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3/16/2018 Early Package Art Arrives, Along With a Slight Date Change, for Blu-ray of 'Tom Baker: Season 1'
3/07/2018 MUCH Sooner Release Date, Extras, More Details for 'Tom Baker: Complete 1st Season' on Blu-ray
3/06/2018 An Update For You About The 'Tom Baker: Complete 1st Season' Blu-rays
1/15/2018 Is a Blu-ray Release Coming for Tom Baker's First Season as the 4th Doctor?
11/27/2017 We've Waited This Long For 'Shada,' So What's Another...YEAR?!?!?!?!?
11/01/2017 The 4th Doctor Story, 'Shada,' NOW FINISHED and Soon on DVD!
5/26/2017 No Doctor? No Problem! The Brigadier and Sara Jane in 1995's 'Downtime' ***UPDATED***
12/06/2016 A Long List of Bonus Material for 'Story #030: The Power of the Daleks'
12/05/2016 'Story #030: The Power of the Daleks': Box Cover Art and Cost Announced!
11/03/2016 North American Release Date for 'Story #030: The Power of the Daleks'
4/26/2016 Special Features Found for 'Story #032: The Underwater Menace'
2/15/2016 A New Date is Showing for 'Story #032: The Underwater Menace'
1/13/2016 North American Package Art for 'Story #032: The Underwater Menace'
12/03/2015 Classic 'Who'...A New Street Date for 'Story #032: The Underwater Menace'
11/16/2015 We Have a Possible North America Release Date for 'Story #032: The Underwater Menace'
9/02/2015 New Developments About 'Story #032: The Underwater Menace'
12/08/2014 Report Says to Expect 'The Underwater Menace' in 2015! **UPDATE: Nope, it's dead again**
6/02/2014 No 'Underwater Menace' DVDs After All? Here's What We Were Told!
5/30/2014 Update About BBC Plans for 'Story #032: The Underwater Menace'
3/31/2014 BBC Press Release for 'An Adventure in Space and Time' Lists ALL the Extras Included!
3/06/2014 NEW Package Art for 'Wide' DVD Release of 'Story #040: The Enemy of the World'
3/05/2014 'An Adventure in Space and Time' Blu-ray/DVD Combo: Date, Cost, BONUS!
2/28/2014 YOU Can Help Pick the 'Wide Release' Cover for 'An Adventure in Space and Time'
2/26/2014 General North American Release Now for 'Story #040: The Enemy of the World'
2/17/2014 DVD Plans In-the-Works for 'Story #032: The Underwater Menace'
1/23/2014 A New Box Art Shot and Other Updates for 'The Web of Fear'
1/15/2014 Release Date, Cost for Classic 'Story #041: The Web of Fear' on DVD
12/16/2013 A Longer List of Extras is Found for 'Story #033: The Moonbase'
12/11/2013 Street Date, Finalized Packaging, More for 'Story #033: The Moonbase'
12/09/2013 Canadian Retailer Exclusives out Tomorrow, Moonbase Update
10/10/2013 BBC Recovers All of 'Enemy of the World ' and Most of 'Web of Fear' *UPDATED*
8/30/2013 We've Gotten Ahold of a Packaging Pic for 'Story #029: The Tenth Planet'
8/28/2013 DVD for the Cybermen's First Episode, and the 1st Doctor's Last: 'Story #029: The Tenth Planet'
7/31/2013 Official BBC Press Release for 'Spearhead' Blu-ray and 'Green Death: SE' DVD
7/01/2013 Package Art is Now Here for 'Story #039: The Ice Warriors'
6/28/2013 Extras and Box for 'Shalka,' Extras for 'Ice Warriors,' Box for 'Revisted 5-8'
6/26/2013 Dates, Costs, and More for 'Ice Warriors,' 'Shalka,' 'Zygons,' 'Revisited 5-8'
6/19/2013 Ian Levine and the BBC Themselves Chime in About the Missing Episode Rumors
6/18/2013 Front Cover Art Appears for the Upcoming 'Terror of the Zygons' DVD
6/14/2013 You Know All Those Missing Episodes of Classic Who? There's Gossip... (UPDATED)
6/07/2013 Packaging, Extras for 'Green Death: SE' and 'Spearhead From Space' Blu-ray
6/05/2013 Street Date Revealed for 'Green Death: SE' DVD and 'Spearhead' Blu-ray!
