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Early Package Art Arrives, Along With a Slight Date Change, for Blu-ray of 'Tom Baker: Season 1'
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Retailer Rumors Say to Expect a Re-Release of 'The Complete Classic Series Collection'
Broken (mini-series)
DVDs for the Acclaimed 2017 BBC Miniseries Starring Sean Bean
Invaders, The
'The Complete Series' of the 1967 Show Starring Roy Thinnes Lands At Last!
A DVD Re-Release of 'The Complete Series' for Skeet Ulrich's 2006 Show
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Lou Grant
The Complete 5th and Final Season

The Complete 1st Season
97 Releases in October, 2006

October 3
Abbott and Costello Show, The   100th Anniversary DVD Collection: Season 2   buy
Andromeda   Season 5   buy
    Slipstream Collection   buy
Andy Griffith Show, The   The 1st Season - Disc 1   buy
Are You Afraid of The Dark?   Freaky Favorites   info
Brady Bunch, The   The 1st Season - Disc 1   buy
C.S.I.   The 1st Season - Disc 1   buy
Corner Gas   Season 3   buy
Forever Knight   Trilogy Part 3   buy
Frasier   The 1st Season - Disc 1   buy
G.I. Joe: Sigma 6   Vol 1 - First Strike   buy
Gimme a Break!   Season 2 (CAN)   info
Greatest American Hero, The   Deluxe Collector's Tin   buy
McLeod's Daughters   The Complete 1st Season   buy
Medium   The Complete 2nd Season   buy
Most Extreme Elimination Challenge   Season 1   buy
Penn & Teller: Bullshit!   Season 3 (uncensored)   buy
Planet's Funniest Animals, The   Holiday Spectacular   buy
Return to the Planet of the Apes   The Complete Series   buy
South Park   The Hits: Volume 1   buy
Stargate SG-1   Season 9 Slim Set   buy
Three's Company   Season 8   buy
Tom and Jerry Tales   Volume 1   buy
Twilight Zone, The   The Complete Definitive Collection   buy

October 10
A-Team, The   Season 5   buy
Defenders of the Earth   Volume 1   buy
Ed, Edd n' Eddy   Season 1   buy
Everybody Hates Chris   The 1st Season   buy
Farscape   Starburst Edition - Volume 12 (4.3)   buy
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs   Volume 1 - To Dino World and Back   buy
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law   Volume 2   buy
I'm Alan Partridge   Season 1   buy
Invincibles, Les   Complete Series   info
Magnum, P.I.   The Complete 5th Season   buy
My Family   Season 1   buy
    Season 2   buy
Numb3rs (Numbers)   The 2nd Season   buy
Only Fools and Horses   Complete Series 7   buy
Scrubs   The Complete 4th Season   buy
Simon & Simon   Season 1   buy

October 17
1915 (mini-series)   1915   buy
Alfred Hitchcock Presents   Season 2   buy
Andy Milonakis Show, The   The Complete 2nd Season   buy
Big Love   The Complete 1st Season   buy
C.S.I.: NY   The Complete 2nd Season   buy
Charmed   The Complete 6th Season   buy
Inspector Lynley Mysteries   Set 4   buy
La Femme Nikita   The Complete 5th Season   buy
Murder, She Wrote   The Complete 4th Season   buy
Sabrina the Animated Series   The Very Best of Sabrina   buy
Starsky and Hutch   The Complete 4th Season   buy
That '70s Show   Season 5   buy
Wild 'N Out   Season 2   buy
Wonder Showzen   Season 2   buy

October 24
Addams Family, The   Volume 1   buy
Batman Beyond   Season 2   buy
Beavis and Butt-head   Beavis and Butt-Head Gift Set   buy
Bewitched   The Complete 4th Season: Original Color Edition   buy
Creature Comforts   Merry Christmas Everybody!   buy
    The Complete 2nd Season   buy
Degrassi (AKA Degrassi: The Next Generation)   Season 4   buy
Facts of Life, The   The Complete 3rd Season   buy
Greg the Bunny   Best Of The Film Parodies   buy
Hamish Macbeth   Season 2   buy
Hannah Montana   Vol 01: Livin' The Rock Star Life!   buy
Jonathan Creek   Season 1   buy
Justice League   Unlimited: Season 1   buy
Krypto the Superdog   Volume 2: Super Pets Unleashed   buy
L Word, The   The Complete 3rd Season   buy
MacGyver   Season 7   buy
Monarch of the Glen   Series 5   buy
Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King (mini-series)   Complete Series   buy
O.C., The   The Complete 3rd Season   buy
Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies   The Saturday Mourning Collection   buy
Saturday Night Live   Best Of Saturday TV Funhouse   buy
SCTV   Best of The Early Years   buy
Sesame Street   Old School Volume 1: 1969 - 1974   buy
Slings and Arrows   Season 2   buy
Swan, The   The Complete Series   buy
That's My Bush   That's My Bush!   buy
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea   Season 2, Vol 1   buy
Waking the Dead   The Complete 1st Season and Pilot Episode   buy
Wings   The Complete 3rd Season   buy

October 30
Baywatch   Syndicated Season 1   buy
    Syndicated Season 2   buy

October 31
Acapulco H.E.A.T.   Season 2   buy
C.S.I.: Miami   The Complete 4th Season   buy
Ghost Whisperer   The Complete 1st Season   buy
Hitchhiker, The   Volume 3   buy
Kids in the Hall, The   Season 5   buy
    The Complete Series   buy
Party @ the Palms   Season 1   buy
Speed Racer   Collector's Edition Vol 5   buy
SpongeBob SquarePants   Whale Of A Birthday   buy
Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, The   Volume 2   buy
Tales from the Crypt   The Complete 5th Season   buy
Touch of Frost, A   Seasons 11 & 12   buy

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