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Merlin (mini-series)
The New 'The 3 Film Collection' Gathers the '98 Miniseries and Both Sequels!
Magical Legend of the Leprechauns, The (mini-series)
The 1999 Mini-Series is Getting a Re-Release, This Time with Digital Copy
Miami Vice
Mill Creek's 'Crime Time TV' DVD Set Combines 'Vice,' 'Knight Rider,' and More!
10th Kingdom, The (mini-series)
New Blu-ray and DVD Release of the Mini-Series Will Include Digital Copies!
Walking Dead, The
Early Cover Art Shuffles In for 'The Complete 8th Season'
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3/12/2018 Will Your Favorite TV Show Win? Voting Has Now Begun for the 2018 Home Media Awards!
2/07/2018 Universal to Re-Release 5 Old TV Titles on Single-Sided Discs in February/March
12/18/2017 Head's Up: The News Will Probably Be Kinda Slow This Holiday Season
8/07/2017 5 Mini-Series Collected in the 'Epic Fantasy Mini-Series Gift Set'
6/28/2017 Warner Press Release: 'DC Universe Original Movies: 10th Anniversary Collection' Blu-ray
3/09/2017 Mill Creek Offers 6 Classic Shows on 'Red White & Blue Collar Sitcoms'
2/28/2017 Home Media Magazine Begins Taking Votes for their 2017 HMM Awards
8/24/2016 Carol. Ed. Johnny. Bob. Andy. Time Life's 'The Golden Age of Television'
7/20/2016 Heading to SDCC? The Fox Booth Has Special Archer, Family Guy Sets!
5/04/2016 VEI Has Recently Released a Whole Slew of Individual DVD Season Sets; More to Come Soon!
4/01/2016 It's April Fools Day! What Kind of News Do We Have For You Today?
3/08/2016 Mill Creek Licenses Rights for Shows, Including 'Quantum Leap', 'Sliders'
2/29/2016 Home Media Magazine Begins Taking Votes for their 2016 HMM Awards
7/13/2015 Shout!'s SDCC 2015 TV Round-Up: Manimal, Automan, Dairanger, Blu Freaks and Geeks!
7/02/2015 TV Guide Spotlights Animal Stars, Game Shows, Westerns and Crime Stoppers!
4/15/2015 'TV Guide Classics' Line Launches with Johnny Carson, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Ozzie & Harriet
4/01/2015 No Fools: That's the Rule!
3/10/2015 Voting Has Now Launched for the 2015 Home Media Magazine Awards!
2/12/2015 Mill Creek Announces 4 More 'TV Guide Spotlight' Releases!
8/27/2014 New Details, Box Art for 'TV Guide Spotlight: TV's Merriest Holiday Episodes'
8/21/2014 A DVD is Scheduled for the 'Cartoon Network Holiday Collection'
8/19/2014 Michael Jackson's FIRST Moonwalk Ever Comes to DVD: 'Motown 25: Yesterday-Today-Forever'
8/08/2014 'TV Guide Spotlight: TV's Merriest Holiday Episodes' from Mill Creek
7/24/2014 Mill Creek: 'TV Guide Spotlight: TV's 13 Spookiest Halloween Episodes'
6/20/2014 Warner/Amazon Issue Appears to be Over!
6/11/2014 Amazon and Warner Contract Negotiations Impact Pre-Orders
4/29/2014 2014 HMM Awards Honor Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones
4/29/2014 BD, or Not BD? Will More Classic CBS Shows Come to Blu-ray Disc?
4/16/2014 Shout! Provides '5 Reasons Why We Still Love Blu-rays and DVDs'
4/01/2014 We Shouldn't Have To Say It By Now, But We Will: No Fooling Around Here!
3/19/2014 Voting's Now Underway for 2014 Home Media Magazine Awards
3/12/2014 Warner Announces More 'Friendly' Budget DVD Titles with Fred Flinstone, Cookie Monster, Ben 10, Chowder, and the Powerpuff Girls
1/29/2014 Warner Releasing a New 'Friendly' Budget DVD Line with Bugs, Supes, Batman, Scooby and More!
1/28/2014 Mill Creek and TV Guide Present a New 'Spotlight' DVD Series
10/30/2013 13 Oscar-Nominated Shorts: Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Droopy and More!
9/24/2013 MPI to Release a 'Classic TV Comedy Christmas' Featuring 6 Sitcoms
8/27/2013 Mill Creek, Sony Ink Deal for Rereleases of Nanny, Jeffersons, Married..., Bewitched, Jeannie, more
4/01/2013 No Foolin' Around Over Here: We Take Our TV-DVD News Seriously!
3/06/2013 Voting Has Started for the 2013 Home Media Magazine Awards
1/22/2013 Announcement for 'The Best of Warner Bros.: Hanna Barbera 25 Cartoon Collection'
10/30/2012 The Walt Disney Company Acquires Lucasfilm, Ltd. for $4.05 Billion
10/09/2012 'WB at 90' Developments: Art for 'Best of Superman TV,' Plans for 'Best of HB,' 'Best of Looney Tunes,' 'Best of DC Comics'!
10/08/2012 Warner Plans Large 90th Anniversary Collection Honoring Superman
8/23/2012 TV Guide Launches New Mobile App
5/23/2012 Amazon and CreateSpace Create a New 'Never Before on DVD' Store
5/18/2012 Shout! Factory Gets Timeless: Press Release Announces Acquisition
4/02/2012 Press Release: RLJ Acquisition Buys Image Ent. and Acorn Media; Merge Both Into 'RLJ Entertainment'
3/31/2012 We Have Something That Might be of Pinterest to You! Plus: No Foolin'!
3/12/2012 Voting Begins for the 2012 Home Media Magazine Awards Ballot
2/22/2012 Shout! Factory Romances Us With Their 'Love Is On The Air' DVD
12/23/2011 Happy Holidays! (Plus a Word About Our Site Posting Schedule Next Week)
12/19/2011 CBS DVD's New 'Fan Favorites' Line for Honeymooners, Happy Days, MacGyver and 4 Others!
