', Stuffed in Smallville DVDs
9/24/2007 Season 6 Probs North of the Border: Canada Gets Hi-Def Delays, Missing DVD Booklets
9/20/2007 Production Delay Throws Kryptonite On Smallville - Season 6 Blu-rays UPDATED
7/04/2007 Hi-Res Packaging Pics for Hi-Def Releases of 6th Season
7/02/2007 Season 6 hits Blu-ray & HD DVD in September
5/31/2007 Package Art & Press Release For Smallville - Season 6
5/23/2007 Clark's Secret Is Out: 6th Season Street Date, Cost and Extras! **List of additional Extras Added**
12/22/2006 Are you the Ultimate Smallville fan?
11/03/2006 HD-DVD Specs Corrected
10/23/2006 HD-DVD packaging shots for Season 5
10/19/2006 Season 5 HD-DVD Details **DATE CORRECTED**
8/25/2006 Smallville on HD-DVD? Yup!
6/22/2006 Back Art & Complete List of Bonus Material
6/14/2006 Change To Background Coloring Makes For A More Super Season 5 Box Cover
6/05/2006 Season 5 Press Release - Details on Extras
5/31/2006 Will Clark embrace his destiny? Season 5 comes this Sept! **Updated with Art**
2/23/2006 Online Webisodes Reveal Release Timeframe For 5th Season
9/10/2005 Want a sneak peak at one of Season 4's DVD extras?
8/29/2005 Back of the Package - Extras Listed
6/08/2005 Large Artwork
5/31/2005 Complete specs & artwork
4/12/2005 Season 4 Release Date
3/26/2005 4th Season extras will include great Lois Lane retrospective!
8/30/2004 Season 3 Artwork
8/21/2004 Season 3 Special Features
8/17/2004 Season 3 in Nov!
6/05/2004 First piece of Season 3 news *UPDATED*
3/19/2004 Street Date Change
3/09/2004 Season 3 discussed in last night's chat
2/12/2004 Come back to Smallville - for the Complete 2nd Season!
1/29/2004 Season 2 specs
11/12/2003 Super Season 2 News
6/18/2003 Extras! Extras!
6/17/2003 Here It Is! THE News You Have Waited For!
4/03/2003 DVD Release News
2/28/2003 Smallville in 2004
12/09/2002 Smallville Season One
5/09/2002 Date change for Pilot movie
4/15/2002 Finalized cover
4/09/2002 Yet more Smallville news
4/06/2002 Full Smallville release info
4/02/2002 Smallville release in June

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