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ReBoot - Season 4: Daemon Rising/My Two Bobs Review

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Video:   9/10
Audio:   9/10
Extras:   1/10

Mend and Defend!
by Gord Lacey (All reviews)

ReBoot became the first 3D animated Saturday morning cartoon when it premiered in 1994. The show lasted for 3 seasons (39 episodes) and helped make a name for Mainframe Entertainment, a small Canadian animation studio. The series returned in 2001 with these 2 TV movies (airing as 4 episodes each in the US) and ReBoot fans rejoiced. ADV has released the third season on DVD, but the first 2 seasons are owned by Universal after their acquisition of Polygram who had licensed the show from Mainframe. Hopefully we'll see those released one day.

Daemon Rising:
Daemon, a Supervirus, has spread her infection through the Super Computer, the entire Guardian Collective, the forbidding wolds of the Web and most of the known net. Only one obstacle stands in her way: Mainframe, home system of our heroes. With old viral enemies becoming new allies, the sprites of Mainframe come together against this new foe and fight to free the Net from her infection.

My Two Bobs:
A second Bob arrives in Mainframe, so confusion reigns, and no one knows which Bob is the copy and which is the original - including the two Bobs themselves! With wedding plans on hold, Dot finds herself torn between the Sprite she loves and the other Sprite she loves. And when an old enemy appears in Mainframe, it's up to Bob - the original Bob - to lead the heroes in a fight for survival.

This is a DVD-10 disc (2 sides with a single layer on each). I'm not sure why they decided to do that since a DVD-9 is more common and would have allowed both programs to be on the same side, and there could have been artwork placed on the disc.


Ohhh....ReBoot in widescreen! That's right, these two movies are presented in anamorphic widescreen (1.78:1) and they look great, as we'd expect from a rendered show. The picture is nearly perfect, with the only flaws coming from the animation itself. I noticed some moire patterns and aliasing in some scenes, usually with background textures. The higher resolution of DVDs cause this; on VHS the backgrounds wouldn't have enough detail in them. Each movie contains 16 chapters.


Not only do we get anamorphic widescreen, we also get Dolby Digital 5.1 (as well as Dolby Surround 2.0)! There were some excellent audio effects in these movies; panning of sounds as objects go by, people talking off-screen and other effects. The sub gets a nice workout from all the explosions, but I couldn't help but feel that the audio was slightly quiet. I had to turn my stereo up from the normal listening volume so I could feel comfortable with the levels. It's a shame this doesn't contain any subtitles of closed captions; the hearing impaired will be sad.

Extras - How we rate extras

Each disc contains a "character gallery" and since they're slightly different I've decided to list them both here.

Character Gallery #1 (35)
Bob (4), Dot (4), Matrix (3), AndrAIa (5), Enzo (2), Frisket (1), Hack & Slash (3), Phong (2), Mike the TV (2), Hexadecimal (3), Mouse (1), Daemon (2), Daecon (1) and Welman Matrix (2).

Character Gallery #2 (34)
Bob (5), Dot (4), Matrix (3), AndrAIa (5), Enzo (2), Frisket (1), Hack & Slash (3), Phong (2), Mike the TV (2), Megabyte (4), Mouse (1) and Welman Matrix (2).


I was a fan of the first 2 seasons of ReBoot, but I only caught a handful of third season episodes. I'll admit I was very confused during the first half of "Daemon Rising" - it had obviously been too long since I had watched the show. I think this DVD is great for fans of the series, but casual fans and non-fans will be lost for a while. They really thrust you into the mix of things.

If you've seen all the episodes of the series then you'll probably pick this up, but for the rest of you I'd recommend you rent the title or find someone else that wants to see it and split the cost of the disc (probably costs the same as a rental that way).

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