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Adventure Time - The Complete 5th Season Review

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Video:   10/10
Audio:   8/10
Extras:   2/10

Wonderful Show!
by Gord Lacey (All reviews)

    Are you a Jake fan? Great! Because Season 5 has a ridiculous amount of momentous Jake moments!! Like when he became Jake the Dad. That time he tracked down Jake Jr.'s kidnapper (sort of). Who can forget the masterpiece that is his Most Delicious Sandwich?! And he shares these moments with his best bro Finn and friends in a total of 52 episodes, all for you!
I'm so happy that this show continues to be aired, and released on both DVD and Blu-ray, but that it's become such a hit. The show has spawned tons of toys, video games, comic books, clothing... it's become huge. It's definitely one of my favorite current animated shows, and I hope it lasts for many, many more years. They certainly won't run out of story ideas.

This 2-disc set includes all 52 episodes from the 5th season of the show:

Disc 1 (5:05:51)
Finn the Human (11:46)
Jake the Dog (11:46)
Five More Short Graybles (11:45)
Up a Tree (11:45)
All the Little People (11:45)
Jake the Dad (11:47)
Davey (11:46)
Mystery Dungeon (11:46)
All Your Fault (11:46)
Little Dude (11:47)
Bad Little Boy (11:47)
Vault of Bones (11:47)
The Great Bird Man (11:46)
Simon & Marcy (11:46)
A Glitch is a Glitch (11:45)
Puhoy (11:46)
BMO Lost (11:46)
Princess Potluck (11:45)
James Baxter the Horse (11:46)
Shh! (11:42)
The Suitor (11:46)
The Party's Over, Isla de SeƱorita (11:46)
One Last Job (11:47)
Another Five More Short Graybles (11:46)
Candy Streets (11:46)
Wizards Only, Fools (11:45)

Disc 2 (5:05:58)
Jake Suit (11:47)
Be More (11:46)
Sky Witch (11:46)
Frost & Fire (11:47)
Too Old (11:46)
Earth & Water (11:46)
Time Sandwich (11:46)
The Vault (11:46)
Love Games (11:46)
Dungeon Train (11:46)
Box Prince (11:46)
Red Starved (11:46)
We Fixed a Truck (11:46)
Play Date (11:46)
The Pit (11:46)
James (11:46)
Root Beer Guy (11:46)
Apple Wedding (11:46)
Blade of Grass (11:46)
Rattleballs (11:46)
The Red Throne (11:46)
Betty (11:46)
Bad Timing (11:46)
Lemonhope Part 1 (11:46)
Lemonhope Part 2 (11:46)
Billy's Bucket List (11:46)


This show looks absolutely beautiful on Blu-ray. The show is bright and colorful, without compression artifacts, or even banding. I paused this BD countless times just to admire the scene on my screen, and even stepped through the opening of the show frame by frame (no compression artifacts!). Each disc has a "play all," and there's a chapter placed right after the opening. I love the opening of the show, but I don't need to see it 52 times a season.


Oh how I wish this were in Dolby Digital 5.1! The English stereo audio sounds good, with lots of directional effects, I just wish it utilized the better format. There are optional English subtitles available.

Extras - How we rate extras

Adventure Time Forever (15:33)
A story about the making of Adventure Time, the first season, and when they realized the show was a hit. The piece features interviews with lots of people behind the show.

Animatic Clips (44:57)
There are animatic clips for every episode in the season (except "James"), with the clips located on the appropriate discs.


This is such a fun show! I let my 3.5 year old watch it for a little bit, but then got scared because it can be a bit violent for a kid his age, so we turned it off. Maybe we'll revisit it again in a few years (and I'm sure they'll still be cranking out new episodes then). I wish the season sets had more bonus material on them (commentary tracks, please!!) but the "Adventure Time Forever" featurette was pretty awesome.

Bring on season 6!

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