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Andromeda - Vol 1.5 Review

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Video:   9/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   8/10

by Gord Lacey (All reviews)

"Andromeda" was developed from various notes left by the late Gene Roddenberry and turned into a series by Robert Hewitt Wolfe. It tells the story of Dylan Hunt, Captain of the starship Andromeda Ascendant, one of the most powerful ships in the Systems Commonwealth. After a battle near a black hole the Andromeda Ascendant is frozen in time for over 300 years. When the ship is towed from the black hole by a salvage ship, Dylan awakens to find the Commonwealth has fallen and has been replaced by chaos. Dylan and his new crew are determined to rebuild the Commonwealth while avoiding the Nietzcheans and other enemies. This set includes the final 4 episodes of season one, and like most shows, it ends with a cliff-hanger.

The Episodes
The Honey Offering
Dylan agress to transport a beautiful and conceited Nietzschean, Elssbett Mossadim, to her wedding. When the Andromeda becomes surrounded by warships of an enemy Nietzschean pride, Elssbett reveals her violent plan of assassination and destruction.

A passenger ship is destroyed by terrorists, leaving a sole survivor - an android named Gabriel. Rommie is immediately attracted when he's brought on board, and she falls in love. But soon, Gabriel's true identity is uncovered - not a friend, not a survivor, instead... the ultimate enemy.

It Makes A Lovely Light
Beka pulls the crew and the Andromeda in danger by taking the mind-altering drug "Flash" during an exhausting mission to Tarn Vedra, Dylan's lost home. She's an addict, and Dylan must decide how to handle the situation, which grows more desperate by the minute.

Its Hour Come 'Round At Last
During routine repairs, Andromeda's memory is wiper out and replaced by an older, backup AI who believes the current crew are intruders. Dylan and the crew can no longer control their ship - it now controls them. Suddenly, an attack begins - thousands of blood-thirsty Magog have boarded the ship! Is there any way to escape?


The video for this release is as good as the previous releases. Colors are nice and bright, and the blacks are beautifully black. The CGI scenes involving the ship look superb, just as in the past releases. Because the show is presented in anamorphic widscreen (1.78:1) it feels more like a movie and less like a TV show. Each episode contains 6 chapters, including one right after the opening credits to allow for a quick skip.


While we have a great stereo surround track, I would have loved a Dolby Digital 5.1 track on this release. The 5.1 track for Farscape sounds so amazing; I just wish we could have had something comparable for Andromeda. The audio is very good; the dialog is clear and the sound effects are great. There aren't any subtitles, but the release is closed captioned.

Extras - How we rate extras

ADV Films included a massive amount of extras on these two discs. There are things in this set that I feel should be a part of ALL good TV releases. The back of the DVD lists a commentary track for "It Makes a Lovely Night", but this is not on the DVD.

Disc 1
Character Profile: Seamus Harper 5 screens, (3:47)
A biography for Gordon Michael Woolvett can be found on 2 still screens while his character bio is on another 2. A single costume photo is also found in this section, along with an interview (3:47).

Alternate Takes (1:43)
A single alternate scene from "Star-Crossed."

Image Gallery: Technology 17 screens
Various sketches and artwork from the show.

All Systems University 101: Engineering, Science & Technology 10 screens
These 10 screens, divided into 3 categories, contain information on engineering, science & technology.

Glossary of the High Guard: S-Z 3 screens
A dictionary of terms used in the series: S-Z.

TV Promos (1:04)
2 promos, one for each of the episodes on disc 1, that last 0:32 each.

ADV Previews
Previews of 4 other ADV Films products: "Farscape Season 2" (1:01), "Zone of the Enders" (1:29), "Noir" (1:30) and "Wild Arms" (1:01).

DVD Credits
A list of people that worked on this incredible set.

Disc 2
Behind The Scenes: On The Set Of Andromeda (7:51)
A look at the filming of an episode. The set is shown as well as the cameras doing the filming and then it cuts to scenes from the episode.

Character Profile: Trance Gemini 4 screens, (3:26)
A biography for Laura Bertram can be found on 2 still screens while her character bio is on another 1. A single costume design is also found in this section, along with an interview ().

Alternate Takes (1:56)
A single scene deleted from "It Makes a Lonely Light."

Bloopers (2:15)
A very short, but entertaining look at the cast being goofy. Some of the goofs are from episodes not on this DVD set. I wish they didn't have an opening to the bloopers. It makes them seems longer than they really are and it's been the same as all the previous sets.

Timeline of the Commonwealth: The Long Night - The Fall of the Commonwealth and its Aftermath 7 screens
A history lesson on the Commonwealth.

Prop & Set Concepts 5 screens
5 drawings of some props.

Production Biography: Adam Haight 2 screens
Information on Adam Haight (Executive Producer).

TV Promos (1:04)
2 promos, one for each of the episodes on disc 2, that last 0:32 each.

ADV Previews
Previews of 4 other ADV Films products: "Farscape" (1:01), "The Devil Lady" (1:01), "Samurai X" (1:38) and "Excel Saga" (1:38).


Ahh...this is such a good show and I hate how the season finale ended. Now I'm really looking forward to the next release of the series to see how it ends. I'm also interested in the extras that ADV Films has planed for the next sets. Quite a few of the extras in the first season will have run out (Glossary, character bios...). The next set will also be available in single disc releases as well as a double-disc set like the first season releases.

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