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Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Complete 1st Season
72 Releases in May, 2002

May 7
Andy Griffith Show, The   2-Pack (United American)   info
Bear in the Big Blue House   Everybody's Special   buy
    Tidy Time with Bear   buy
Blue Planet, The   Vol. 3: Seas Of Life   buy
    Vol. 4: Seas Of Life   buy
    Vols. 3 & 4: Seas Of Life   buy
Dragon Ball Z   Majin Buu - A Hero's Farewell   buy
Gatekeepers   Vol 5 - To The Rescue!   buy
Good Neighbors   Final Season   buy
Kidsongs   A Day At Camp   buy
    A Day At Old Macdonald's Farm   buy
    Baby Animal Songs   buy
    Very Silly Songs   buy
Ripping Friends, The   The World's Manly Men   buy
Sex, Chips & Rock n' Roll (mini-series)   Sex, Chips & Rock n' Roll   buy
Soul Hunter   Vol. 4: Game Of Kings   buy
Star Blazers   Volume 10: The Comet Empire - Series II/Part IV   buy
Star Trek: The Next Generation   Season 2   buy

May 14
All Creatures Great and Small   Series 1   buy
Cardcaptor Sakura   Vol 09: Winter Wonderland   buy
Dragon Ball Z   Imperfect Cell - 17's End   buy
    Majin Buu - Defiance   buy
Multiple Shows   David Blaine: Fearless   buy
Now and Then, Here and There   DVD Collection   buy
    Vol 3: Conflict And Chaos   buy
Rose Red (mini-series)   Rose Red   buy
Saint Tail   Vol. 5 - Justice!   buy
Vampire Princess Miyu   Vol. 5 - Dark Love   buy
Vandread   Vol 3 - Great Expectations   buy
X-Files, The   Season 5 Box Set   buy

May 21
Abbott and Costello Show, The   Vol. 03   buy
    Vol. 04   buy
Brain Powered   Vol. 1 - Birth   buy
Good Eats   3 Disc Set   info
    Holiday Treats   info
    Juicy Meats   info
    Super Sweets   info
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka   Vol 02: The Bully   buy
Multiple Shows   Carmen SanDiego: Time Traveler/ Sabrina's World   buy
    Street Sharks: Shark Bait/ Action Man In Space   info
Power Stone   Vol 5: Friends & Enemies   buy
Real Bout High School   Vol 1: Enter The Samurai Girl!   buy
Red Shoe Diaries   Forbidden Zone   buy
    Temple Of Flesh   buy
Ronin Warriors   Vol. 02: Rescue Operations   buy
Sex and the City   The Complete 3rd Season   buy
Steel Angel Kurumi   Vol 1: Angel On My Shoulder   buy
Teletubbies   Silly Songs and Funny Dances   buy

May 28
Alias   Emmy Consideration DVD   info
Berserk   Vol 1: War Cry   buy
    Vol 1: War Cry (Slipcase)   buy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer   Once More, With Feeling (Emmy Consideration DVD)   info
Dark Shadows   DVD Collection 01   buy
Gokudo   Vol 3: Goddess Extradonaire   buy
Honeymooners: The Lost Episodes, The   Volume 17   buy
    Volume 18   buy
Lexx   Season 3: Vol. 2   buy
Madeline   Best Episodes Ever Vol. 1   buy
    Best Episodes Ever Vol. 2   buy
Orphen   Vol 5: The Soul Stealers   buy
Princess Nine   Vol 4: Strike Zone!   buy
Real World, The   A Decade of Bloopers   buy
    The Real World You Never Saw: Chicago   buy
Red Green Show, The   Stuffed And Mounted 3   buy
Rifleman, The   Set 2   buy
    Volume 7   buy
    Volume 8   buy
Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles   Vol 5. The Klendathu Campaign   buy
    Vol 6. The Homefront Campaign   buy
Rurouni Kenshin   Vol 18: Fall From Grace   buy
Saint, The   '68 Set #5: Volume 9 & 10   buy
    '68 Set #6: Volume 11 & 12   buy

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