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We'll Meet Again
Official PBS Press Release for the DVD Release Starring Ann Curry
RLJ/Acorn Distribute the Box Cover Art for 'Series 3' on DVD
Dear Murderer
'Series 1' DVDs from RLJ/Acorn this May
We've Now Got the Official Press Brief from Fox for 'The Complete Season 8: Dreamland'
Americans, The
Fox's Formal Press Brief is Declassified for 'The Complete 5th Season'
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News Title
7/22/2017 Three Years Later - Season 18 is Coming!
7/29/2015 Are the sales really that bad? No, they aren’t
10/07/2014 Fox's Official Press Brief, Package Art for 'The Complete 17th Season'
10/06/2014 Exec Producer Confirms Date, Cover Character for 'The Complete 17th Season'
10/03/2014 '17th Season': Could That be a Date? And a Cover Character for the 'Molded Head'?
9/24/2014 Amazon Canada is Taking Pre-Orders for 'The Complete 17th Season'
9/11/2013 High-Res 3D Packaging for DVD, Blu-ray 'Complete 16th Season'
9/06/2013 Breaking News! '16th Season' Date, Cost, Art and Extras
9/20/2012 'The Complete 15th Season': U.S.A. Pricing, Finalized Box Art for Blu-ray, DVD, 'Otto Head' DVD Box
9/12/2012 'The Complete 15th Season': Date, Specs, Extras, Blu-ray Box ('Otto'), and More!
6/20/2012 Possible Release Date Found for 'The Complete 15th Season' DVDs, Blu-rays
10/28/2011 Fox Home Entertainment's Press Release for 'The Complete 14th Season' on DVD and Blu
9/28/2011 Finalized Box Art, Details and Extras for 'The Complete 14th Season' DVDs, Blu-rays
7/12/2011 Release Date Found for 'The Complete 14th Season' DVDs, Blu-rays
6/01/2011 OFFICIAL Pre-Announce Box Art for Season 14, DVD and Blu, Standard and Limited
3/31/2011 Tweets Reveal 'Complete 14th Season' Timeframe, 'Weird Al' Commentary
7/06/2010 Season 13 Press Release & Early Release News
5/26/2010 Is Ralphie a Head Case? Yep! Limited Edition Package Revealed for The 13th Season DVDs
5/05/2010 Ralph Says, 'I'm Lucky!': Fox Announces The 13th Season for DVD and Blu-ray
12/03/2009 Fox's Official Press Release for The Complete 20th Season on DVD and Blu-ray
10/28/2009 Official Announcement with Details for The Complete 20th Season on DVD and Blu-ray
10/09/2009 Blu-ray Disc and DVD Package Art for The Complete 20th Season
10/05/2009 Amazon Adds Advance Order Links, on Blu-ray and DVD, for the Most Recent (20th) Season
8/17/2009 Some Preview Clips for Tomorrow's DVD Release of The Complete 12th Season
6/29/2009 Official Studio Press Release for The Complete 12th Season DVDs
5/20/2009 Season 12 Street Date, Detailed Contents & 'Comic Book Guy Head' Box
4/14/2009 The 12th Season: Limited Ed. Comic Book Guy Head Set Also Up for Pre-Order
4/13/2009 Comic Book Guy to the Rescue? Amazon Pre-Order Listing for The Complete 12th Season on DVD
10/21/2008 Editorial: Season 11: Worst...Packaging...EVER!
10/04/2008 Get a Look at the Regular 'Non-Head' Packaging for Tuesday's 11th Season!
9/01/2008 Press Release Posted for The Complete 11th Season
7/23/2008 Disc-by-Disc Contents of Episodes and Detailed Extras the 11th Season DVDs
7/23/2008 11th Season Limited Edition Package Art Revealed for North America
7/16/2008 Release Date Finally Revealed for the Long-Awaited 11th Season DVDs!
4/15/2008 Rumored Release Month for The Simpsons - Season 11 DVD Set!
8/27/2007 Briefly Turning to the Box Office: Simpsons: The Movie DVD Date, Extras
8/07/2007 Save on The Simpsons at Amazon
7/23/2007 Season 10 Press Release
5/25/2007 Bart's At The Wheel of the 10th Season 'Headless' (Standard) Box Art
5/24/2007 Large 'Bart Art' Found For 10th Season Set!
5/07/2007 Season 10 Date, Specs and Extras!
10/17/2006 A look at Lisa's head - Season 9 Artwork
10/16/2006 Regular Season 9 Artwork
10/11/2006 Season 9 - List of Extras include Sneak Peak at the Movie!
9/28/2006 Early News on Season 9
5/17/2006 Regular Packaging for Season 8
5/11/2006 Looking for this? Season 8 Date, Specs, Extras and Box Art
11/09/2005 Season 7 Art - Head & Box
11/03/2005 Kiss And Tell with The Simpsons!!
10/12/2005 Packaging and tons of info on Extras
10/03/2005 Season 7 Date and Extras!
9/30/2005 Alternate Box for 6th Season Is Mailed Out; We've Got Pictures!
9/28/2005 Hey, We've Already Posted This News!
8/16/2005 D'oh! 800 # works jjust fine after all! Updated info on S6 'old-style box'
8/12/2005 Don't like the new Homer-shaped case? Fox will take care of you! Er, if they get the phone # right... (D'oh!)
8/05/2005 Head Cases for The Simpsons! Aussie Site Shows Boxes For S6-S10!
8/04/2005 Inside Homer's Head - Package Shots
8/03/2005 Simpsons Season 7 in Dec
7/13/2005 Details on Season 6
6/20/2005 HOMER HAS YOUR DVDs!!
5/11/2005 Season 6 - Early Details
3/15/2005 Bart Wars Box Art Revealed!
2/03/2005 In time for Episode III: Bart Wars
1/29/2005 News Item Incorrect
10/22/2004 Season 5 Press Release w/DVD-by-DVD breakdown
10/08/2004 Cover Art For 5th Season!!
10/05/2004 Aye Carumba! 5th Season In Time For Christmas!
9/17/2004 Cover art for Christmas 2
8/01/2004 New Holiday DVD for The Simpsons
7/14/2004 Wild Cover Art Change!
6/23/2004 They've Gone Wild on DVD! Date, Specs, Episodes
6/19/2004 Cover Art for next Simpsons DVD Release
3/24/2004 Cover Art for Season 4
3/11/2004 'Don't have a cow man' - Season 4 press release!
2/16/2004 A Little Something About Extras for the 4th Season
7/16/2003 Cover art and title change for The Christmas Special
7/09/2003 Christmas Special
6/04/2003 Treehouse of Horror DVD
5/27/2003 Season 3 - Amazon is WRONG
4/15/2003 New date for Simpsons S3
4/11/2003 Season 3 Box
3/13/2003 Season 3 in July?
7/17/2001 Season One Artwork

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