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Official PBS Press Release for the DVD Release Starring Ann Curry
RLJ/Acorn Distribute the Box Cover Art for 'Series 3' on DVD
Dear Murderer
'Series 1' DVDs from RLJ/Acorn this May
We've Now Got the Official Press Brief from Fox for 'The Complete Season 8: Dreamland'
Americans, The
Fox's Formal Press Brief is Declassified for 'The Complete 5th Season'
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1/18/2018 DVDs for Seth MacFarlane's 'Season 16' are Already In-the-Works
9/19/2017 Fox Official Press Release, Finalized Box Art, for 'Season 15'
9/12/2017 Return to Quahog this Fall for 'Season 15,' Amazon Says!
3/17/2017 'Season 15' DVDs Are Already Up for Pre-Order at Amazon!
10/11/2016 Fox Press Release, Box Art Announces 'Season 14' for DVD
9/29/2015 Official Fox Press Release for 'Season 13': Date, Extras, New Packaging!
9/16/2015 What Happened with 'Season 13' DVDs? We Asked Fox...
2/05/2015 Early DVD Date, Pricing, Package Art for a 'Season 13' Set
12/03/2014 Fox Press Release Shows Title Change from 'Volume 13' to 'SEASON 12'
10/23/2014 Contents, Including Special Features, for 'Volume 13' on DVD
10/17/2014 'Volume 13' Announced: Street Date, Pricing, and Front Cover Art
10/14/2013 High-Res Package Cover for 'Volume 12' on DVD
10/10/2013 Fox Announces 'Volume 12': Street Date, Pricing, Bonus Material
7/17/2013 Fox Provides Bigger, Better Picture of the 'Volume 11' DVD Packaging
7/16/2013 A Teensy-Tiny Little Look at the Box Cover Art for 'Volume 11'
7/12/2013 Fox Home Entertainment Schedules a Release Date for 'Volume 11'
7/11/2012 Long List of Extras Revealed with Formal Volume 10 DVD Announcement
6/20/2012 Fox Tells Canada When 'Volume 10' Will Be Out on DVD
6/04/2012 'Blue Harvest' Blu-ray Disc Gets an Individual Release in August
3/15/2012 Package Art Found Online for 'Volume 10' on DVD
1/25/2012 A Set for 'Volume 10' On DVD Is In-The-Works!
12/07/2011 Fox Home Entertainment's Formal Press Release for 'Volume 9' on DVD
9/28/2011 Official 'Volume 9' DVD Announcement Gives a Few Final Details
7/21/2011 Street Date, Cost, and Other New Info for 'Volume 9' Come Out
6/24/2011 Does a Fan Site Message Board Have a List of Volume 9 DVD Contents and Extras?
4/25/2011 'Volume 9' DVDs are Coming, but NOT When 'Dad' Says
4/21/2011 Possible Box Art, Possible Release Date for 'Volume 9' on DVDs!
11/05/2010 Back of the Box Shows the Good Guys for DVD and Blu 'Laugh It Up Fuzzball Trilogy'
11/04/2010 DVD Pre-Orders are Up at for 'Volume 9'!
10/19/2010 New Title and Package Art for DVD and Blu-Disc 'Laugh It Up Fuzzball Trilogy'
9/22/2010 New Details Provided to Retailers for 'It's a Trap' and 'The Star Wars Trilogy' (DVD/Blu)
8/09/2010 Official Studio Press Release for 'Partial Terms of Endearment'
7/26/2010 The Final Star Wars Parody Announced - 'It's a Trap!'
7/07/2010 'Partial Terms of Endearment' Brings Banned-From-TV Episode to DVD
6/15/2010 New Volume 8 Release Advertises a 'Barely Legal' DVD
5/18/2010 Fox Provides Press Release with Complete Volume 8 DVD Details
4/06/2010 The Volume 8 Package Art is Coming! The Volume 8 Package Art is Coming!
3/24/2010 This Just In: Volume 8 DVD Announced to Retailers, with Complete Details
12/01/2009 Online Trailer Now Available for Something, Something, Something Dark Side
9/09/2009 Get a Sneak Peek at a Little Something, Something, Something (PLUS a Parody Two-Pack!)