12/14/2011 Animation Expert Jerry Beck Returns to Stu's Show at 4PM (Pacific) Today!
11/29/2011 'Classic Site' Now Available
11/22/2011 Same Site, New Look!
11/04/2011 TVShowsOnDVD at 10: WBshop/Warner Archive Throws Our Readers an Anniversary Party with an Exclusive 20%-Off Sale, This Weekend Only!
11/01/2011 TVShowsOnDVD Turns Ten!
10/14/2011 Shout! Rep Says to Expect Season 2 Sets for Several Stalled Sony Shows
7/04/2011 Complete Details on Upcoming That '70s Show, Roseanne and Grounded for Life Sets
6/01/2011 Mill Creek's July DVD Slate Includes Punky, Simon and Simon, Dreams, Littles, Ultraman, and Much More!
4/27/2011 Lost Rules TV Side of 2011 HMM Awards; Other Winners Include Doctor Who, Twilight Zone, Dexter, 24
4/20/2011 Warner Archive Has a Special Offer JUST for Readers: a 2-Day 10% Off Sale!
4/05/2011 Box Art for the 'Best of the 80s' DVD Lineup: Knight Rider, Magnum, A-Team, Miami Vice
4/01/2011 Universal's 'Best of the 80s' Line Brings Budget DVDs to A-Team, Magnum, Knight Rider, Vice
3/31/2011 No Jokes, No Hoaxes, No Foolin'...Tomorrow is No Holiday for Us!
3/29/2011 Voting Begins for the 2011 Home Media Magazine Awards Ballot
11/24/2010 Thanksgiving / November 25 Plans
11/16/2010 Sneak Preview Mama's Family Clip for Warner's 'Classic TV Christmas Collection'
11/04/2010 Episode List and Updated Details for Warner's 'Classic TV Christmas Collection'
11/01/2010 Hey Everybody, We're Nine Today!
10/29/2010 CBS/Paramount Adds a 'Love, American Style' Episode to 'T.V. Sets: Christmas Treats'
10/27/2010 Warner’s DVD2BLU Program, For a Limited Time, Is Taking ANY DVD for a Listed BD Upgrade!
10/26/2010 WB's 'Classic TV Christmas Collection' DVD with Eight Is Enough, Mama, Strangers, CHiPs, Kotter, MORE!
10/15/2010 'Trek Stars Go West' DVD Shows Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, Doohan as Cowboys and Indians
10/11/2010 Mill Creek VP Says: Expect Suzanne Sugarbaker, ALL of C.O.P.S., Carmen, MORE Cannell
10/04/2010 Mill Creek VP Returns to US Townhall, Answering Your Questions About Next Week's Complete Series DVDs for the Late Stephen J. Cannell's Renegade and Commish **UPDATE: INTERVIEW DELAYED A DAY**
9/17/2010 New Updates Today for our 'What's The Hold-up?' FAQ
8/23/2010 CBS/Paramount's New T.V. Sets: Christmas Treats Collection
8/17/2010 Warner Providing Upgrade Path of TV-DVDs to Blu-ray for Smallville, Supernatural and More!
7/29/2010 Shout! Factory and Mill Creek Plan a Number of Under-$10 Titles for More Casual TV-DVD Fans
7/29/2010 Reports from Last Week's Comic Con About the Future of Sid and Marty Krofft DVDs
7/05/2010 Voting is Open for 2010 HD Awards
6/29/2010 Why can't I find (classic TV show) in stores?
6/24/2010 Shout! Factory Announces 2010 Comic-Con Line-Up, Including Featured TV-DVD Titles
5/31/2010 First New Sid and Marty Krofft DVD Revealed: 'Greatest Saturday Morning Hits'
5/25/2010 Industry Magazine Reports that Most of the Krofft Library's DVD Rights go to Vivendi Ent.
4/12/2010 TVShowsOnDVD's 'What's The Hold-up?' FAQ Moves to our Main Site, Gets Updates
4/06/2010 A Round-Up of News from Last Night's Live Warner Home Video Chat at the HTF
4/02/2010 Reminder: This Monday is the Home Theater Forum's Live Online Chat with Warner Home Video
3/31/2010 No Foolin' Here
2/09/2010 Warner Home Video Schedules a New TV/Animation Online Chat with the Home Theater Forum
1/21/2010 Universal Announces Manufacture-on-Demand; Initial Slate Has 2 Films with Ties to TV Shows
1/04/2010 And the Winners Are...
11/26/2009 Shout! Factory Buy-2-Get-1 Sale
11/18/2009 Mill Creek Picks Up Rights, Reissues Game Show DVDs from Defunct BCI: Match, Price & Others!
11/16/2009 [adult swim] Announces Customizable 'Build a DVD' MOD Program, Starting Today
11/11/2009 Animation Expert Jerry Beck Talks Mighty Mouse, Looney Tunes and More...on Stu's Show Today!
11/02/2009 Voting Begins for 2009's 6th Annual TV-DVD Awards...Cast Your Ballot Now!
10/14/2009 Press Release: Mill Creek Gets DVD Rights to 14 More Classic Stephen J. Cannell TV Programs!
9/30/2009 Which Eps of Bewitched, Nun, McHale, Girl, etc. are Included on Shout!'s Merry Sitcom DVD?
9/14/2009 Vivendi, Distributor of Shout!, Absorbs Genius Products: Now Distros Sesame St., ER/Classic, RHI & More
9/07/2009 A Brief History of Closed Captioning from Mental Floss
9/04/2009 After 8 Days on Facebook, We've Got 1500+ Fans...Thank You!
9/01/2009 Press Release: 2009 TV DVD Award Submission Information
8/26/2009 Now Accepting Friends on Facebook: TVShowsOnDVD Opens a Fan Page!
8/13/2009 Come Along! On the Road with Charles Kuralt is Coming to DVD this Fall
8/12/2009 Special Consumer-Voting Categories Offered for 2009 DVD Critics Awards
8/06/2009 Shout!'s 'Merry Sitcom!' DVD Collects Holiday Episodes from Bewitched, Flying Nun and More!