4/12/2013 Box Art and Special Features for 'Inferno: Special Edition' and 'Mind of Evil'
4/05/2013 Box Art for 'The Doctors Revisited: 1-4'; Plans for 'Story #033: The Moonbase'
4/04/2013 Update About 'The Doctors Revisited: 1-4,' Plus FIVE More Titles Coming! ***UPDATE: A Sixth Upcoming Title, too!***
4/03/2013 Announced: 'Inferno: SE,' New-to-DVD 'Mind of Evil' and 'Doctors Revisited: 1-4'
2/27/2013 Packaging Picture for 'Story #120: The Visitation: Special Edition'
2/20/2013 Official Release Date, Pricing for The Visitation: Special Edition
2/19/2013 Plans Underway for 'Story #120: The Visitation: Special Edition'
2/04/2013 Could the Jon Pertwee (3rd Doctor) Intro Story Get a Blu-ray Disc Release?
12/18/2012 Finalized Box Art, List of Extras for Special Edition DVDs of Ark In Space, Aztecs
12/12/2012 Special Edition DVDs Scheduled for 'The Aztecs,' 'The Ark in Space'
12/03/2012 Finished Front Cover Art for 'Story #008: The Reign of Terror'
11/21/2012 The 1st Doctor's 'Story #008: The Reign of Terror' Announced for DVD
10/19/2012 Package Art and Other New Info About 'Story #109: Shada with More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS'
10/17/2012 'Story #109: Shada' - The Unfinished Story Written by Douglas Adams - is Announced!
8/06/2012 'Story #053: The Ambassadors of Death' DVD Travels in Time for One Week
8/01/2012 Date, Packaging, Extras and More for 'Story #057: The Claws Of Axos: Special Edition'
7/12/2012 'The Ambassadors of Death' Announced for 2-DVD Set with The 3rd Doctor
6/21/2012 ' Vengeance on Varos: Special Edition' Announced; Extras Finalized for 'Planet of Giants'
6/20/2012 The 1st Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara in 'Story #009: Planet of Giants'
5/21/2012 Extras, Final Boxes for 'Spearhead From Space: SE,' 'Greatest Show in the Galaxy'
5/16/2012 'Greatest Show in the Galaxy' Announced with 'Spearhead From Space: SE'
4/19/2012 Packaging, Official Extras Lists for 'The Krotons' and 'Death to the Daleks'
4/18/2012 'Death to the Daleks' and 'The Krotons' Come to DVD!
3/20/2012 Box Art for 'Seeds Of Death: SE'; Box, Extras, Disc Count for 'Resurrection of the Daleks: SE'
3/14/2012 Two Special Edition Re-Releases Comprise the Classic DVDs in June
3/05/2012 A List of Bonus Features Materializes for 'Story #153: The Happiness Patrol'
2/16/2012 Finalized Package Art for All 3 of May's Classic DVD Sets, and Extras for 2 of Them!
2/03/2012 Finalized Extras for 'Story #059: The Daemons' and 'Story #066: Carnival Of Monsters: SE'
2/01/2012 A 4th Doctor Tale and 2 Stories of the 7th Doctor Are Announced for May
1/25/2012 Classic Announcements for 'The Daemons' and 'Carnival Of Monsters: Special Edition'
12/06/2011 The BBC Provides Longer Lists of Extras for March's Slate of 4 Classic Titles
11/30/2011 4 Classic DVDs in March Include 3 Special Editions and Leela's Introduction!
10/27/2011 'Shada,' the Unfinished/Unaired Tom Baker Story, is Coming to DVD
10/20/2011 Packaging, Extras for 'Sensorites' and 'Caves Of Androzani: Special Edition'
10/19/2011 Update About 'The Sensorites' and 'The Caves Of Androzani: Special Edition'
10/05/2011 1st Doctor Story 'The Sensorites' Among 5 Classic DVDs Slated for February and March
9/06/2011 Update About 'Story #071: Invasion of the Dinosaurs' on DVD ***UPDATE/CORRECTION: MORE DETAILS***
9/02/2011 Packaging and Bonus Material for 'Invasion of the Dinosaurs' and 'Android Invasion'
8/31/2011 Double-Invasion in January: DVDs for Classic Episodes with the 3rd and 4th Doctors
7/29/2011 'Story #058: Colony in Space' Package Art and Finalized Extras
7/27/2011 The 3rd Doctor, Jo, the Brig and The Master in 'Story #058: Colony in Space'
6/10/2011 Bigger Box Art, Finalized Bonus List for 'Talons of Weng-Chiang: Special Edition'
6/08/2011 'Story #091: Talons of Weng-Chiang: Special Edition' DVD Announced
6/03/2011 Tweets Announce that Animation will Re-Create Missing Episodes of 'Story #008: The Reign of Terror'
5/27/2011 Finalized List of Extras, Packaging for 'Story #060: Day of the Daleks'
5/20/2011 Front Package Art Arrives for 'Story #060: Day of the Daleks' on DVD
5/18/2011 Specific Release Date, Cost and More for 'Story #060: Day of the Daleks'
4/22/2011 Complete List of Extras, and Package Art for Tom Baker's 'Story #095: The Sun Makers'
4/20/2011 'Story #095: The Sun Makers' DVD Announced; Rest In Peace 'Sarah Jane'
4/15/2011 2|entertain, Producers of Classic Who DVDs, Want YOUR Voice on a Future Commentary Track! *UPDATED*
4/01/2011 Correct Date for Gunfighters, Awakening; Extras for Paradise Towers; Final Boxes for All 3
3/30/2011 The 7th Doctor 'Story #149: Paradise Towers' Announced for DVD
3/23/2011 July to Get a Second Classic Who DVD After All: Hartnell's The Gunfighters
3/23/2011 The Only Unreleased/Unannounced 5th Doctor (Davison) Story is Now Scheduled for DVD!
