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News for Charmed

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News Title
8/22/2014 CBS/Paramount is Re-Releasing 'The Complete Series' DVD Set!
11/21/2008 Complete Series Set Discs Won't Play? Read This!
10/03/2008 Longer List of Extras for the Charmed - The Complete Series Releases
8/09/2008 You'll Be Charmed by All of These New Pictures of The Complete Series Packaging!
7/25/2008 Large-Sized Packaging Pictures Arrive for The Complete Series (Regular and Limited Editions)
7/03/2008 Both Charmed: Complete Series DVD Releases are Delayed for a Month
6/25/2008 PACKAGE ART! EXTRAS! PRICING! Update Scoop for The Complete Series (Standard and Deluxe L.E.)
6/23/2008 Paramount to Release 2 Charmed: The Complete Series DVD Packages
8/23/2007 Theme Song Changed for Region 1
5/29/2007 Release Date Confirmed for The Final Season, Plus Box Art and EXTRAS!
5/07/2007 Wrap It Up! Rumored Release Date For Charmed's Final Season
3/26/2007 Season 8 Release Month!
10/28/2006 Season 7 Artwork
10/20/2006 Season 7 is coming, but not before Christmas
9/12/2006 Charmed event offers opportunity to appear on the DVDs
8/10/2006 Charmed magazine talks about Season 8 Extras
6/20/2006 Just two seasons after this - Season 6 announced
5/30/2006 Season 6 coming this October
4/04/2006 CBS works some magic - Extras on Season 8
2/27/2006 Interview with Brad Kern, Executive Producer of Charmed
2/17/2006 5th Season Release Date, Details & Unique-to-North-America Packaging!
12/07/2005 Official Region 1 art for Season 4
11/15/2005 Season 4 in Feb
8/10/2005 Season 3 confirmed for Nov - Plus New Box Art!
8/09/2005 Edits on Season 2 Set? No Way
7/20/2005 The Power of (Season) 3 Reveals The Street Date!
7/18/2005 Early Look At 3rd Season Package!
6/02/2005 LOTS of Artwork for 2nd Season Set, including Rear Art & Disc Cases
5/31/2005 Slight change in date
5/23/2005 Season 2 Release Date
5/22/2005 Season 2 Artwork
3/15/2005 The witches return, but not in May
1/30/2005 Charmed mag agrees with TSoD's info: S2 in May
12/06/2004 We ask Paramount whether original music is included; answer inside!
12/01/2004 Final word from studio about extras on Charmed
11/23/2004 New info & a different look at the box
11/16/2004 The Power of Three Will Set You Free: COVER ART IS HERE!
11/09/2004 And the street date is...
11/06/2004 When are the DVDs coming? We KNOW!
5/01/2004 Reminder: Charmed in 2005
10/22/2003 The REAL story about Charmed DVDs!
9/04/2003 Uh oh...
9/03/2003 Is this true? Can it really be coming this time?
8/28/2002 R1 release for Season One?

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