8/05/2009 Box Art for Adult Swim in a Box DVD Set
8/04/2009 Upgrade Complete
8/04/2009 Official Press Release from Warner for Volume 2 DVDs of Saturday Morning Cartoons
8/04/2009 Planned Downtime Aug 4 Evening
7/31/2009 Updated Episode Lists for Warner's Saturday Morning Cartoons 2nd Volume DVDs
7/31/2009 '[adult swim] in a Box' 7-DVD Collection Includes Classic Shows and Unseen Pilots
7/29/2009 Details and Early Sample Cover Art for Sony's 12-Title Fan Favorites Line
7/22/2009 Lucy: A Photo Gallery
7/21/2009 Box Art for Universal's Holiday TV Comedy Collection DVD
7/21/2009 Sony Plans Fan-Favorite DVDs for Jeannie, Bewitched, All in the Family, Married...with Children & More!
7/14/2009 Universal Prepping Holiday TV Comedy Collection with 30 Rock, House, Office, Monk and More!
7/07/2009 Vol. 2 Releases of 60s, 70s Saturday Morning Cartoons Brings Banana Splits, Shazzan!, More
6/10/2009 A Piece of TV History, '69s Mama Cass Television Program, Comes to DVD
6/01/2009 CBS/Paramount Releasing 2 More 'TV Set' Best-Of DVDs: Trek, Dexter, CSI: NY, More
5/21/2009 Shout! Factory Solicits Your Survey Opinion: Which Show Deserves More Season Sets?
4/22/2009 Warner Offers TV-HD-DVD Upgrades to TV-BDs for Smallville, Sopranos, Planet Earth and More!
3/31/2009 As Always, We'll Try Not To Make You Feel Foolish Tomorrow
3/23/2009 Ten Days of Tweeting Brings 500+ Followers...Thank You!
3/23/2009 Warner to do Manufacture-on-Demand DVDs; Films for Now, TV-on-MOD May Come Later
3/16/2009 Warner Pushes Back their Saturday Morning Cartoon Titles by a Week
3/13/2009 Time for TVShowsOnDVD to Tweet: We've Gone Live on!
3/09/2009 Rear Package Art for Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1960's Volume 1
2/23/2009 Paramount to Bow 'Best-of' DVDs Featuring TV Comedy, Action: 11 Shows Seen on 2 Titles
2/12/2009 Press Release for Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1960's Volume 1 & 1970's Volume 1
2/02/2009 Press Release: Koch Owners Rebrand Entire Corporation (Including Koch) As 'E1 Entertainment'
1/29/2009 CORRECT List of Cartoons in Warner's Upcoming Saturday Morning DVDs
1/27/2009 Animation Expert Jerry Beck Discusses Fleischer Superman, Popeye, Woody Woodpecker, Saturday Morning Cartoons & More on Stu's Show Tomorrow!
1/21/2009 Bootleg Site Search Feature Added
12/18/2008 PRESS RELEASE: Navarre Shuts Down BCI, Makers of He-Man, Day Break, Price is Right and other DVDs
12/04/2008 Digital Bits Says it's a Race Between Lost and Battlestar for the First-Ever Complete Series TV-on-BD
11/08/2008 Press Release: FreemantleMedia Strikes a Distro Deal with Acorn Media
11/06/2008 Hidden Gems - Suggestions Needed
10/15/2008 2008 TV-DVD Awards: Seinfeld, Lost, Heroes, Family Guy, My So-Called Life & Twin Peaks Among the Winners!
10/07/2008 Animation Expert Jerry Beck talks Looney Tunes, Popeye And More...Tomorrow on Stu's Show!
10/03/2008 Trade Mag Story Provides Details About Why Warner Gives 2nd Season Chances to Everwood, Night Court and Knots!
9/24/2008 YOUR TURN! Vote for the Titles YOU Think Should Win the 2008 TV-DVD Awards!
9/16/2008 Our Roundup of the Info Revealed at Yesterday's HTF Online Chat with Warner Home Video
9/13/2008 The Home Theater Forum Chats with Warner Home Video this Monday
8/27/2008 Important Update About the TV-DVD Awards: Consumer Voting Schedule Moved
8/21/2008 Attention Studios: Get Ready for the 2008 TV-DVD Awards!
8/21/2008 Doug? Jimmy Neutron? Danny Phantom? Rocko's? What's With All These Nick Shows at Amazon?
8/20/2008 Morningstar Brings Their Releases to the USA: Smurfs, Raccoons and The Newsroom
7/31/2008 Google Gadget Launched ***Updated with new Link***
7/29/2008 A Legend Visits Stu's Show: William Schallert (Star Trek, Beaver, Patty Duke Show, Torkelsons) Talks About His 60+ Year Career!
7/21/2008 Editorial: Rewards Programs, TV-Movies, and the Complete Series Set
7/14/2008 Explosion in Vancouver Kills Site
7/11/2008 Drastically Different Cover Art Arrives for Paramount's T.V. Sets: Holiday Treats
6/26/2008 Paramount's Upcoming Holiday Treats DVD Strongly Resembles an FYE Promo Disc from Last Christmas!
6/17/2008 Sony, BBC & Shout! Factory Take TV-Related Honors at 4th Annual DVD Critics Awards
6/16/2008 Editorial: Lawyers, Disclaimers and the Replaced Fugitive Music
6/10/2008 Editorial: The Worst DVD Packaging Ever?
6/04/2008 Are TV-on-BDs for YOU? Wal-Mart Father's Day Promo Offers a Blu-ray Player for a Net Cost Under $200!
6/03/2008 Shokus Internet Radio Interview with Jerry Beck to Discuss Woody Woodpecker and Popeye DVDs
5/28/2008 Stalled Series? There's Hope!
4/30/2008 Paramount Rejoins the Blu-ray Ranks Beginning May 20th
4/29/2008 Do You Digg It?
