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News for Futurama

Date Posted
News Title
10/11/2013 Fox Delivers Finalized Package Art for 'The Complete Series' DVD Set
9/24/2013 'Complete Series' Date and Art, plus Extras for 'Volume 8'
9/05/2013 Date, Packaging for 'Volume 8' and Plans for 'The Complete Series'
7/31/2012 A Slightly Closer Street Date, and Bonus Material, for 'Volume 7' on DVD, Blu-ray
7/02/2012 Need a 'Volume 7' Blu-ray and DVD Box Cover? Why Not Zoidberg?
6/20/2012 A Blu-ray and DVD Street Date is Found for 'Volume 7' Sets
12/12/2011 Fox's Official Press Release for 'Volume 6' on DVD and Blu-ray
9/28/2011 DVD and Blu-ray Official for 'Volume 6': Date, Cost, Packages, Extras
7/21/2011 Good News, Everyone! A Release Date, Package Art, Extras and Cost for 'Volume 6'
12/07/2010 Official 'Memo to Planet Express Staff'-style Press Release for Volume 5 DVD and Blu-ray
10/06/2010 Bite My Shiny Metal Blu-ray! Bender Graces the Cover of 'Volume 5' on DVD and BD
8/28/2009 Press Release For Complete Collection at Retail
7/29/2009 General Release Date & Cost for Complete Collection: 1999-2009 'Bender-head' Set
7/02/2009 Press Release on Pre-Orders of Comic-Con's Complete Collection 'Bender-Head' Set
6/23/2009 'Bender-Head' Packaging Picture for the Comic Con Exclusive Set
6/03/2009 Amazon Listing Describes an Upcoming Complete Collection with 'Bender-Head' Packaging!
12/16/2008 DVD Box Art is Here Now for Into the Wild Green Yonder
12/15/2008 First Peek at Package Art for Into the Wild Green Yonder on Blu-ray
11/25/2008 Into the Wild Green Yonder Press Release Gives Extras for DVDs, Blu-rays
10/24/2008 We've Got the Scoop on the Release Date for Into the Wild Green Yonder
8/13/2008 Blu-ray Box Art Blows In For Bender's Game
8/06/2008 SCOOP: Get Your First Look at DVD Package Art for Bender's Game!!
8/05/2008 Press Release for DVD & Blu-ray Disc Releases of Futurama - Bender's Game
7/26/2008 A 'Blu' Future for Futurama? Upcoming 'DVD-first, then TV' Productions Aim for Hi-Def! PLUS, Possible Date & Preview Shots
4/01/2008 Check Out the Package Art for The Beast With a Billion Backs!!
4/01/2008 Beast With a Billion Backs Press Release Gives Final List of Extras
2/28/2008 Release Date, Cost, Extras, & More for The Beast with a Billion Backs ***Updated***
11/08/2007 New Bender's Big Score Press Release with Complete Final Details
8/30/2007 Final Box Art Revealed For Bender's Big Score
8/03/2007 Press Release - And Info/Art Beyond the That! - For Bender's Big Score
1/23/2006 Thumbs up for Futurama movies
7/16/2005 Direct-to-DVD movie in the works
5/26/2005 Go on a Bender, and enjoy this cover art
5/11/2005 Do the Robot Dance!
4/05/2005 Report of New Date for Monster Robot Maniac Fun
2/24/2005 Bender sabotages Monster Robot Maniac's off the schedule!
1/25/2005 Episode list for Monster Robot Maniac Fun
1/22/2005 New release in May: Monster Robot Maniac Fun
5/25/2004 Cover Art for Volume 4!
5/25/2004 4th (and Final) Volume officially announced: lots of details!
5/06/2004 The Final Box Set's Release Date Is...
1/20/2004 Announced for months, we finally get cover art!
11/27/2003 Back to the future *UPDATE: EPISODE LIST ADDED*
11/13/2003 Bender, Fry, meet set 3
6/01/2003 New release date, specs, and sweet extras!
12/11/2002 Season one!
11/07/2001 Season One - Non-R1
7/24/2001 Futurama Season One - January

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