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X-Men - Marvel Comic Book Collection Volume 5 Review

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Video:   7/10
Audio:   7/10
Extras:   0/10

The final episodes...
by Gord Lacey (All reviews)

    The original tales of Marvel comic books come to life in Volume 5 of the X-Men collection. Relive the action of the popular animated series in this collectible compilation of X-MEN adventures.

    The X-Men must turn to their arch-nemesis, Magneto, in an effort to save the life of Professor Xavier! Watch the action unfold in the final episode "Graduation Day," and don't miss a moment of X-Men excitement in this 2-disc set, complete with 14 riveting episodes. Complete your X-Men collection with this must-own series.
Well, it took them years to start releasing the series, but they managed to finish it in just 13 months. This 2-disc set includes the final 14 episodes (63-76) in the series:

Disc 1 (2:04:12)
The Phalanx Covenant - Part 1 (20:29)
The Phalanx Covenant - Part 2 (21:21)
A Deal with the Devil (20:29)
No Mutant is an Island (21:25)
Longshot (19:59)
Bloodlines (20:29)

Disc 2 (2:41:46)
Storm Front - Part 1 (20:29)
Storm Front - Part 2 (21:22)
Jubilee's Fairy Tale Theatre (19:59)
The Fifth Horseman (19:59)
Old Soldiers (19:59)
Descent (20:00)
Hidden Agendas (19:59)
Graduation Day (19:59)


The X-Men is presented in Full Frame (1.33:1), which isn't a surprise for a 90s cartoon series and if you've seen the first two releases then you'll know what to expect. The set still has specs of dust and debris in the picture, and the animation still suffers from frames that include fields of two frames, leaving a strange look to any movement. I complained that previous volumes didn't contain a chapter after the opening of the show; looks like someone was listening because they're set after the opening here. Each disc contains a "play all" feature.

I'm a bit concerned about the short times for some of these episodes. I didn't watch them when they aired, but previous volumes have been around 21 mins long, and a lot of these are around 20 mins. Originally I asked people to email me if they knew why the episodes would be shorter, and I received a number of emails letting me know that the animation on those episodes were contracted out because the original animation house ceased to exist. Thanks for letting me know everyone!


Though Disney is known for using Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks on their newer releases, X-Men is a bit too old for the format, so they've included Dolby Surround audio tracks in English, French and Spanish. I found the rear speakers were rarely used, and the majority of the audio comes from the center channel. There are English, French and Spanish subtitles on the episodes.

Extras - How we rate extras

There aren't any extras on the set.


And there we have it, the entire series has been released (finally). Hard to believe that 3 X-Men movies came out without a sign of this show, but finally came out, in 2009, with the release of Wolverine to theaters. I mentioned it before, but I'm still impressed that Disney released all 5 volumes in 13 months. Sure, there weren't any extras, but I think fans just wanted to own the episodes on DVD.

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