4/29/2008 'Greatest Franchise' Poll: The Final Round: Is YOUR Favorite TV Show Going to Win?
4/15/2008 A Bit of Polling Fun: Is M*A*S*H Better than Buffy? Does Star Trek Rule Over South Park?
4/02/2008 Fourth Annual DVD Critics Awards Announced
3/31/2008 Reminder: No Fools Here
3/28/2008 EMA: Hang out in Vegas this June
3/19/2008 Which Classic TV Writer is on Stu's Show Today at 7PM Eastern?
3/08/2008 Check Out the Package Art for Comedy Central's Home Grown DVD
2/26/2008 Jerry Beck talks Popeye, Woodpecker & Looney Tunes Tomorrow on Stu's Show!
2/25/2008 No More Sales as News
2/24/2008 Exclusive New Details About Contents of Comedy Central's Home Grown DVD
2/21/2008 Paramount Switches; All Major Studios Now Back Blu-ray
2/19/2008 Universal Switching From HD DVD to Blu-ray Disc *UPDATED*
2/19/2008 Official: Toshiba Discontinues HD DVD Format
2/19/2008 Comedy Central Preps DVD with Sketches from Chappelle's Show, Sarah Silverman, Drawn Together, Crank Yankers, Reno 911! & More
2/13/2008 7(!) New Amazon Promotions That Include TV-DVDs On Sale
2/11/2008 3 *HUGE* Fox/MGM TV-DVD Bundles At Amazon Now At Special Low Prices
2/09/2008 21 Historical Saturday Morning TV Shows Coming In Shout!'s Collection
2/01/2008 Sony's Pamphlet says 'Coming Soon' for New DVDs of Just Shoot Me, Bewitched & I Dream of Jeannie
1/27/2008 We Look Into Reports of Sony's Plans For HP's Manufacture-On-Demand Process
1/22/2008 New Amazon Sci-Fi Sale Includes Some TV-DVD Titles
1/15/2008 Twentieth Century Fox & Apple Introduce iTunes Digital Copy
1/14/2008 Amazon's 'Hi-Def as Low as $14.99' Sales Includes Lost, High School Musical 2, Serenity And More!
1/10/2008 Studios Distributing Through Warner Video Make Up Their High-Def Minds
1/10/2008 Amazon Has More Fun With Their New 'Go Blonde' TV-DVD Sale
1/04/2008 Warner Ditches HD DVD; Most Major Studios Now Exclusively Support Blu-ray
12/27/2007 Arts Alliance Signs Distro Deal With Sundance
12/26/2007 Amazon Kicks Off 5 New Post-Christmas Sales on TV-DVDs
12/25/2007 Amazon Celebrates Christmas Day With 2 New Promotions!
12/16/2007 Suggestion For Some Last-Minute Gift Ideas, Courtesy of the DVD Guy!
12/15/2007 2 More Amazon Sale Promotions With TV-DVD Titles
12/11/2007 Amazon Starts Up 2 More Sales Which Include TV-on-DVD Titles
12/04/2007 Count 'Em! Amazon's Got 6 Different Promotions With TV-DVDs!
11/27/2007 Blog Updates for Both Gord and Dave
11/22/2007 Amazon Starts 'Black Friday' Today: Online Sale Includes Many TV-DVDs
11/19/2007 Popular Universal TV-DVDs Featured in a New Amazon Sale
11/16/2007 DVD Guy: The TV-to-Theater Tie-in Game
11/14/2007 Amazon's Huge Sale on Warner Distributed Titles, Small Sale On Universal TV-DVDs
11/13/2007 New Amazon Sale Gets Recent Disney TV-DVD Sets for Just $27.99!
11/13/2007 Muppets, 'Get Smart' Reign at TV DVD Awards
11/07/2007 DVD Guy: HD VMD In-Depth: We Talked to NME's Execs
11/06/2007 Save Big Bucks With 2 New TV-DVD Sales At Amazon!
11/06/2007 Call-In Show to Interview Legendary Voice Actress & Animation Writer/Historian on Nov. 7th
11/02/2007 It's our birthday, and we're late to the party
11/01/2007 DVD Guy: Does 'Complete' Have To Include THAT?: Do YOU Want TV-DVDs To Include 'Banned' Material?
10/25/2007 DVD Guy: 'Today's Stars...Yesterday! Have You Spotted Any?'
10/24/2007 Extra Savings On 5 Big Sets: It's Our Complete Series Promotion!
10/22/2007 Don't forget to vote!
10/16/2007 DVD Guy: Crowded Shelves for Premium Packaging this Fall
10/16/2007 Exclusive - The Spoooooooky Sale
10/16/2007 Amazon Sale: 'Save up to 50% on TV Multiseason Gift Sets'
10/16/2007 Doctor Who, Planet Earth, Fawlty Towers, MI-5...Amazon Invites You To 'The Definitive BBC DVD Sale'!
10/15/2007 2007 TV-DVD Awards Nominations Announced - Voting Open
10/12/2007 Irwin Allen Fans, Has Amazon Got a Deal For You: Lost In Space, Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants, Voyage !
10/10/2007 DVD Guy: 3rd Hi-Def Format Joins Format War, Starts Selling in the U.S.
10/09/2007 Commentary Track: Do you care about the HD formats?
10/09/2007 Amazon's Fox/MGM Sci-Fi October Sale
10/07/2007 More Legal Mumbo-Jumbo: DVD Guy Blogs About Hold-Ups for Batman, Judging Amy and Others
10/04/2007 The Changing of the Blog
10/03/2007 Big 'TV Animation Giftset' at Amazon with Primetime Fox: Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad & King of the Hill
10/02/2007 Amazon's Halloween Sale Includes Some Spooky TV-DVDs
9/30/2007 HUGE 'TV Sci-Fi Bundle' at Amazon: Buffy, Angel, The X-Files, Stargate, Roswell, Firefly, Dark Angel, The Pretender...All Complete!
9/30/2007 Timeless Media Group Releases 7 'Forgotten' Classics (Mickey Rooney Show, Checkmate, etc.)
