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Adventures of Tintin, The - Season 1 Review

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Video:   7/10
Audio:   7/10
Extras:   0/10

Tintin is awesome!
by Gord Lacey (All reviews)

    One of the most popular European classic comic strips of all time tells stories of the heroic escapades of youthful reporter Tintin and his loyal canine companion Snowy. From a comic that first appeared in 1929 by Belgian artist Herge, these delightful adventures were spun into books, magazines, TV series, radio programs and theater productions. The television series The Adventures Of Tintin (1991 1993) follows Tintin and Snowy in solving mysteries closely related to the much-loved original stories. A colorful cast of characters is along for the ride, including the salty Captain Haddock, handy Professor Calculus and clumsy Thomson & Thompson. Exploring the globe, solving mysteries and searching for truth and justice, Tintin and crew inspire the adventurer in all of us!

    Now featured in a major motion picture that intertwines elements of two episodes included here (The Secret Of The Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure), the complete first season of the award-winning series is now available for your enjoyment on DVD for the first time!
I would make weekly trips to the local library as a kid, and I was always keeping an eye open for Tintin books I hadn't read (Asterix was another favorite of mine). I loved reading the tales of the intrepid reporter and his dog snowy, but I didn't realize a cartoon existed until a few years ago when it was released in Canada as 10 separate volumes, or packaged into two sets. I bought those sets, and they remained a jewel in my collection (not only were they only released in Canada, but many online sites classified them as French released, when they were actually bilingual - they are now out of print). Now Shout! Factory, a company I normally love, have completely destroyed that jewel in my collection by releasing the entire first season in a 2-disc set. How evil of them!

This 2-disc set includes all 13 episodes from the first season:

Disc 1 (2:42:27)
The Crab with the Golden Claws, Part 1 (23:14)
The Crab with the Golden Claws, Part 2 (23:12)
The Secret of the Unicorn, Part 1 (23:13)
The Secret of the Unicorn, Part 2 (23:13)
Red Rackham's Treasure (23:12)
Cigars of the Pharaoh, Part 1 (23:11)
Cigars of the Pharaoh, Part 2 (23:12)

Disc 2 (2:19:15)
The Blue Lotus, Part 1 (23:13)
The Blue Lotus, Part 2 (23:12)
The Black Island, Part 1 (23:13)
The Black Island, Part 2 (23:12)
The Calculus Affair, Part 1 (23:12)
The Calculus Affair, Part 2 (23:13)


I went back and forth with the score for this one. I'd say most of the time this Full Frame (1.33:1) picture is quite good, but at times it has quite a bit of dust and debris, or other flaws. Frames that alternate between light and dark in a scene, softness in the picture, and a bit of tape-based noise are some of the other problems you'll see. While that sounds like a lot, most of it is forgivable while watching the show, so I decided to give it a 7 instead of a 6, just know it's a "weak 7." There's a chapter after the opening of the episode, and both discs contain a "play all."


There are standard stereo tracks in English and Spanish on the set. While I didn't have a problem with the audio itself, some of the voice acting is pretty horrible. Why is Tintin yelling everything?! The episodes aren't subtitled, but are closed captioned.

Extras - How we rate extras

There aren't any extras on the set, which is disappointing considering Shout! Factory normally has some great material on their sets.


It was a blast watching these cartoons based on the comics, and I think these episodes hold up quite well. The show was produced in the early 90s, but takes place years ago (the books were written between the 30s and 50s, at least for the episodes in this set). I was slightly annoyed by the long recaps of the previous episodes, and I would have absolutely loved if Shout! Factory had placed an additional chapter marker after the recaps. I definitely enjoyed watching these episodes before the theatrical movie comes out, especially since this set contains episodes the movie is based on ("The Secret of the Unicorn" and "Red Rackham's Treasure").

It's been ages since I sat down and read the books, so maybe I'll just place an order for the complete set. Don't forget that season 2 has already been announced for March 20!

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