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X-Men: Evolution - Season 1 Vol 1 - UnXpected Changes Review

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Video:   8/10
Audio:   7/10
Extras:   3/10

Cool cartoon
by Gord Lacey (All reviews)

They're the X-Men, a group of mutated humans with extraordinary powers. Led by Professor X, this group battles discrimination and the forces of evil led by Magneto. The X-Men are: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler. More will be added to their ranks in the coming episodes. This DVD contains episodes 1-3 from the first season.

The Episodes
Strategy X: Cyclops has an "accident" with his optical beam while trying to defend Toad at a football game.
The X-Impulse: Professor X and Jean take the Blackbird to Chicago to meet Kitty Pryde, a young girl with phasing abilities, arriving just in time to save her from mutant menace Avalanche.
Rouge Recruit: Mystique transforms into Wolverine and tries to scare Rogue out of joining the X-Men.


Like most cartoons, the video quality of this is very good. Since computers are now used to color the episodes everything is crisp and colors are solid. Computers can sometimes cause the picture to look pixelated, and we see much that in X-Men Evolution, particularly with thin objects such as ropes or other lines. There aren't any chapters in the episodes either.


Pretty basic audio tracks on this release. Everything sounds good; it just lacks the punch found on some other DVDs. There are a couple of nice panning effects and some rear speaker sounds, but little else that made me excited. Warner Bros has provided us with English, French and Spanish Dolby Surround Stereo tracks, and matching subtitles.

Extras - How we rate extras

Episode Introductions (6:26)
Producer Boyd Kirkland, executive story editor Greg Johnson, director Frank Paur (episode 1), director Gary Graham (episode 2) and director/character designer Steve Gordon provide introductions to all 3 episodes on the disc. Each intro lasts about 2 mins, but they pack a ton of information into the time.

The Evolution of the X-Men (5:53)
Boyd Kirkland (producer), Frank Paur (director), Greg Johnson (executive story editor), Avi Arad (executive producer, president and CEO Marvel Studios, CCO of Marvel Enterprises), Steve Gordon (director/character designer) talk about the origins of the show, the character design and the universe the characters exist in. Nice little featurette.

X-Men Evolution Trailer (1:22)
A trailer for the 4 DVDs which make up the first season of the show.


This is a pretty cool show. I didn't really get into the comic books when I was younger, but I was familiar with the characters. I like how they approached the show, introducing the characters slowly over the first few episodes. It's a good show, and this is a good DVD.

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