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Kids in the Hall, The
'The Complete Collection' Returns to DVD, with 'Death Comes To Town' Included!
MOD Plans from Warner Archive for 'The Complete 6th Season' DVDs
Martian Chronicles, The (mini-series)
A New DVD Release is Planned for the 1980 Miniseries Starring Rock Hudson
The Devil Take Your Plans! Warner is Already Prepping 'The Complete 3rd Season'
We've Seen a Signal That 'The Complete 4th Season' is Being Prepared!
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Gilmore Girls
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The Complete 1st Season
News for Facts of Life, The

Date Posted
News Title
2/02/2016 The 9th and 'Final Season' is Getting an Individual Release
10/19/2015 Individual Set, Box Art Confirmed for 'The Complete 8th Season'
10/15/2015 Cloris Leachman Arrives for 'The Complete 8th Season' DVDs
7/16/2015 Revised/Corrected Package Art for 'The Complete 7th Season'
7/15/2015 George Clooney Joins the Cast in 'The Complete 7th Season'
3/03/2015 Individual Season Set is Scheduled for 'The Complete 6th Season'
11/17/2014 Shout! Provides a Statement About Music Clearances for 'The Complete Series'
10/09/2014 Shout! Factory's Formal Press Release for 'The Complete Series' DVDs
9/15/2014 'The Complete Series': Release Date(s), Box Art, Cost and More!
7/28/2014 'The Complete Series' is Coming to DVD from Shout! Factory **UPDATED**
4/15/2014 Package Art for Mill Creek's DVD Re-Releases in May
3/27/2014 'Wide' Re-Release from Mill Creek for the First 2 Seasons on DVD
12/12/2013 Mill Creek's Re-Release for 'Season 1' Possible Date, Cost
10/21/2010 Halloween-Themed Sneak Preview Clips from 'The Complete 5th Season' DVDs
7/28/2010 The Complete 5th Season Official: Date, Cost and Package Art!
5/27/2010 How Long Until Fans Get 'The Complete 5th Season' on DVD?
4/28/2010 Online Preview Clips for Next Tuesday's Complete 4th Season Set
4/09/2010 Shout!'s Press Release for The Complete 4th Season
2/10/2010 Package Art for Shout! Factory's Season 4 DVD Release
1/26/2010 Shout! Takes the Good, and There Ya' Have...Season 4 on DVD!
8/14/2006 We've Got Your First Look At The Cover Art For Facts Of Life - Season 3 !
8/11/2006 Take The Good, Take The Bad...Take The Season 3 Info Early!
7/20/2006 Website Provides A Heads-Up About Sony's Plans For 3rd Season DVDs!
3/11/2006 Get The Facts About Rear Cover Art (& Sharper Front Art, Too)
3/03/2006 Press release and more info on Extras
2/27/2006 Season 1 and 2 officially announced!
2/16/2006 Possible Date for Season 1
1/24/2006 The Facts of Life won't be coming in June
1/21/2006 Fansite Provides Fantastic Facts Info For DVDs!
8/07/2005 Facts Christmas Episode Coming (along with Maude, Benson, Barney Miller & Bewitched Eps)...but not in Sept!

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