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The Complete 1st Season
34 Releases in April, 2001

April 3
Dragon Ball Z   Androids: Assassins   buy
Escaflowne   Vol 5: Paradise And Pain   buy
    Vol 6: Fate And Fortune   buy
Powerpuff Girls, The   The Mane Event   buy

April 10
Allosaurus: A 'Walking with Dinosaurs' Special (TV special)   Allosaurus   buy
InHumanoids   Inhumanoids #1 & 2: The Evil That Lives Within   buy
Lost Universe   Vol. 6   buy
Outlaw Star   Vol. 3   buy
Real McCoys, The   Volumes #3-4   buy
Sailor Moon   Heart Collection 2   buy
Slayers Try   DVD Collection   buy
That Girl   Volume 1   buy

April 17
Angel Links   Vol. 1: Avenging Angel   buy
Arc the Lad   Vol. 1: Hunters And Monsters   buy
Neon Genesis Evangelion   Collection 0:6   buy
Phenomenon: The Lost Archives   Up For Sale   buy
Saber Marionette J   Collection 2   buy

April 24
Avengers, The   '63 Set 3: Volumes 5 & 6   buy
    '63 Set 4: Volumes 7 & 8   buy
Flint: The Time Detective   Vol. 3: The Sands of Time   buy
I Spy   Vol 08: Bridge Of Spies   buy
    Vol 09: Sophia   buy
Lonesome Dove: Streets of Laredo (mini-series)   Streets of Laredo   buy
Phenomenon: The Lost Archives   Noah's Ark Found?   buy
Prisoner, The   Vol.3: The Schizoid Man/ Many Happy Returns/ It's Your Funeral   buy
    Vol.4: Change Of Mind/ Hammer Anvil/ Forsake Me/ Living In Harmony   buy
Red Shoe Diaries   Strip Poker   buy
    Swimming Naked   buy
Shadow Raiders   Vol. 3 - Final Hours   buy
Star Blazers   Volume 04: The Quest For Iscandar - Series I/Part IV   buy
Star Trek   Vol. 21: I, Mudd/The Trouble With Tribbles   buy
    Vol. 22: Bread And Circuses/Journey To Babel   buy
Urusei Yatsura   Vol. 2   buy
Wives and Daughters (mini-series)   Wives And Daughters   buy

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