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Official PBS Press Release for the DVD Release Starring Ann Curry
RLJ/Acorn Distribute the Box Cover Art for 'Series 3' on DVD
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Season 1

The Complete 1st Season
79 Releases in October, 2005

October 4
Alfred Hitchcock Presents   Season 1   buy
America's Funniest Home Videos   Home For The Holidays   buy
Bob Newhart Show, The   The Complete 2nd Season   buy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer   Curse of the Hellmouth (Best Buy exclusive)   info
    Spike: Love Is Hell   buy
Count Duckula   The Complete First Season   buy
Drawn Together   Season 1 (Uncensored)   buy
Farscape   Starburst Edition - Volume 6   buy
Into the West (mini-series)   Into The West   buy
Kolchak: The Night Stalker   Universal Classic Television   buy
Multiple Shows   Christmas Rocks   buy
Postcards from Buster   Buster's Got The Beat   buy
    Buster's Outdoor Journeys   buy
SCTV Network 90   Christmas With SCTV   buy
Stargate SG-1   Season 8 Box Set   buy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   Volume 19: Mutants And Monsters   buy
Twist in the Tale, A   William Shatner's A Twist In the Tale   buy
Wild Palms (mini-series)   Wild Palms   buy

October 11
All Grown Up!   Vol 7: R.V. Having Fun Yet?   buy
Arrested Development   Season 2   buy
Dora the Explorer   Dance To The Rescue   buy
Duchess of Duke Street, The   Series 1   buy
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids   Christmas Special   buy
    Vol 2   buy
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The   The Complete 2nd Season   buy
Jeffersons, The   The Complete 4th Season   buy
Kingdom Hospital   Vol 3: Post Mortem   buy
Only Fools and Horses   Complete Series 6   buy
Soap   The Complete 4th Season   buy
South Park   The Complete 6th Season   buy
Veronica Mars   The Complete 1st Season   buy

October 13
Biography   All The Presidents' Kids   info

October 18
Adventures of Superman   The Complete 1st Season   buy
Atomic Betty   Vol 1: Betty, Set, Go!   buy
    Vol 2: Betty To The Rescue   buy
Batman, The   Batman Vs. Dracula   buy
Braceface   Turning 13   buy
C.S.I.: NY   The Complete 1st Season   buy
Dark Shadows   The Complete Revival Series   buy
Garfield and Friends   Garfield Prime Time set   buy
Ghost Hunters   Season 1   buy
    Volume 1 - Most Bizarre Episodes & Scariest Moments   buy
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe   Season 1, Volume 1   buy
Hilarious House of Frightenstein, The   Volume 1   buy
Mister Peepers   Mister Peepers   buy
Pet Alien   Vol 1: Atomic Tommy   buy
    Vol 2: Aliens Unleashed   buy
Saved by the Bell: The New Class   Season 5   buy
Strawberry Shortcake   Giftset   buy
    Vol 5: Dress Up Days   buy
Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, The   The Legend of Zelda: The Complete Series   buy
Twilight Zone, The   Season 4: Definitive Edition   buy
Unscripted   Season 1   buy

October 25
3rd Rock from the Sun   Season 2   buy
Alias   Complete 4th Season   buy
Ambassador, The   Series 1   buy
American Gothic   The Complete Series   buy
Bewitched   The Complete 2nd Season: Colorized Edition   buy
    The Complete 2nd Season: Original Black & White Edition   buy
Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour, The   The Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 3   buy
    The Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection Volume 3: The Movie Collection   buy
Danger Mouse   Seasons 3 & 4   buy
Degrassi Junior High   Degrassi Junior High: Complete Series   buy
Doris Day Show, The   Season 2   buy
Hamish Macbeth   Season 1   buy
Hart to Hart   The Complete 1st Season   buy
In Living Color   Season 4   buy
Invasion: Earth (mini-series)   Invasion: Earth   buy
Kids in the Hall, The   Season 3   buy
L Word, The   Season 2   buy
Little House on the Prairie   Season 9   buy
MADtv   The Best Of Seasons 8, 9 & 10   buy
Multiple Shows   Ultimate Christmas Collection   buy
Munsters, The   Season 2   buy
Point Pleasant   The Complete Series   buy
Puppets Who Kill   Season 2   buy
Tales from the Crypt   The Complete 2nd Season   buy
Tom and Jerry   Spotlight Collection Volume 2   buy
Tripping the Rift   Season 1   buy

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