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Loud House, The
Artwork Arrives at Amazon for 'Season 1, Volume 2: It Gets Louder'
Dark Matter
Blu-rays and DVDs Announced for 'Season 3': Date, Packaging, Cost
Coroner, The
'Season 2' Package Art, and a Way to Get the DVDs Earlier!
Doctor Who
Early Package Art Arrives, Along With a Slight Date Change, for Blu-ray of 'Tom Baker: Season 1'
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Retailer Rumors Say to Expect a Re-Release of 'The Complete Classic Series Collection'
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Lou Grant
The Complete 5th and Final Season

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News for MacGyver

Date Posted
News Title
1/13/2015 Paramount to Re-Release 'The Complete Collection' on DVD ***UPDATED: NICE PRICING!!***
3/22/2010 Separate DVD Release of 'The TV Movies' Pushed Back a Week
3/08/2010 CBS/Paramount Announces a Separate DVD Release of 'The TV Movies' ***UPDATE: PACKAGE ART!***
6/28/2007 New Look at Longer Packaging for The Complete Series
6/26/2007 Complete series set back on the schedule
3/22/2007 ...and the box is gone, again
3/09/2007 Box set returns to schedule?
2/28/2007 Box set vanishes from schedule
2/20/2007 Studio Confirms Complete Series Release Date, Provides Box Art
2/11/2007 Retailers tell us MacGyver complete series is in the works
7/06/2006 MacGyver's Final 14 Comes To DVD (Not The Follow-Up Telefilms, Though)
5/30/2006 Final Season coming in...
2/07/2006 Season 6 coming in June
12/25/2005 New Hi-Res Box Art For 5th Season Shows A Tagline Wording Change
11/08/2005 5th Season Set on Tap for March: Date and Cover Art! (Updated)
8/31/2005 Wow! Quick Releases Continue w/4th Season In December! Date, Box & More
6/02/2005 3rd Season's Sept. Street Date & Box Art
3/23/2005 Official Paramount Announcement Includes Final Cover Art (in 3-D!)
3/15/2005 Cover for MacGyver - The Complete 2nd Season
3/05/2005 'Mac' is Back! The Complete 2nd Season in June!
11/16/2004 I Made This BOX ART From a Paperclip, Some Gum, and a Grocery Bag!
11/06/2004 Announced: The Complete 1st Season!!!
8/27/2002 Possible MacGyver release...?

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