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Season 1

The Complete 1st Season
76 Releases in October, 2001

October 2
Angel Links   Vol. 4: Eternal Angel   buy
Blue Seed   Vol. 4: Nightfall   buy
Dragon Ball Z   Babidi: Battle Royal   buy
    Babidi: Descent   buy
Honeymooners: The Lost Episodes, The   Volume 05   buy
    Volume 06   buy
Lexx   Season 2: Vol. 4   buy
Mobile Suit Gundam   Vol 02: The Red Comet   buy
    Vol 03: The Threat Of Zeon   buy

October 9
Cardcaptors   Vol. 5: Firestorm   buy
Dragon Ball Z   Box Set 1 - The Saiyan Saga (Boxed Set)   buy
    Box Set 2 - The Namek Saga (Box Set)   buy
Generator Gawl   Vol 4   info
Hand Maid May   Vol. 2: Product Recall   buy
Magic Knight Rayearth   Vol. 02: Sunrise   buy
    Vol. 03: Noon   buy
    Vol. 04: Twilight   buy
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water   Vol. 03: Aboard The Nautilus   buy
NieA under 7   Vol 2: Funky Water Blues   buy
Ping Pong Club   Losers' Club   buy
Pink Lady   Pink Lady. And Jeff   buy
Rurouni Kenshin   Vol 11: Faces Of Evil   buy
Sailor Moon   Heart Collection 5   buy
Serial Experiments Lain   Boxed Set 1-4   buy
Tenchi Universe   The Complete DVD Box Set   buy

October 16
Arc the Lad   Vol. 5: Oath of Vengeance   buy
Big O, The   Vol 3   buy
Crest of the Stars   Vol. 3: Wayward Soldiers   buy
Def Comedy Jam   All Stars 07   buy
    All Stars 08   buy
    All Stars 09   buy
    All Stars 10   buy
Dragon Ball Z   Frieza: Super Saiya Goku   buy
El Hazard: Wanderers   Vol. 1: The Adventure Begins   buy
Elizabeth R (mini-series)   Elizabeth R   buy
Farscape   Season 1 - Vol 07   buy
Fawlty Towers   Complete Collection   buy
    Vol. 1   buy
    Vol. 2   buy
    Vol. 3   buy
InHumanoids   Inhumanoids #3 & 4   buy
Judy Garland Show, The   Volume #6: Just Judy   buy
Madeline   Madeline At The North Pole   buy
TV Guide Looks at Science Fiction (special)   TV Guide Looks at Science Fiction   buy

October 23
Blue Gender   Vol 1   buy
I Spy   Vol 19: Bet Me A Dollar   buy
Jackie Chan Adventures   Vol 1: The Search For The Talismans   buy
Lonesome Dove (mini-series)   Lonesome Dove Collection   buy
Lonesome Dove: Dead Man's Walk (mini-series)   Dead Man's Walk   buy
Multiple Shows   Arabian Nights/ Gulliver's Travels   buy
Powerpuff Girls, The   Meet The Beat-Alls   buy
Sorcerer Hunters, The   Vol. 4: Magical Battles   buy
Star Trek   Vol. 35: That Which Survives/Let That Be Your Last Battlefield   buy
    Vol. 36: Whom Gods Destroy/The Mark Of Gideon   buy

October 30
Andy Williams Show, The   Best of Andy Williams Christmas Shows   buy
Avengers, The   '68 Set 1: Volumes 1 & 2   buy
    '68 Set 2: Volumes 3 & 4   buy
Boogiepop Phantom   Vol 1   buy
Cadfael   The Raven In The Foregate   buy
Dragon Ball Z   Babidi: Rivals   buy
    Babidi: The Dark Prince Returns   buy
Honeymooners: The Lost Episodes, The   Box Set #01-04   buy
    Box Set #05-08   buy
    Volume 07   buy
    Volume 08   buy
Judy Garland Show, The   Songs For America   buy
Magic Knight Rayearth   Vol. 05: Midnight   buy
Power Stone   Vol 1: Mystery Of The Stones   buy
Powerpuff Girls, The   Power Pack: Down 'N' Dirty/ Powerpuff Bluff/ The Mane Event   buy
Princess Nine   Vol 1: First Inning!   buy
Robotech: The Macross Saga   Collection 4 - Robotech Masters   buy
    Vol. 07: Robotech Masters - A New Threat   buy
    Vol. 08: Robotech Masters - Revelations   buy
Saint Tail   Vol. 2 - It's Show Time!   buy
Vampire Princess Miyu   Vol. 2 - Haunting   buy
Zenki   Saga #1   buy

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