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Anna Nicole Show, The - Season 1 Review

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Video:   8/10
Audio:   7/10
Extras:   4/10

by Gord Lacey (All reviews)

I'm speechless. I really don't know how to describe this show. Yes, she's gained some weight, and it does seem that she's on drugs. She's...umm...a very....hmm...."interesting" person. She seems to take pride in her sexuality, and her "twins." I'm pretty sure most women don't talk to their breasts, but Anna Nicole does...often. The show is basically Anna Nicole and her life, as odd as it is.

I must say that I was a bit bothered by the commentary track for the holiday episode. She explains how two things in the show were set up, so how many other things are staged? It's not reality TV if things are set up.

I found the Vegas episodes funny, only because I was staying at the Rio while she was there, and I saw her (and the camera crew) sitting down for dinner as I came out of the Penn & Teller show. There were tons of people standing around gawking. This was in July, so there was a long lead-time between when they were shooting and when the episodes were airing. I think they might actually recut a bunch of stuff to make it look as though it all took place on the same day. In one of the deleted scenes they mentioned that they were going to Magic Mountain, but that happened in an earlier episode. I think the whole show is a sham, but it's entertaining.


Shot on video, the show is presented in the standard 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Free from grain and other problems inherent to film-based shows, the problems with this video come from the MPEG compression. Many scenes contain artifacting, the most noticeable appears in the opening of the show. There were also a few of the deleted scenes which looked over compressed. I wish there were some chapter breaks as well; the episodes didn't contain any at all. Companies seem to forget that they can add chapter breaks without having a scene selection screen as well.


These reality shows can't be expected to contain the same level of audio as a scripted show can since most of the audio comes from the microphones strapped to their bodies. The audio is fine, but it gets a tad distorted at times. Luckily there are both English and Spanish subtitles, for both the episodes and the deleted scenes.

Extras - How we rate extras

Anna Nicole On... (4:45)
Promos for the show.
Global Warming (0:22), Spanish Architecture (0:22), Foreign Policy (0:22), Etiquette (0:23), Gourmet Cuisine, Relationships & Career Goals (0:32), Limitations & Feng Shui (0:32), Athletic Prowess (0:22), Stress Management (0:22), Obedience Training (0:22), Hors D'oeuvres (0:22), Customer Service (0:22) and Money Management (0:22)

Commentary on the Christmas Special
Anna Nicole provides commentary on the holiday special. It's pretty funny to hear her views on the show, but I was a bit disappointed to learn that the tree falling off the car was rigged. Now, if that's rigged, what else is? Too bad there weren't any commentary tracks by Bobby Trendy.

Deleted Scenes (1:15:32)
1 - Road Rage (0:51)
2 - Lugurious (2:48)
3 - A Fight (2:22)
4 - Pillows (1:08)
5 - Rubbing (1:08) - We're Fine (3:00) - The Plan (1:02)
6 - Designer Clothing (0:17) - Photograph (1:30)
7 - Invoice (3:04) - Plucker (1:36)
8 - KROQ Interview (12:47) - Breakfast (2:08)
9 - A Test (3:02) - A Day at the Races (1:57)
10 - Dog Lover (2:11) - Comparison (2:15) - Sweet Nothings (2:04)
11 - Broken Glass (3:34) - One Size Fits All (3:13) - Butterfly (1:24) - Toys (2:02) - ...And More Toys - (2:33)
12 - Bobby (3:02) - Sick (1:55)
13 - Medication (2:51) - Alcohol (2:30) - 2nd Date (2:30)
14 - Haward & Kathy (2:01) - Mistletoe (0:47) - Manburger (2:00)


I felt a bit dirty after watching this show. When Anna Nicole looks into the camera and says, "I have to go home and masturbate," how can you not feel a bit sick? At one point someone says that she's being exploited, and I agree. She's a bit messed up to get her own show and say and do some of the things she does. People will not respect her after seeing her do these things. I feel sorry for her son Daniel, who seems to try to stay out of sight of the cameras. Apparently he's a straight-A student; the apple must fall far from the tree. Someone described the show as a train wreck that you can't look away from, and it is! I only meant to watch one episode, then go and do something else but I went through the first disc, and part of the second, before I had to stop and go to bed. It's addicting, in a heroin sort of way.

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