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Adventure Time - Volume 2: It Came From the Nightosphere Review

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Video:   10/10
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Season sets, please!
by Gord Lacey (All reviews)

The first Adventure Time from Cartoon Network came out in September, 2011, and I was caught off guard by how crazy, and awesome the show was. I was also annoyed that Cartoon Network didn't release the entire first season, choosing instead to release a random assortment of episodes on a single disc. Well, they decided to release another disc of random episodes... bummer! The show features the adventures of Finn (the human) and Jake (the dog) in the wonderful Land of Ooo.

This single-disc release includes 16 episodes from the first, second, and third seasons.

Disc 1 (3:09:24)
It Came from the Nightosphere (11:46)
Rainy Day Daydream (11:56)
Wizard (11:56)
Power Animal (11:46)
The Enchiridion! (11:53)
Slumber Party Panic (11:52)
The Real You (11:49)
Memory of a Memory (11:48)
Prisoners of Love (12:00)
Crystals Have Power (11:47)
Business Time (11:52)
Mystery Train (11:46)
Guardians of Sunshine (11:48)
The Monster (11:47)
Hitman (11:49)
The Creeps (11:49)


I rarely give out perfect marks for anything, but I'm hard-pressed to find an issue with the video (Anamorphic Widescreen, 1.78:1) on this release. The colors are nice and vibrant, the black levels are great, and I didn't notice any compression problems at all. The picture is just wonderful, and they even placed a chapter after the opening credits so you can skip over it (16 times). Yes, they've even included a "play all" feature on the disc.


Unfortunately the audio portion of the disc isn't as good as the video portion. It's a standard English stereo track; there are some decent directional sound effects, but nothing that's outstanding. There are English subtitles available for the episodes.

Extras - How we rate extras

Character Profiles (6 screens)
Beemo, Peppermint Butler, Lumpy Space Princess, Gunter, Cinnamon Bun and Shelby are profiled.


I really, really hope Cartoon Network will release season sets for the show. Yes, these single-disc releases are cheap, and geared towards parents that want to pick something up for their kids, but there's a huge, untapped market of adults waiting to buy this show in season sets. Put the episodes in order, add some commentary tracks and other extras, and put out a great set.

I'd really like to know more about the Land of Ooo, and how Finn appeared there (if that's been covered in an episode, I haven't seen it yet). It's such a fascinating place, where anything can happen... a place I'd like to visit. I think my favorite episode on the disc was "Hitman."

Great show, I just wish they'd pull a SpongeBob and release season sets alongside these random episode releases.

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