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Blu-ray Re-Release with 'The Complete Series: The Flashback Edition'
For the First Time Ever, DVDs for 'The Complete Series'!
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
DVDs for 'The Complete Series' Available For the First Time!
HBO's 'Complete 1st Season' is Announced for DVD and Blu-ray Disc
Vampire Diaries, The
Blu-rays, DVDs Planned for 'The Complete 8th and Final Season'
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The Complete 12th and Final Season

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News for Gilmore Girls

Date Posted
News Title
1/29/2008 NICE Amazon Deals on Season Sets for Gilmore Girls!
8/17/2007 New View of the Interior of the Packaging for The Complete Series
7/23/2007 Hi-Res Pic of the Outer Packaging for The Complete Series
7/23/2007 Large art for Season 7
7/19/2007 Complete Series News, plus Season 7
5/31/2006 Season 6 Announced - Will the Gilmores Split? **Updated with Art**
11/15/2005 Change in Commentary for Season 5
9/29/2005 Gorgeous Girls on Beautiful Box for 5th Season
8/30/2005 Lots of extras, disc breakdown
8/30/2005 100th episode hits DVD with season 5
6/01/2005 Yale is calling - Season 4 *Updated Details/Artwork*
1/26/2005 Glorious Girls get 3rd season announcement
8/18/2004 Artwork and Extras for Season 2
8/17/2004 Season 2 Announced!
5/07/2004 Canadians: Are you missing a booklet?
1/13/2004 Thank Heaven for Gilmore Girls
11/11/2003 The girls are coming to DVD

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