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News Title
12/04/2014 'Last Christmas,' the 2014 Christmas Special, on DVD and Blu-ray
10/30/2014 Official Press Release for 'The Complete Matt Smith Years' Blu-ray
10/27/2014 Extras, Revised Box Art for 'The Complete 8th Series' on DVD, Blu ***UPDATED***
9/12/2014 Release Date is Revealed for 'Series 8' Starring Peter Capaldi
8/29/2014 Official BBC Press Release for 'Deep Breath' Solo DVD and Blu-ray
8/22/2014 BBC Announces 'The Complete Matt Smith Years' 16-Disc Blu-ray Set
8/07/2014 'Deep Breath' (Capaldi's Series 8 Debut Episode) on DVD, Blu-ray
6/12/2014 Announcement and Artwork for 'The 4th Series, Part 2' DVD Set
5/13/2014 Release Date and Contents for 'The 4th Series, Part 1' DVD Set
4/30/2014 'The Doctors Revisited Giftset' Bundles the 3 Previous Releases
4/22/2014 The Weeping Angels Cover the Box for 'The 3rd Series, Part 2'
4/07/2014 It Hasn't Finished Filming Yet, but BDs and DVDs of 'The Complete 8th Series' are Planned
3/28/2014 Date Scheduled for 'The 3rd Series, Part 2' Half-Season DVD Set
3/24/2014 Final Cover for 'An Adventure in Space and Time,' Plus a 'Series 3, Pt 1' Set
3/17/2014 2-DVD Set for 'The 2nd Series, Part 2' with Tennant's 10th Doctor
1/21/2014 Revised Package Art for the New '2nd Series, Part 1' DVDs
1/15/2014 A New 2-DVD Set for the 2005 Show: 'The 2nd Series, Part 1'
12/19/2013 Press Release for 'The Time of the Doctor: 2013 Christmas Special' on DVD, Blu-ray
12/18/2013 'The Time of the Doctor: 2013 Christmas Special': Date, Cost, Extras, Art!
12/02/2013 Final List of Extras in BBC Press Release for 'The Day of the Doctor: 50th Ann. Special'
11/15/2013 More Extras for 'The Day of the Doctor: 50th Anniversary Special' on DVD, Blu #SaveTheDay
9/20/2013 'The Day of the Doctor: 50th Anniversary Special': Date, Cost, Packaging, More!
9/05/2013 Press Release Has Great News for 'Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Giftset'
9/04/2013 Episodes, Packaging, Date and Cost for 'The Doctors Revisited: 9-11'
7/29/2013 Official BBC Press Release for 'The Complete 7th Series' Lists More Extras!
7/17/2013 'Limited Edition All Blu-ray Gift Set: Complete Seasons 1-7' is Coming!
7/12/2013 Blu-ray and DVD Package Art for 'The Complete 7th Series'
7/10/2013 'The Complete 7th Series' BDs, DVDs: Date, Extras, TWO Christmas Specials!
5/01/2013 The Snowmen have Melted - No Episode on Season 7, Part 2
4/17/2013 Individual DVD and Blu-ray Releases for 'The Snowmen' (2012 Christmas Special)
4/05/2013 Blu-ray, DVD Plans for 'The Complete 7th Series' of the 2005 Show
3/27/2013 Bonus Material for 'The 7th Series, Part 2' on DVD, Blu-ray
3/20/2013 Blu-rays, DVDs for 'The 7th Series, Part 2': Date, Cost, Packaging
1/28/2013 Early Info about Plans for 7th Series, Pt 2 and Complete 7th Series
9/28/2012 Finalized Package Art and New Content Details for the 41-DVD 'Limited Edition Gift Set'
9/26/2012 'Limited Ed. Gift Set' Gives 6 Seasons on DVD, Art Cards, Comics and a Sonic Screwdriver!
9/04/2012 Updated List of Extras for 'The 7th Series, Part 1' on DVD and Blu-ray
8/31/2012 Blu-rays, DVDs Announced for 'The 7th Series, Part 1': Date, Cost, Early Artwork, Extras
8/09/2012 VERY Early (and Spoilery) Plans for 'The 7th Series, Part 1'
1/17/2012 Official Press Release for 'The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe' DVDs, Blu-rays
12/15/2011 Blu-rays, DVDs for the 2011 Christmas Special: 'The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe'
10/17/2011 Official BBC Press Release for 'The Complete 6th Series' DVDs, Blu-rays Lists Finalized Extras
9/12/2011 'The Complete 6th Series' Bonus Material and Final Box Art for DVD, Blu-ray
9/08/2011 DateS (Plural), Art and More for 'The 6th Series, Part 2' and 'The Complete 6th Series'
8/05/2011 What? What? Whaaat? Yes, We've Got Final Packaging for 'The David Tennant Years' Gift Set!
