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Robot Chicken - Season 2 Review

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Video:   9/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   6/10

What's the definition of 'Uncensored'?
by Gord Lacey (All reviews)
8/31/2007 do I describe Robot Chicken to people that haven't seen it. Okay, there are toys, and the toys act out sketches in stop-motion animation, and it's really, really funny. The series actually debuted on the 'net as Sweet J, a series of stop-motion shorts featuring toys acting out sketches (yup, pretty much the same thing as the series). Matt Seinrich was an editor of "Toy Fare," a magazine for toy collectors, when he read that Seth Green was a huge toy fan. He contacted Seth and asked him to write a piece for the magazine. The two kept in contact and began to develop a short piece for fun. Sony Screenblast got wind of the project and asked the two if they'd like to develop material for the now-defunct website. They produced 12 pieces for Screenblast, with each short lasting 4-5 mins. Cartoon Network picked up the show, and the rest is history.

The second season, all 20 episodes, is presented on this 2-disc set:

Disc 1 (1:52:30)
Suck It (11:22)
Easter Basket (11:07)
1987 (11:38)
Celebrity Rocket (11:19)
Federated Resources (11:14)
Dragon Nuts (11:14)
Cracked China (11:08)
Rogiggiti (11:01)
Password: Swordfish (10:42)
Massage Chair (11:45)

Disc 2 (1:47:48)
Metal Militia (10:32)
Veggies for Sloth (6:57)
Sausage Fest (11:13)
Drippy Pony (11:16)
The Munnery (11:33)
Adoptions an Option (11:13)
Day at the Circus (11:30)
Lust for Puppets (11:06)
Anne Marie's Pride (11:32)
Book of Corrine (10:56)


Warner Bros has done a nice job with the video on this set, but that isn't much of a surprise considering how new it is. The show is presented in Full Frame (1.33:1), the same ratio it airs in. There's an entire segment missing from "Veggies for Sloth" featuring "The Archies," which explains why that episode wasn't available to purchase on iTunes. Based on the episode lengths there may be one or two small segments cut in other episodes as well. There's a "play all" option on the DVD, but there aren't any chapters.


The Dolby Surround audio track for this release is great. They make decent use of all the speakers; the rears are used for some sound effects while the main speakers are used for dialog and most of the effects. I noticed a number of swears in the show, so the audio is uncensored on the DVD set. There are subtitles in English, Spanish and French.

Extras - How we rate extras

Commentary Tracks
Every episode contains commentary, and some episodes contain two! Listen and laugh, listen and laugh.

Deleted Scenes (11:20)
10 deleted scenes can be found on disc 1.

Adult Swim Promos (4:24)
8 different promos for the show.

The Making of a Sketch (12:50)
Making of the "Inspector Gadget" segment. This is really interesting stuff.

Christmas Special (11:05)
Merry Christmas from your friends at Robot Chicken. Here's the Christmas special featuring the Christmas-themed segments from other episodes. The audio is censored on this episode.

Deleted Audio (9:59)
Some audio that wasn't used for the show.

Animation Meetings (5:57)
Four different "animation meetings" for the show. Seth acts out what he'd like the animation to be.

Deleted Animatics (31:01)
20 different animatics that didn't make it to the animation stage.

PS3 Contest (1:16)
Why should you win a PS3 and a cameo on Robot Chicken? Well, the contest is over, but here's the ad.

Slide Show (2:13)
Tom Root (co-head writer) and Seth Green introduce a slide show for something that was supposed to be distributed, but wasn't. I need to investigate some more.

Video Blogs (32:33)
15 video blogs for the show.

Freedom Rock (1:47)
An infomercial for the Robot Chicken CD (which doesn't actually exist).


Uncensored means NOTHING CENSORED. You shouldn't call something "uncensored" when it's MISSING AN ENTIRE SEGMENT! If you cut...oh...I don't know...a segment featuring "The Archies" from an episode titled...hmmm..."Veggies for Sloth," it means you shouldn't call something UNCENSORED! If you mean "contains swears" then say that, or say "beep free," but please, for the love of Archie, please don't mislabel something as being UNCENSORED when there's material missing. It may actually lead consumers to believe the product is UNCENSORED when it's really missing AN ENTIRE SEGMENT, and they may become pissed off at the lies printed on the package. It's these bullshit marketing terms that piss consumers, and reviewers, off. Do I sound pissed off? I hope so.

Besides the bullshit UNCENSORED label on the packaging, I really enjoyed this set. The show is extremely funny, and everyone involved with the show looks like they're having the time of their lives. I met Seth and Matt at a party in San Diego while I was at Comic Con, and they're both really nice people. Unfortunately I didn't get much of a chance to talk to them, but it was cool to meet them; I mentioned that I really enjoyed the show, and they both seemed happy to hear that.

I understand some licensing problems may crop up from time to time, but please don't call something UNCENSORED when it's missing material. That's NOT cool at all.

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