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Celebrity Mole: Hawaii - Celebrity Mole Hawaii Review

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Video:   8/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   3/10

I am the Mole
by Gord Lacey (All reviews)

Launched on ABC in 2001, The Mole featured contestants vying to take home a pot of money. They would have to work together as a team to increase the pot while "The Mole" worked against the team's interests. They would be asked questions as to whom they think "The Mole" is, and the person with the lowest score would be sent packing. While it didn't bring in superb ratings, it did well enough to be renewed. However, the second edition of the show tanked in the ratings and the show was considered to be gone, until it was revived with celebrity contestants. This season featured Stephen Baldwin, Corbin Bernsen, Michael Boatman, Kim Coles, Erik von Detten, Kathy Griffin and Frederique Van Der Wal, and was hosted by Ahmad Rashad. How much money will they win? Who is "The Mole"? You'll have to watch the show.

The Packaging
While I don't think it's bad enough to skip buying the set over, I have some issues with the case used for the release. If you own The Man Show: Season 1 Volume 2 then you'll recognize this case; it holds 1 disc on the left, and 2 discs on the right. The two discs on the right overlap, forcing you to remove disc 2 if you want to take out disc 3. Not only that, but the hubs are very loose and once the discs come off they will become horribly scratched like mine did. I've already sent off an email to Eagle Rock Entertainment suggesting they ditch this horrible packaging and switch back to the slim cases they used for The Mac Show: Season 1 Volume 1. If you buy this in a store I'd suggest giving the case a little shake before walking to the till. Buying it online...well, you're taking a risk.


The Mole, as with other reality shows, was shot on video with a 1.33:1 image. With only 2 episodes per disc, compression artifacts aren't a problem at all. I'm happy with the quality of the video, even when it's slightly dark - it's what I expected from a reality show. I wish there was a chapter after the show's intro, but they seem to be placed after commercials through the rest of the episode. The episodes contain a "coming up next on The Mole" segment before the commercials, so those chapters allow us to easily skip ahead.


I have no complaints with the English stereo track on this release. Since it isn't filmed in a studio, I'm not expecting any fancy sound effects or panning effects that I would from other shows. People with hearing disabilities will be disappointed that the release isn't subtitles or closed captioned.

Extras - How we rate extras

There's a lot of great material in there, and would justify the purchase of the set for those fans that saw the show but aren't sure if they want to own it.

Suspicions (9:27)
Various cast members explain theories they have which lead to someone being "The Mole" (they're all wrong). 5 scenes, which can be played together using the "play all" feature.
Michael Gives It Away 1:00
Corbin's Clues 2:05
Stephen Doesn't Take Notes 1:21
Jump Michael, Jump! 2:12
Erik & Michaels' Late Night Chat 2:49

Deleted Scenes (17:15)
8 scenes, which can be played together using the "play all" feature.
The Arrival 1:57
Club Mole 2:26
Hotel Room Entertainment 2:23
Sick Kathy 1:27
Corbin's Gifts 2:21
First Jobs 3:12
Poor Corbin 1:35
Hawaiian Dinner 1:54

Extended Scenes (14:15)
6 extended scenes. Play them together using the "play all" feature.
Embarrassing Moments 5:02
Stephen Spinning 1:41
Stephen Yells at Ahmad 1:50
Can We Still Be Friends? 1:52
Blindfolded Frederique 1:17
It's Too Heavy 2:33

Funny Moments (2:42)
A few funny moments that we didn't see in the episodes.
Ahmad's Sundae 0:40
Frederique Pushes Stephen 0:32
Michael's Headache 0:51
Frederique Has An Itch 0:39

Post Execution Reactions (8:51)
Contestants talk about the person kicked off the show.
301 3:22
302 1:46
303 1:53
304 1:50

Post Execution Interviews (5:37)
The person kicked off the show shares some final thoughts about the game and the other players.
301 1:09
302 1:06
303 1:52
304 1:30

The contestants share secrets with the camera.
Corbin Bernsen 3:02
Stephen Baldwin 2:07
Erik von Detten 2:13
Kathy Griffin 1:28
Frederique Van Der Wal 1:37
Kim Coles 1:45
Michael Boatman 2:10


I caught the first season of The Mole, but skipped the second one (I think it was on at a bad time). This was very entertaining, especially watching how some of the celebrities acted while playing the game. My only complaint about the set is the packaging, and I was very impressed with the amount and quality of the bonus material.

This set is worth picking up if you like reality shows, even if you watched it when it first aired.

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