8/02/2011 Allons-y! BBC Video Announces a Collectible DVD Set for 'The David Tennant Years'
5/03/2011 'The 6th Series, Part 1' Date, Cost, Boxes and Extras for DVD and Blu-ray
4/02/2011 The BBC Reveals the 11th Doctor's DVD and Blu-ray Plans for the 6th Season
12/13/2010 The BBC's Official Press Release for 'A Christmas Carol' on DVD and Blu-ray Disc
12/09/2010 A Dickens Classic and 'Dumbledore' Meet the Doctor on DVD, Blu: 'A Christmas Carol'!
11/10/2010 Fans Question Availability of 'Doctor Who - Series 5', 'Sherlock - Season 1'; BBC Answers
7/21/2010 Bonus Material for DVD and Blu-ray of The Complete 5th Series
7/19/2010 Release Date, An Interesting Extra and Box Art for The Complete 5th Series
6/25/2010 Matt Smith as The 11th Doctor is Coming Home for the Holidays on DVD and Blu-ray
3/11/2010 Long Delay Before an Animated 10th Doctor Takes Us to Dreamland
1/27/2010 Tennant's 10th Doctor Visits Area 51 in the Animated 'Dreamland' Serial **UPDATED**
1/06/2010 Finalized Blu-ray and DVD Package Art for 'The End of Time, Parts 1 & 2'
1/05/2010 Sneak Preview Video Clip from the Bonus Material of The Complete Specials
1/04/2010 Final DVD and Blu-ray Package Art for 'The Complete Specials' Set
12/04/2009 Official Answer for The Next Doctor on Blu-ray, Plus the BBC's Press Release ***UPDATE: Online Previews for 'The End of Time, Part 1' ***
12/01/2009 Box Art, Extras and More for DVDs and BDs of 'Waters of Mars,' 'End of Time' and 'Complete Specials' ***UPDATE: MORE Art, Details, and Extras***
10/30/2009 BBC Press Release for Broadcast of the Final Tennant Specials Reveals DVD/Blu-ray Dates!
6/24/2009 Individual DVD Release Announced for 2008 Christmas Special The Next Doctor *UPDATED*
6/01/2009 DVD & High-Def Blu-Ray Releases of Planet of the Dead Special
8/01/2008 Revised, Corrected Box Art for Doctor Who - The Infinite Quest
7/30/2008 The 10th Doctor and Martha Get Animated and Go On The Infinite Quest *UPDATED*
7/29/2008 Alert! Alert! It is the Doctor! Package Art is Here for The Complete 4th Series
7/29/2008 David Tennant's 10th Doctor Returns to DVD with The Complete 4th Series
4/15/2008 BBC Arranges Download of 'Missing' Cast Track from 3rd Season DVDs
11/18/2007 What's With the Commentary Track on Season 3 Being Replaced?
8/30/2007 Details About Bonus Material For 3rd Season DVDs
8/07/2007 Season 3's Large Box Pic, Disc Breakdown & 'DVD Coming-Soon' Trailer
8/02/2007 We've Got 3rd Series Box Art in North America (Different from Region 2 Box Art)
7/23/2007 Early Season 3 information
1/19/2007 BBC issues statement regarding NetFlix problem
1/19/2007 Did you see the chainsaw episode? ***Updated***
9/22/2006 Season 2 coming in January
7/16/2006 First Season of New Who Breaks Up Into 4 Separate Quadrants!
1/24/2006 The Doctor leaps back to Feb, plus interior box art
1/18/2006 Canadian Release Of 2005 Show Delayed A Bit After All
1/12/2006 Reason for delay explained - Sci-Fi Channel picks up series
1/10/2006 The Doctor calls in sick - Season 1 delayed
12/19/2005 9th Doctor's Season 1 Artwork!
12/03/2005 Want an early look at some Season 1 screenshots?
11/30/2005 February Release of 9th Doctor NOT Just For Canada Anymore! USA To Get It, Too!
10/18/2005 Region 1 Release of the New Doctor is Planned for Canada

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