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Andy Milonakis Show, The - The Complete 1st Season Review

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Video:   7/10
Audio:   7/10
Extras:   4/10

Painful, horrible show
by Gord Lacey (All reviews)

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content. Warning: this review is recommended for mature audiences (that probably wouldn't watch this show).

    It's his show, he's Andy Milonakis. Which makes it The Andy Milonakis Show. Join host and creator Andy for Season One as he takes you into his city, into his home, and unfortunately into his head. Eight episodes of hilarious skits, man-on-the-street interviews, Andy hanging out with and harassing neighbors and delivery people, his confrontational freestyle rapping, plus guest appearances by Lil' Jon, Snoop Dogg, Black Eyed Peas and more. It's a vampire staple remover. It's Jesus Kitty vs. Satan Kitty. It's The Andy Milonakis Show. We don't know where he gets this stuff, and we don't want to. Oh Yeah, and there's special features, know what I'm sayin'?
I hadn't heard of this show before the DVDs were announced, and that was probably a good thing. Each episode is made up of random skits staring Andy, his dog, and his friends.

The 8 episodes from season 1 are included in this 2 disc set.

Disc 1 (2:00:43)
Episode 1 (20:18)
Episode 2 (20:12)
Episode 3 (19:52)
Episode 4 (20:13)
Episode 5 (20:02)
Episode 6 (20:06)

Disc 2 (41:27)
Episode 7 (20:09)
Episode 8 (21:18)


Andy is shot and broadcast in 4:3, using a variety of cameras, often leading to less than perfect quality. There are shots that are poorly lit, or captured using cheap, or small, cameras. Nothing looks incredibly horrible, but it doesn't look great either. Sadly there aren't chapters placed after the opening, but each disc contains a "play all" option.


This release features a fairly basic stereo audio track. There are a few problems like popping audio, but that's no surprise given the low-budget look and feel of the series. There are closed captions for the hearing impaired.

Extras - How we rate extras

Commentary Tracks
There are commentary tracks for all the episodes in the first season, and one is a video commentary.
Episode 1 - Richard Huff (New York Daily News reporter)
Episodes 2-6, 8 - Andy, Larry, Ralphie and Rivka
Episode 7 - Video commentary of Ralphie eating a pizza

Unaired Skits (21:35)
There are 25 bonus skits that were too dumb to be seen on the show. While there isn't a "play all" option in the menu, these play one after the other.

Andy Goes to Hollywood (5:19)
Andy goes to Hollywood and his friends come to visit.

Extended Scenes (6:23)
A couple of extended scenes.

Cast Interviews (1:50)
The cast trash-talk Andy.

Ralphie Outtakes (3:16)
Ralphie can't say "Ahahaha, that was funny how mad you got."

Previews (7:24)
A bunch of previews for other MTV titles.


I rarely comment on the quality of the show, but I feel I have to for this. The Andy Milonakis Show is a big, steaming pile of shit. I watched the first episode of the show and hated it about 10 minutes into it. I like sketch comedy, but this reminds me of jokes little kids tell each other; they make no sense, and there's no punch line. Milonakis does these random things that really aren't funny, and they make no sense; it's shit. I'm so amazed that Jimmy Kimmel (someone who is funny) would attach his name to this. The thing that's really horrible about the show; Andy isn't a kid... he's almost 30.

The only redeeming feature of this show is the commentary/review by Richard Huff. I admit to being worried when I saw his name beside the commentary track for the first season; I couldn't understand how someone at the New York Daily News could like this show, but then I listened to it. Huff wasn't there to praise the show, he was there because he hates it. He wrote a negative review of the series before it aired, though it clearly wasn't read by enough people because somehow this show remained on the air. I liked some of the comments he made during the commentary, though I feel he was far too kind, and didn't trash it nearly enough. Richard, this is MTV - you can swear on the commentary tracks and they probably won't beep you.

It's almost as though someone intended to win "The most annoying DVD set ever" award with this set. The menus will drive you insane with the repeating audio clips of Andy's annoying voice. I'm going to scream if I hear Andy speak again.

I won't review the second season of this show (if it comes to DVD). I'm not going to waste another second of my life watching this horrible piece of shit show.

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