9/25/2007 Amazon Canada Has Family Guy, Emmy Sales. And Amazon USA's TV-DVD Sales Continue!
9/16/2007 Amazon's Big DVD Sale Can Save You Over 60% Off Included TV-DVDs
9/12/2007 We've Changed Our Links!
9/08/2007 Slip-up reveals Warner HD titles in the works
9/07/2007 Attention Studios: 2007 TV-DVD Awards
9/06/2007 New Blog Entry: What's This About ANOTHER Hi-Def Disc Format?
9/05/2007 HUGE 'TV Month' Sale with Savings as High as 63% Spotted!
8/30/2007 TVShowsOnDVD...On TV! Dave to be Interviewed on Daily Cafe Today
8/30/2007 Amazon's Emmy-Themed TV-on-DVD Sale Will Blow You Away!
8/30/2007 NBC Fall Shows Get Blockbuster Sneak Preview DVD: Chuck, Life, Journeyman & Bionic Woman
8/28/2007 Dane Cook: The Lost Pilots Trailer
8/28/2007 Last chance to Save!
8/24/2007 Blog Entry Update: 'Why I Quit'
8/20/2007 Press Release: Paramount Ditches Blu-ray, Becomes 2nd Major To Exclusively Support HD DVD
8/15/2007 New Server!
8/09/2007 Commentary Track: Something every TV-watcher needs...
8/03/2007 Save up to 60% off Fox TV-DVD sets at Amazon
8/01/2007 Gilmore Mars? Small-Natural? Babylon Nikita? Warner Season 1 Starter Packs!
7/15/2007 Join The Wicked Witch of the West, 'Uncle Arthur', WitchiePoo & KISS in The Paul Lynde Halloween Special *UPDATED: Extras*
7/04/2007 TSoD blog: Save Your Pennies...You'll Need 'Em This September!
6/29/2007 Commentary Track: Buying sets of shows unseen?
6/25/2007 Dane Cook: The Lost Pilots Delayed A Week
6/20/2007 Tie! M*A*S*H & Get Smart Take DVD Critics Award TV-DVD Honors
6/18/2007 Blockbuster Press Release: Rent-tailer To Roll Blu-ray (not HD DVD) Out To All Stores
6/14/2007 Cover Art for Dane Cook: The Lost Pilots DVD
6/03/2007 Huge Sale at!
6/02/2007 Dane Cook: The Lost Pilots Teams Comedian With Justine Bateman, Liz Vassey
5/08/2007 Info From The Warner Brothers TV-DVD Chat at the Home Theater Forum
5/05/2007 Commentary Track: That is NOT a bonus feature!
5/02/2007 Commentary Track: Pick of the Week - May 8, 2007
4/26/2007 Commentary Track: Pick of the Week - May 1, 2007
4/22/2007 A Look At Image Entertainment's TV-DVD Schedule For May-Sept. 2007
4/20/2007 Commentary Track: Thoughts on Theme Song replacements
4/18/2007 Commentary Track: Pick of the Week - April 24, 2007
4/16/2007 Ryko picks up Rhino distribution
4/15/2007 Commentary Track: Pick of the Week - April 17, 2007
4/08/2007 BCI Eclipse launches new label
4/04/2007 Major Update to 'Show Info' Pages!
4/04/2007 Commentary Track: Pick of the Week - April 10, 2007
3/31/2007 No April Fools Day here!
3/28/2007 Commentary Track: Pick of the Week - April 3, 2007
3/27/2007 My Blog is up!
3/24/2007 Help me pick a name for my Blog
3/14/2007 Digital Bits Website Names Best of '06, including TV-DVDs
3/12/2007 Three Four Big Amazon Sales
3/10/2007 Want to be America's Next Producer? (Non-DVD news)
2/26/2007 Blockbuster Total Access Review
2/15/2007 An Important Note From Gord - Please read
2/12/2007 Get Your 'Mojo' On DVD!
2/06/2007 Paul Browstein to appear on Shokus Internet Radio tomorrow!
1/29/2007 Fox/MGM titles on sale at Amazon
1/16/2007 Fremantle & BCI form Strategic Partnership
1/06/2007 New Sony Poll
1/06/2007 Even more sales on DVDs!
1/05/2007 Great Sales on TV-DVD sets
12/23/2006 Need Help With A Last-Minute Gift? Here Are A Few Suggestions!
12/12/2006 Updated list of Christmas Episodes
12/09/2006 Save up to 70% on TV titles!
12/07/2006 Canadians are saving big bucks!
12/05/2006 50 Essential TV-DVD Sets from the Star Tribune
11/30/2006 Delirious Cover Art For Eddie Murphy's Classic Comedy Concert!
11/27/2006 Are We Finally Going To Get Delirious On DVD? Eddie Murphy Comedy Concert Listed On Amazon!
11/18/2006 HBO Sets Discounted at Amazon
11/13/2006 Happy Holidays - Cheap DVD sets!
11/09/2006 Fox to distribute certain DiC titles
11/01/2006 It's our Birthday, and we're a hand-ful
10/26/2006 Genius Products licenses Discovery Kids titles
10/16/2006 Best Buy to carry exclusive Sony 'TV Starter Sets'
10/12/2006 1097 days and counting...
10/11/2006 I've been slacking...
10/08/2006 A Guide to Saving Money for Canadians
10/04/2006 TV-DVD Award Winners
9/19/2006 Don't Forget to Vote!
9/07/2006 Vote for the 2006 TV-DVD Awards!
8/29/2006 I've been PodCasted!
8/21/2006 Lionsgate and Paramount divide Republic Library
8/14/2006 Home Media Retailing's Fourth Annual TV DVD Conference Gets New Name, Focus
7/23/2006 BCI's Schedule Of Planned Timeframes For Filmation, Hearst & Marvel/Disney Releases
7/19/2006 BCI Announces Filmation Slate For The Rest of 2006 And Into 2007!
7/19/2006 Word From Comic-Con: Shout! To Have Seth Green, Brendon Small, and Maybe 'Elvira'!