2/07/2011 Box Art for 'Frontios, Time and the Rani'; Update About 'A Christmas Carol'
2/02/2011 BBC/Warner Announces 'Frontios' DVD, Along with McCoy's Intro in 'Time and The Rani'
1/26/2011 BBC Announces 'Terror of the Autons' and 'Planet of the Spiders'
1/18/2011 Upcoming 2011 Classic Series DVD Plans Includes Fleetwood Mac Tune on 'Spearhead' Reissue
1/04/2011 YouTube Channel for the Classic Series Launches; Includes Preview Clips from Meglos Extras
12/15/2010 One of the 5th Doctor's Companions, Tegan, is Possessed by Mara in 'Kinda' and 'Snakedance'
11/22/2010 Box Art and an Additional Extra for 'Story #085: The Seeds of Doom'
11/17/2010 North American Releases Announced for 'The Ark' and 'The Seeds of Doom'
10/27/2010 Announced for February DVD: 'The Movie: Special Edition' and 'Story #063: The Mutants'
10/11/2010 Day of the Daleks and other Classic Stories Revealed for DVD Plans
9/22/2010 Meglos to be Joined in January by The Dominators: Date, Packaging, Extras
9/04/2010 'Story #111: Meglos' Revealed as the First DVD of 2011 for North America
9/01/2010 Official Twitter Feed for the Classic Series Tweets Extras for McGann's Movie
8/25/2010 Rights Issues Cleared Up for North America Release of 'The 1996 Movie' with The 8th Doctor
7/21/2010 'Eradicate Them!': BBC Announces Two Classic Cybermen Stores on DVD
6/02/2010 BBC/Warner Provides Corrected Box Art for 'Story #135: Planet of Fire'
5/28/2010 Studio Updates/Corrections for 'The King's Demons' and 'Planet of Fire'
5/26/2010 A Tom Baker Story and Both 'Kamelion' Stories Are Announced for DVD
3/24/2010 4 New DVD Releases Bring 5 Classic Stories in July: Details, Boxes, Extras
1/20/2010 Jon Pertwee's 'Peladon' Tales and Tom Baker's 'Masque' Announced
11/05/2009 Remembrance of the Daleks: Special Edition Re-Announced: Date, Details, NEW Box Art
11/04/2009 Dalek War: The 3rd Doctor Faces both The Master and The Daleks!
9/16/2009 6th Doctor's Only Unreleased Serial (His Debut!) Announced for DVD, Plus a 1st Doctor Story
7/22/2009 Classic DVD Releases of The War Games and The Black Guardian Trilogy Announced
5/07/2009 Package Art Arrives for all 3 September Releases of Classic Doctor Who
5/06/2009 3 More Classic Releases Bring the Bannermen, the Fendahl and The Master!
2/25/2009 Slated for this Summer: 2 Classic Adventures of the 1st Doctor, and a Cybermen/6th Doctor Story
2/18/2009 Another Massive Collection of Classic Doctor Who: 29 Stories in March!
1/08/2009 Packaging for Both Battlefield and the Classic E-Space Trilogy Box Set
1/07/2009 The E-Space Trilogy and Battlefield both Coming to North America in May
11/01/2008 New Box Art for Individual Key to Time: Special Edition Re-Releases
10/29/2008 BBC Video Announces a Key To Time: Special Edition for North America
9/17/2008 First New Classic Who DVDs of 2009 Announces War, Doomsday
7/05/2008 Bigger, Better Box Art Brought for Brain of Morbius DVD
7/02/2008 What Who in October? DVDs for Brain of Morbius and Trial of a Time Lord Box!
