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'The Complete Collection' of the Remastered Re-Releases
Black Sails
Official Lionsgate/Starz Press Release for 'The Complete 4th Season'
No 'Season 4' Info Yet, but a Date and Price for 'The Complete Series'
Prime Suspect: Tennison (AKA Prime Suspect 1973)
The Single-Season Prequel to Helen Mirren's Program, for DVD & Blu-ray!
Modern Family
Revised DVD Front Box Art for 'The Complete 8th Season'
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News for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

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News Title
12/12/2014 'Adventures in Eternia': 10 Classic Stories on DVD
11/14/2012 Scoop: Bonus CD's Liner Notes in the '30th Anniversary' Set
10/04/2012 SCOOP: The Street Date is Now Finalized for the '30th Anniversary Commemorative Collection'
9/28/2012 Answers for '30th Anniversary' DVD Questions ('Why Only 20?' 'Where's She-Ra?' etc.)
9/19/2012 1983, 1990 and 2002 Shows Together for ' 30th Anniversary' DVDs
6/04/2012 Fan Contribution Contest Announced for Upcoming '30th Anniversary' Set
5/15/2012 The 20 Best Episodes of the Original Show, at a Low Price!
7/13/2011 Press Release and Art for Comic Con-Exclusive Season 2 Limited Edition
7/04/2011 Comic-Con Exclusive Season 2 Set
6/30/2011 'The Complete 2nd Season' (80s) DVD Date, Cost, Cover Art
6/13/2011 '30th Anniversary Edition' Complete Series Planned
1/03/2011 Mill Creek Release Date for 8-DVD 'Complete 1st Season'; More!
12/16/2010 Revised Box Cover for Mill Creek's 'Complete 1st Season'
12/10/2010 EXCLUSIVE: Mill Creek Returns He-Man, Bravestarr to DVD!
8/05/2010 Box Art, Extras for CM's He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Re-Release
7/13/2006 Official Press Release (With Extras!) & Hi-Res Cover Art For He-Man - Season 2, Volume 2
7/12/2006 Is This The End For He-Man? Date & Cost Of Season 2, Volume 2 Set! ***UPDATED: DATE CORRECTION!***
6/21/2006 Release Timeframe Revealed For Season 2, Volume 2 DVDs!
3/28/2006 Official Press Release for the 1st Half of the 2nd Season on DVD!
2/18/2006 LET THE POWER RETURN! Season 2, Vol. 1 Date, Extras & Box Art!
12/03/2005 'Orko Approved' Package for Season 1, Volume 1 Now Filtering Out To Retailers
11/01/2005 BCI Sends You a Valentine's Day Gift With More He-Man DVDs; We've Got All the Extras & Evil Box Art, Too!
10/20/2005 Problems with your new set? BCI will fix you right up!
9/15/2005 He-Man / She-Ra Christmas Special Announcement: Details, Extras, Artwork!
7/31/2005 'Diamond Ray' Credits Error To Be Corrected in S1; Sales of 'Best Of' Going Nicely!
7/19/2005 Now we have a MUCH nicer shot of the first season set box!
7/14/2005 Straight From Comic Con: Season 1, Volume 1 Box Art!
7/12/2005 Revealed: Details on Interviews for He-Man DVDs, including Season Sets
7/08/2005 Extensive Info About BCI's Plans for Future Masters of the Universe DVDs! Plus Comic-Con plans and R.I.P. for a He-Man/She-Ra Producer
6/14/2005 He-Man Comes To PSP Wtih 2 UMD Releases!
5/15/2005 ToyFare Magazine Has He-Man Writeup
4/20/2005 Price of 7/12 Release Is Revealed As Best 10 Episode Collector's Edition Goes Up For Pre-Order!
4/12/2005 First DVD Release Announced! Episode List, Extras, BOX ART, Press Release, Screen Shots, + Plans For 2nd Release!
4/03/2005 Andy Mangels talks He-Man extras
3/10/2005 BCI and are giving you the power...
3/07/2005 By The Power of Grayskull! We have the POWER! (and a press release!)
1/17/2005 I HAVE THE POWER! New info about today's He-Man deal
3/30/2004 Variety reports that a British business 'Has The Power' (and the entire Filmation library); can DVDs be far behind?

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