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The Complete 8th Season

The Complete 1st Season
100 Releases in October, 2002

October 1
Adventures of Paddington Bear   The Complete Paddington Bear Collection   buy
Arthur   It's Only Rock & Roll   buy
    The Music Video   buy
C.S.I.   The Early Cases: Deluxe Set 1   info
Doctor Who   Key To Time: The Complete Adventure (98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103)   buy
    Story #098: The Ribos Operation   buy
    Story #099: The Pirate Planet   buy
    Story #100: The Stones Of Blood   buy
    Story #101: The Androids Of Tara   buy
    Story #102: The Power Of Kroll   buy
    Story #103: The Armageddon Factor   buy
I Love Lucy   50th Anniversary Special   buy
    Season 1 #3   buy
    Season 1 #4   buy
It (mini-series)   It   info
Little House on the Prairie   Remember Me   info
Studio One   Box Set   buy
    Sentence Of Death/ The Night America Trembled   info
    The Defender 1 & 2   info
    The Laughmaker/ Square Pegs   info

October 3
Muppet Show, The   Best of The Muppet Show: Volume 11 (TL)   info
    Best of The Muppet Show: Volume 12 (TL)   info
    Best of The Muppet Show: Volume 13 (TL)   info
    Best of The Muppet Show: Volume 14 (TL)   info
    Best of The Muppet Show: Volume 15 (TL)   info

October 8
Arjuna   Vol 1: Rebirth   buy
Arthur   Arthur's Celebration   buy
    Arthur's Perfect Christmas   buy
Betterman   Vol 3: Seeds Of Death   buy
Carol Burnett: Show Stoppers (TV Special)   Carol Burnett: Show Stoppers   buy
Farscape   Season 2 - Vol 03   buy
Forsyte Saga, The (mini-series)   Forsyte Saga, The   buy
Hyper Police   Vol 2   buy
I Spy   Box Set #1 (1-7)   info
    Box Set #2 (8-14)   info
    Box Set #3 (15-21)   info
Magic School Bus, The   Holiday Special   buy
Multiple Shows   Scooby-Doo! Winter Wonderdog   buy
Princess Nine   Vol 6: Grand Slam   buy
Project ARMS   Vol 1: The Claws That Catch   buy
Rurouni Kenshin   Vol 22: End Song   buy
Sherlock Hound, the Detective   Case File 5   buy
Steel Angel Kurumi   Vol 4: Fallen Angel   buy
Yu Yu Hakusho (AKA Poltergeist Report, The)   Vol 05 - Beasts Of Maze Castle (edited)   info
    Vol 05 - Beasts Of Maze Castle (uncut)   info
    Vol 06 - Seven Ways To Die (edited)   info
    Vol 06 - Seven Ways To Die (uncut)   buy
Zoids   Vol 4 - The Supersonic Battle   buy

October 15
All Creatures Great and Small   Series 2   buy
American Idol   Best of American Idol   buy
    Best of American Idol - Exclusive 2-Disc Set   buy
Blue Gender   Vol 6   buy
    Vol 7   buy
Comic View   All Stars 07   buy
    All Stars 08   buy
Dragon Ball Z   Perfect Cell - Unstoppable   buy
Hamtaro   Vol 1 - Hamtaro And The Ham-Hams   info
    Vol 2 - Ham-Hams Head Seaward   info
Law & Order   The 1st Year   buy
Ranma 1/2   Ranma Forever Vol. 3: Kiss Me, Cat   buy
Sailor Moon   Vol 09 - The Return Of The Doom Tree   buy
    Vol 10 - The Trouble With Rini   buy

October 22
Bob the Builder   Bob's White Christmas   buy
Dragon Ball Z   Fusion - Internal Struggle   buy
    Fusion - The Last Saiyan   buy
Gigantor   Episodes 1-26   buy
Inspector Morse   Deceived By Flight   buy
    The Ghost In The Machine   buy
    The Infernal Serpent   buy
    The Last Enemy   buy
    The Secret Of Bay 5B   buy
    The Settling Of The Sun   buy
Love Hina   Vol 5 - Summer By The Sea   buy
Mad About You   The 1st Season   buy
New Zoo Revue   Forgiving, Loyalty And Tempter Tantrums   info
    Responsibility, Patience And Advice   info
    School, Drugs And Money   info
    Sports, Home And Beauty   info
Ping Pong Club   Love And Comedy (Die! Die! Die!)   buy
Ronin Warriors   Vol. 07: The Evil Priestess   buy
Saber Marionette J to X   Vol 4   buy
Strawberry Eggs: I My Me   Vol 2: Pop Quiz   buy
Trouble Chocolate   Vol 1   buy

October 29
Baretta   Best Of   buy
    Season 1   buy
Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse   Complete Series   buy
Dark Shadows   DVD Collection 03   buy
Enemy at the Door   Series 2   buy
Farscape   Season 1   buy
Fruits Basket   Vol 1: A Great Transformation?   buy
Knight Hunters   Vol. 5: Midnight Finale   buy
Lost World, The (mini-series)   Lost World, The   buy
Malcolm in the Middle   Season 1   buy
Medabots   Vol. 05 - Use The Medaforce!   buy
Musikladen   Best of Musikladen: Ike & Tina Turner   buy
    Best of Musikladen: Kool & The Gang   buy
    Best of Musikladen: Procol Harum   buy
Shaka Zulu (mini-series)   Shaka Zulu   buy
Spider-Man   Return of the Green Goblin   buy
War and Remembrance (mini-series)   Part 1 - Deluxe Six-Disc DVD Collection   buy

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