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Full House - The Complete Series Collection Review

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The house is full...of DVDs!
by Gord Lacey (All reviews)

Danny Tanner needs some help around the house after his wife passes away, so his best friend Joey, and his brother-in-law Jesse, move into the house. Jesse, a rock musician, and Joey, a wannabe comic, are almost as mature as the girls; Michelle, Stephanie and D.J. Now they're one big family, trying to live under one roof. The series ran from 1987 to 1995; 192 episodes

It took Warner Bros just under 3 years to release all 8 seasons of Full House, and now, timed with the release of season 8, they've packaged every one of the 192 episodes in one set. Is it worth re-buying the set if you already own the seasons? Read on to find out...

The Packaging
The distinctive packaging of Full House the complete series will make any fan of the show smile; it's a replica of the house on the show. The package comes in two parts; the main part of the house, which holds the DVDs, and the top part of the house, which can be removed and holds the front of the house closed. Take the top off the house and you can open the front flap and get at the discs. Full House seasons 1-8 were released as 4 disc sets; the first two sets used digipacks, while the other sets came in double-slim cases. Warner Bros has made the packaging for the set consistent by releasing each season in a pair of double-slim cases, so the house holds 16 cases.

I seemed to have an excessive amount of the sticky goo used to hold the back paper to the box, and it left a sticky residue on the packaging. A little bit of "Goo Gone" took care of that. Just a heads up in case you find yourself in the same situation.

The Material
All 192 episodes are on the 32 discs in the set. Warner Bros hasn't created any additional material for the set, so there's no "bonus" for buying the complete series. The bonus material from the first couple of season sets (some trivia, commentary, unaired pilot...)

To Upgrade, or Not to Upgrade?
There's nothing worthwhile to justify an upgrade for current owners of the season sets; the house is nice but not worth paying the $117.99 Amazon is charging for the DVD set. Buying all 8 seasons on Amazon will run you $140.92 (as of 11/21/07), so you'll save a bit of money buying the complete series set. The set takes up a little bit less room on your shelf, though you may have to remove the top as I did (see photo below).

This is a cool set for people who don't own the seasons already, but there's no reason to upgrade if you already own the season sets.

Here's a photo of the set on my shelf, minus the top.

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