8/24/2009 Official Studio Press Release for 'Something, Something, Something Dark Side'
8/19/2009 Bonus Material and Specs for Something, Something, Something Dark Side (DVD and Blu-ray)
8/13/2009 Something, Something, Something Dark Side on DVD & Blu-ray Disc: Date, Packages and Pricing
5/15/2009 100th Episode Celebration Disc Coming to USA, But as a Retailer Exclusive
5/14/2009 Cover Art Scoop for Canada's 100th Episode Celebration DVD
4/27/2009 Official Fox Press Release for June's Volume 7 DVD Set
4/15/2009 Single-Disc 100th Episode Celebration DVD Coming Out in Mid-June
3/11/2009 Volume 7 Officially Announced: Box Art, Price & Disc-by-Disc Contents Revealed
3/02/2009 Early Info Gives Us a Possible Street Date for Family Guy - Volume 7
10/10/2008 TWEC Chains Carrying Exclusive Christmas DVD with Family Guy & New-to-DVD American Dad Eps
8/27/2008 Release Date, Content Confirmation for Limited Editon 'Stewie Head' Total World Domination Collection
8/22/2008 Amazon-Exclusive 'Stewie Head'-Packaged Total World Domination Collection Coming!
8/01/2008 Official Press Release for Family Guy - Volume 6 and the Freakin' Sweet Party Pack
7/23/2008 SWEET! Yes, it's the Family Guy - Freakin' SWEET Party Pack, With New Stuff!
7/22/2008 Tons of Extras on Volume 6!
7/16/2008 Online Retailer Reveals the Release Date for Family Guy - Volume 6
11/07/2007 Blue Harvest Package Art for Regular and Special Editions
11/05/2007 Press Release for Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest Standard & Special Edition DVDs
10/29/2007 Star Wars Parody Episode Gets Its Own DVD
9/17/2007 Last-Minute Picture Change For 5th Volume DVD Package (Also: Rear Art)
8/18/2007 Full Press Release & Hi-Res Package Art for Family Guy - The Freakin' Party Pack
7/16/2007 What has 17 DVDs, A Ping Pong Set, Cards & Poker Chips? The Freakin' Party Pack!
6/22/2007 Full-Size Box Art for Family Guy's 5th Volume
6/09/2007 Freakin' Sweet Press Release For Volume 5 Gives All The Details!
6/04/2007 Early details on Volume 5
4/24/2007 60% off volumes 1-4 - Today only!
9/03/2006 Volume 4 Artwork
8/17/2006 Stewie is Back - Volume 4 Info!
6/13/2006 Family Guy blog says release coming in the fall
3/15/2006 Exclusive FG content on American Dad release
2/12/2006 UMD News: More Of Peter Griffin On Your PSP...Freakin' Sweet!
11/30/2005 New Family Guy Release Says More DVDs Are Coming Soon!
9/27/2005 Clips from DVD-movie
9/26/2005 Free Fox DVD (Eps Of American Dad, Arrested Development & Stacked) With Circuit City's Stewie: Untold!
9/21/2005 Volume 3 Artwork!
8/15/2005 TV Screens for Volume 3
8/06/2005 Corrected Vol 3 Info
8/03/2005 Volume 3 Release Info! (updated)
7/08/2005 Stewie Griffin: DVD Art
7/06/2005 Stewie Griffin: PSP Artwork
6/29/2005 DVD movie officially announced!
6/20/2005 Direct-to-DVD title announced
10/29/2004 Freakin' Sweet Cover Art!
10/26/2004 Full Details for The Freakin' Sweet Collection
10/25/2004 Pre-Election Surprise! Osama bin Laden found...on new Family Guy DVD, that is!
12/06/2003 Family Guy creator talks about the show
11/19/2003 Strong DVD sales could resurrect series
6/01/2003 Lucky There's A Family Guy!
4/21/2003 Seth MacFarlane Interview
12/11/2002 Season One News!

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