5/29/2008 We've Got the Box Art for The Invisible Enemy with K9 and Company on DVD
5/28/2008 Two Classic DVD Releases Contain 3 Stories, Including the Pilot for a 1981 Spin-Off
5/17/2008 Massive 27-DVD Collection of Classic Doctor Who Coming in Early June
4/12/2008 First Look at High-Res Box Art for The Five Doctors: 25th Anniversary Edition 2-DVD Set
4/09/2008 Package Art, Extras for Classic Time Meddler & Black Orchid DVDs ***UPDATED: More Details, Extras***
4/04/2008 Time Meddler, Black Orchid and a Five Doctors Re-release in August
2/13/2008 All Box Art & Confirmed Pricing Now In for June 3rd Classic Doctor DVDs
2/07/2008 JUST IN: High Resolution Box Artwork For Beneath The Surface Collection
2/06/2008 Beneath The Surface Box Set This Summer, With Silurians, Sea Devils & Warriors of the Deep
1/25/2008 Clearing Up The Classic Doctor Confusion: 'What's With All These March Releases?'
1/18/2008 Official BBC Details & Box for North American DVDs of Timelash
12/12/2007 BBC Statement on Removal of Davros, Remembrance - SE from Schedule
12/05/2007 EXTERMINATE! Major Reshuffle of the Upcoming Classic Who Schedule Takes Out Davros, Adds Timelash
12/01/2007 It's Time! Box Art Arrives for 'Warrior' DVD
11/30/2007 Evil Box Art Exposed: Package Appears for Classic Who DVD
11/28/2007 Studio Announces R1 Releases for The Time Warrior & for Planet of Evil
11/18/2007 Another Classic Release Coming Soon: The Time Warrior
11/14/2007 Lotsa Daleks: Destiny, Remembrance - SE & a Complete Davros Box Set!
8/15/2007 Official Details for November's Who Classic Releases: Box Art, Extras, More!
7/11/2007 More Classic Who Coming with 2 New Stories!
5/10/2007 Box Art, Extras, DVD Count and Cost for Doctor Who 'Robot' and 'Survival'
5/09/2007 It's the Beginning for Tom Baker, and the End for Doctor Who
3/10/2007 Tons Of Extras & Cover Art for Tom Baker's Box Set Sayonara!
2/14/2007 Tom Baker Passes the Torch: 3 New DVDs, Including 'Logopolis'!
11/08/2006 March titles announced (updated with Art and Extras)
7/07/2006 Last Dance for Sarah Jane! Artwork for Hand Of Fear & Mark of the Rani
7/02/2006 2 November Classic Who DVDs, Plus The Invasion's Missing Episodes Get Re-Created!
5/10/2006 Two Early Installments of Doctor Who Head to DVD This Fall (with large art)
2/08/2006 Artwork for two 'Daleks' releases
2/08/2006 Get a Double-Dose Of the Daleks This June: 2 More Releases Announced!
1/25/2006 Don't Own DVDs Yet? Dive Into The Doctor In A Big Way!
1/05/2006 Full-Sized Box Art For The Beginning
12/24/2005 Content & Probable Extras Listings For Doctor Who - The Beginning
11/23/2005 We Finally Get To Go Back To The Beginning: Date, Cost, More!
8/24/2005 'Claws of Axos' and 'City of Death' details
8/19/2005 Update on DVD for Douglas Adams' City of Death
8/12/2005 This Fall, There's More Who For You!
5/11/2005 Street Date & Pricing for Mind Robber & Fang Rock!
4/26/2005 Mind Robber and Fang Rock coming in '05 (cover art)
2/17/2005 Date, Price & Cover Art for Leisure Hive & Ghost Light
1/27/2005 Next 2 Who Titles Revealed!
11/04/2004 Cover Art & Corrected Date for next Doctor Who DVDs
11/03/2004 New Who for You: First Two '05 Titles Revealed
7/14/2004 Get Lost In Time with The Doctor
5/31/2004 Pyramids of Mars to get special extra only in Region 1
5/29/2004 Info, Art on Sept. DVDs: Earthshock, Pyramids of Mars
4/29/2004 More info about 'Missing Adventures' Releases
4/25/2004 Here's the Heads-up on the Sept. DVDs
1/28/2004 Details, Art for June releases!
1/28/2004 Updates on 3 titles, including June release dates!
1/26/2004 MASSIVE Doctor Who DVD Update!
10/29/2003 2 new Who -covers, full specs, & March release date
6/25/2003 Next 2 Releases: Official Announcement & Covers
2/28/2003 Even More Dr. Who Releases!
2/28/2003 2 upcoming releases
5/08/2002 8 new titles!!
3/29/2001 Who in September

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