7/11/2006 ESPN Stiffarms Buena Vista, Hands Off To Geniuses For TV-DVD Distribution
7/10/2006 Reporting from VSDA
6/21/2006 BCI Folds He-Man, She-Ra, Prince Valiant and Flash Gordon Into 'Ink & Paint' Brand
6/18/2006 8 New TV-On-PSP's (Family Guy, Doctor Who, The Office & Little Britain) Despite UMD Losing Support At Studios & Stores
6/07/2006 Home Theater Forum Warner Bros Chat Transcript - Part 1
6/07/2006 Home Theater Forum Warner Bros Chat Transcript - Part 2
6/05/2006 Online Chat with Warner Bros scheduled for tomorrow!
6/02/2006 Free DVD with TVGuide includes previews of new shows
5/13/2006 Quarter of a Million
4/19/2006 Great deals on
3/31/2006 Fool-Free Zone
3/27/2006 Warner Delays Sybil A Couple Of Months
3/10/2006 Year of Superman: Heroic DVDs All Year Long!
3/08/2006 DVDX awards honors 2 TV titles
3/07/2006 Paramount Hints At MAJOR Upcoming TV-DVDs?...
3/06/2006 MT&R Launches new DVD series
3/04/2006 HBO's Shows That Are Coming To DVD In 2006
2/02/2006 Bigger Picture of Sybil - 30th Ann. SE Package, plus Specs & New Extras!
2/01/2006 Sally Field's Emmy-Winning Performance As Sybil Comes To DVD At Last!
1/28/2006 Lawyers, Teachers and Cops - Fox looks at David E. Kelley shows for DVD release
1/16/2006 Now on the Air! Listen to Lost Executive Producer Carlton Cuse and The Soup Nazi from Seinfeld as they join Gord Lacey on The TV Time Machine to help present the 2005 TV Show DVD Awards
1/12/2006 Lost Executive Producer Carlton Cuse Joins Gord Lacey on The TV Time Machine 2005 TV Show DVD Awards Netcast
1/11/2006 When is....?
1/05/2006 HBO Announces HD-DVD's For The Sopranos and other series at Vegas show
1/04/2006 And the first TV Show on Blu-ray is...
1/03/2006 Gord Lacey Climbs Aboard The TV Time Machine to Help Present the 2005 TV Show DVD Awards
1/03/2006 TV Shows On HD-DVD!! Band Of Brothers and maybe Friends
1/01/2006 TVShowsOnDVD's Big Look At 2006! Even MORE Massive Amounts of TV-DVDs Planned For This Year!
12/25/2005 We Recap Our 2005 Predictions: How Did We Do? Where Are The Missing Shows?
12/23/2005 Two Christmas lists you have to see
12/22/2005 Join us for the holidays
12/19/2005 Our RSS News Feed Is Back
12/17/2005 Come blog with us
12/06/2005 Spend Christmas with your TV
11/26/2005 TVShowsOnPSP Update with New Art, a New Date, and a Correction
11/20/2005 For UMD Fans Only: TV Shows On PSP
11/14/2005 The Fantasy Island Fantasy League
11/07/2005 And the Winners Are...
11/01/2005 and TV Guide Team Up!
11/01/2005 Birthday Present News
11/01/2005 November 1, 2001 - November 1, 2005: We're 4!
10/26/2005 Introducing Barb Chabai
10/23/2005 Amazon messes up - causes confusion
10/21/2005 Problems with DVD-18s (double-sided discs)? We want to hear about them!
10/18/2005 Warner TV Sampler Disc Free with Purchase at Circuit City, Best Buy
10/16/2005 Amazon sale still on - some title changes
10/15/2005 Video Business Story: Where Are More TV-DVDs for Twin Peaks, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, Malcom In The Middle?
10/13/2005 Don't forget to vote
10/12/2005 Did you know...
10/11/2005 Amazon Warner Sale (it's back on)
10/08/2005 Special Report: 2 Scene-It! Packs Lead a Mob of New TV-DVD Games; New Game Shows, Too: Name That Tune & Price Is Right!
10/05/2005 Important Notice: Site is back
10/04/2005 Uncle Miltie! Burns & Allen! Lucy! Hope! Skelton! Gleason! Enjoy PBS's Pioneers of Primetime on DVD!
10/03/2005 Vote for the TV-DVD Awards!
10/02/2005 Warner Season Sets under $20 at Target and Walmart
10/01/2005 Image's Early 2006 Slate Has 6 TV-DVDs, Including BBC, Fritz Freleng, More Combat! and the Final Afire
9/29/2005 So long RSS
9/25/2005 If you think TVShowsOnDVD is e-mailing you a virus, think again
9/18/2005 HTTP on TSoD with your PSP!
9/12/2005 Setting the Record Straight: My Letter to VB on Why Consumers May Not Want Blu-ray or HD-DVD
9/04/2005 News about...our news!
8/24/2005 Editorial: We're tired of sloppy releases
8/22/2005 SONY PSP NEWS: Sony Finds Their First Multi-UMD Items in Sanford & Son and Good Times
8/12/2005 New Amazon feature added to site
8/10/2005 Box Set future for Batman Beyond and Justice League? Maybe!
8/06/2005 Here's a nifty item for TV show lovers!!
8/03/2005 Huge Fox Update - Lots of new shows!
8/01/2005 Trade Mag Reports On Lions Gate TV-DVDs
7/28/2005 VSDA TV-DVD Award Winners
7/08/2005 Additions to Alterations List suspended
7/07/2005 Another Sony TV-DVD Poll!
6/28/2005 Shout! Factory and DiC announce partnership
6/27/2005 TV-DVD Piracy
6/19/2005 Bugaloos! Sigmund! Far Out Space Nuts! Lost Saucer! New Krofft Release Combines Pilots from 7 Classic Shows!
6/17/2005 Warner Announces More 'Television Favorites' - 5 Classic Shows!
6/06/2005 Not sure what to buy on June 7th? We can help
5/26/2005 Interesting article about pricing
5/25/2005 Editorial: Rebate Programs
5/21/2005 NBC Mystery Movie Promotion For Columbo, McCloud, McMillan & Wife
5/19/2005 Big Amazon Sale - 90+ titles
5/07/2005 Long-Awaited Alterations List Makes Debut
5/05/2005 Paramount Promos TV-DVDs with Mail-In Rebates in US & Canada
5/04/2005 BBC Honors Funniest Britcom Blokes & Ladies on DVD
5/03/2005 What's up with Sunbow properties like Transformers, G.I. Joe and Jem?
5/01/2005 TVShowsOnDVD
3/29/2005 Warner Chats with HTF: We've got the TV-on-DVD rundown from it!
3/12/2005 TV-Shows-on-Mini-DVD Update! April's wave of titles, plus Samsung's DVD Jr.!
3/05/2005 DVD Stats Changed!
3/02/2005 Exclusive A&E Offer - 20% off anything
3/01/2005 Much of Anchor Bay's TV-DVD Schedule for 2005 Revealed: 3rd Rock! Profit! Game Over! Plus more Crime Story, 21 Jump St, GA Hero, Hunter, Silk...& Three's Company Season 5!!
2/05/2005 Radio Show on DVD: Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion Jumps to TV...sort of
2/02/2005 Gord on Daily Dementia!
1/31/2005 Fox Announces 'Starter Set' for Popular Shows: 24, Buffy, Pretender, & Mary Tyler Moore Show
1/26/2005 List of Warner Bonus Episodes
1/23/2005 "Pick of the Week" explained
1/10/2005 Mini-DVD explodes: 3 more players, several more studios, and new TV titles including The O.C.!
1/09/2005 List of series participating in Warner TV's 50th Anniversary promo
1/01/2005 We take a look ahead to the massive amount of TV-DVDs planned for release in 2005
12/30/2004 Another Huge Sale!
12/18/2004 Changes in the New Year
12/12/2004 Great Music- and Comedy-themed DVDs from Classic Talk & Variety Shows, & Specials, hit DVD in '05
12/03/2004 HBO/Warner Sale - 50% off!
11/26/2004 Warner & CyberHome Team for Mini-DVD Player Launch: TV-on-Mini-DVD a Big Part of the Plan!
11/21/2004 Lack of Platinum Disc Corp coverage explained
11/15/2004 Columbia/TriStar Changes Name to Reflect Parent Sony
11/12/2004 Warner set to celebrate 2005
11/01/2004 Happy Birthday to us!
10/19/2004 Winners Announced for 1st Annual TV-DVD Awards
10/14/2004 Paramount's ambitious 2005 plans: MacGyver! Brady Bunch! CSI: NY! Enterprise through current season! More Andy Griffith! More, More, More!
10/13/2004 A few WB delays for Canadians
10/12/2004 Want some cheap DVD sets?
9/29/2004 Editorial: what's with all the delays?
9/24/2004 Pick a Winner - TV-DVD Awards!
9/24/2004 TV Guide-brand DVDs now hitting stores: cover art & press release
9/19/2004 Entertainment Studios makes TV-DVD push, starting with CEO Byron Allen
9/01/2004 TV-on-DVD Edition of 'Scene It?' DVD Board Game Coming! *UPDATED*
8/31/2004 Links to Websites Removed
8/28/2004 Search the Site
8/23/2004 Best Buy gives away free Preview DVD for NBC Fall Lineup *UPDATE: mine was 'free' *
8/22/2004 RSS Feed Back
8/16/2004 Second Annual TV-DVD Conference Information
8/15/2004 'MORE-MASSIVE-THAN-LAST TIME' [adult swim] Update!
7/28/2004 David Gerrold Interview Continues
7/17/2004 Fox Exec Updates Us On Chat News
7/15/2004 Speaking of IMDB Polls...
7/15/2004 Today's IMDB Daily Poll: 'abandoned TV-DVD series'
7/14/2004 VSDA Awards Named
7/14/2004 ABC Asks About Soapy DVDs In New Poll
7/12/2004 Columbia TriStar To Distribute Discovery Titles
7/11/2004 A&E Aquires Thames Library For Distribution
7/10/2004 Wow! - A Ton of New Universal Titles Announced!
7/08/2004 Top TV Sellers
6/25/2004 MASSIVE Rhino Update! Transformers, Beast Wars, G.I. Joe, Jem, possibility of Visionaries, and lots more!
6/10/2004 Cannell/Anchor Bay Press Release *UPDATE* - Dates for Silk, Jump
6/06/2004 Site problem - Data lost
6/02/2004 New Details About The Latest DVDs-In-Cereal-Boxes Promo
5/26/2004 New DVDs-With-Breakfast Promo teams DiC and General Mills
5/20/2004 Site was down
5/19/2004 X-Files Contest winner
5/18/2004 Kids in the Hall contest winners
5/15/2004 Welcome to the new server!
5/13/2004 NBC-Universal merger complete!
5/03/2004 New Contest - The X-Files Seasons 1-9
5/02/2004 New Contest - Kids in the Hall Season 1
4/30/2004 3 TV-DVDs win Parents' Choice Awards
4/18/2004 Recent Contest Winners
4/17/2004 News for The Simpsons, Garfield & Friends, Batman: TAS, SuperFriends, Birds Of Prey...and BUFFY!?
3/31/2004 & April Fool's day
3/31/2004 Columbia's TV-on-DVD Poll is Back!
3/27/2004 News for Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, Justice League, Static Shock, X-Men: Evolution
3/26/2004 Little-seen Black Bart pilot added as a Blazing Saddles extra
3/25/2004 New Contest: Penn & Teller Bullshit
3/25/2004 Brilliant move by Warner Bros!
3/19/2004 The Day After Explodes Onto DVD - Details & Cover Art
3/18/2004 New contest
3/14/2004 Contest winners announced!
3/13/2004 Big Paramount News Day, eh? But there's MORE!
3/09/2004 Last Chance - Contest closes tonight
3/09/2004 Full TV-DVD Wrap-Up of Warner Chat
3/08/2004 Live Warner Chat Tonight
3/04/2004 Problems sending mail to Yahoo
2/27/2004 Nice TV-on-DVD article looking at music
2/26/2004 The Day After
2/23/2004 New contest!
2/22/2004 Gilligan's Island contest winners
2/17/2004 Classic TV from Warner and MGM
2/16/2004 Linking of images part 2
2/11/2004 Want ALL the news emailed to you?
2/09/2004 A *LOT* Of News This Past Weekend!
2/08/2004 Interesting TV-DVD article: 'Seeing may not be believing'
2/01/2004 Massive DiC Update!
1/30/2004 Home Theater Forum creates new area
1/28/2004 TV Guide-Brand DVDs Are On The Way
1/27/2004 New Contest!
1/15/2004 PBS Ankles Warner, Signs w/Paramount
1/14/2004 Complete TV-DVD Roundup of HTF Online Chat with Fox's Peter Staddon
1/11/2004 Contest!
1/09/2004 Sony, General Mills serve TV-on-DVD for Breakfast: King Of Queens, Barney Miller, Mad About You, & Donna Reed
1/04/2004 Family Business contest winner
12/31/2003 Reminder
12/27/2003 RSS Feed Active
12/22/2003 Contest!
12/10/2003 New Article: 'DVD Sales Sparks Series Returns'
12/02/2003 Non-DVD News...sorta
11/26/2003 60,000 Users
11/16/2003 Site Preferences
11/05/2003 Video Business article: 'TV season sets present a rental riddle'
11/01/2003 Happy Anniversary to us!!
10/31/2003 VSM Article: 'Boxed Sets Gaining Ground on Single Discs'
10/30/2003 Expected Downtime
10/26/2003 New Roundup of DiC Cartoons
10/23/2003 VSM's TV DVD Conference Wrap-up
10/21/2003 Gord Lacey In The News!
10/20/2003 Bye bye everyone...
10/17/2003 Warner discusses future TV-on-DVD releases
10/12/2003 RSS feed anyone?
10/06/2003 Video Store Magazine reports on status of Fox TV-DVD poll
10/06/2003 ADV Lowers Prices on Sci-Fi DVDs
9/20/2003 Stealing bandwidth
9/19/2003 Important information
9/12/2003 CBS to Push Upcoming Season w/Free DVD Preview
9/08/2003 Now FOX wants your vote!
9/05/2003 Rhino wants your vote for classic cartoons!
9/05/2003 More about the TV on DVD Conference
9/05/2003 The BIG News!
9/03/2003 Site Slowdown
8/29/2003 TV on DVD conference
8/27/2003 BBC America releases for Winter 2003-2004
8/23/2003 Big Announcement - What it's not
8/19/2003 Big news coming soon...
8/19/2003 Back on the air
8/14/2003 Fox TV-DVD site firms dates for Buffy S5, Firefly, etc.
8/09/2003 Stephen J. Cannell's DVD Plans
7/27/2003 Heading to VSDA
7/25/2003 The future of Anime on the site
7/25/2003 Will future TV-on-DVD releases be packed in this?
7/20/2003 Should we continue to list Anime titles?
7/20/2003 Safari Browser Issues
7/16/2003 USA Today article with tons of new info!
7/14/2003 New Fox TV Dates
5/28/2003 Mini-vacation
4/22/2003 Viacom buys Comedy Central
3/31/2003 New Fox titles...unconfirmed dates
3/30/2003 New Section: Articles
3/26/2003 Newsletter?
3/08/2003 IMPORTANT: Registration/Account Changes
3/08/2003 Video Business Article: TV on DVD
2/22/2003 Our host rocks!!
2/22/2003 The Greatest 70's Cop Shows - More News
2/16/2003 Show Request back!
2/11/2003 Yet another poll...
2/10/2003 The Greatest 70's Cop Shows
2/09/2003 New Poll!
2/05/2003 Columbia TriStar wants your vote!
2/03/2003 I wrecked the site!
1/24/2003 coming back!
1/21/2003 gone
1/19/2003 Top Picks - 2002
1/16/2003 Coming Soon: Our top picks of 2002
1/07/2003 Columbia News - MWC, Dawson & More!
1/05/2003 Great set: The Shield Season One
12/26/2002 Improved search!
12/09/2002 20,000 Users!
11/01/2002 Happy birthday to us!!
10/20/2002 Video Store Magazine - TV on DVD article
10/08/2002 DVD Discoveries!
8/22/2002 Universal's TV Offerings!
7/19/2002 Columbia TriStar to package TV DVDs with Cereal
7/16/2002 Off to VSDA
7/15/2002 Captain Scarlet Contest!
6/25/2002 Captain Scarlet Contest
6/01/2002 No more User Reviews
5/20/2002 How many people voted for...
5/04/2002 Search by decade
5/01/2002 Site History updated
5/01/2002 Happy Birthday to us!
4/23/2002 inks business partnership
3/30/2002 Peter Gunn Contest Winners
3/26/2002 Contest - Final Day!!
3/17/2002 New Reviewer - David Lambert
3/12/2002 Peter Gunn Contest!
3/02/2002 Changes made to "DVD Releases" Page
2/26/2002 Site featured in article
1/27/2002 1000 DVDs!!!
1/20/2002 Fixed some stuff...
1/17/2002 Look out Family Guy, here comes Roswell
1/14/2002 Another article about TV on DVD
1/10/2002 Problems for users with addresses
1/05/2002 800 DVDs!
12/25/2001 Happy Holidays!
12/20/2001 Petition for lower Columbia House Prices
12/06/2001 Very Important!!
12/01/2001 One month old!
11/25/2001 The polls are open!
11/22/2001 Happy Thanksgiving
11/15/2001 The numbers dropped?!?
11/12/2001 More stats for you to enjoy
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11/01/2001 It's launch day!
10/21/2001 600 Releases
10/15/2001 450 down, 600 to go
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