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Lou Grant
The Complete 5th and Final Season

The Complete 1st Season
91 Releases in January, 2013

January 1
Being Human   The Complete 2nd Season (Blu-ray)   buy
    The Complete 2nd Season   buy
Charlie's Angels   The Complete 5th Season   buy
Dead by Sunset (mini-series)   Dead by Sunset   buy
Doctor Zhivago (mini-series)   Doctor Zhivago   buy
I Dream of Jeannie   ...15 Years Later   buy
Trial & Retribution   Set 6   buy

January 8
3rd Rock from the Sun   Season 5 (Mill Creek)   buy
    Season 6 (Mill Creek)   buy
An Idiot Abroad   Season 2   buy
Anger Management   Season 1   buy
    Season 1 (Blu-ray)   buy
Archer   The Complete Season 3 (Blu-ray)   buy
    The Complete Season 3   buy
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century   Season 2   buy
Dallas   The Complete 1st Season   buy
Dance Moms   Season 2, Volume 1   buy
    Season 2, Volume 2   buy
Dinotopia (mini-series)   Dinotopia and Journey to the Center of the Earth   buy
Doctor Who   Story #109: Shada: More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS   buy
Enlightened   The Complete 1st Season   buy
    The Complete 1st Season (Blu-ray)   buy
Episodes   Seasons 1 & 2   buy
Fury   The Tribute Collection   buy
Goode Family, The   The Complete Series   buy
Hearts Afire   The Complete Series   buy
Hour, The   The Complete Series 2 (Blu-ray)   buy
    The Complete Series 2   buy
Midsomer Murders   Box Set 21   buy
    Box Set 21 (Blu-ray)   buy
Naked City   Best of Naked City   buy
Red Dwarf   Series X (Blu-ray)   buy
    Series X   buy
Smash   Season 1   buy
Tiny Toon Adventures   Volume 3: Crazy Crew Rescues   buy
V.R. Troopers   Season 1, Vol.2   buy

January 10
Cannon   Season 3   buy

January 15
Amazing World of Gumball, The   Vol 2: The Mystery   buy
Being Human   Season 4 (Blu-ray)   buy
    Season 4   buy
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids   The Complete Series   info
Ghost Hunters Academy   The Complete Series   buy
House of Cards (mini-series)   The Complete Series Trilogy: Remastered   buy
    The Complete Series Trilogy: Remastered (Blu-ray)   buy
Jackson 5ive, The   The Complete Animated Series (Blu-ray / DVD)   buy
    The Complete Animated Series   buy
Last of the Summer Wine   Vintage 1997   buy
Life's Too Short   Season 1   buy
Littlest Pet Shop, The   Little Pets, Big Adventures   buy
Merlin   The Complete 4th Season   buy
    The Complete 4th Season (Blu-ray)   buy
NYC 22   The DVD Edition   buy
Perry Mason   The 8th Season, Volume 2   buy
Power Rangers Samurai (AKA Power Rangers Super Samurai)   Season 1, Volume 3: A Team Divided   buy
    Season 2, Volume 3: Rise of the Bullzooka   buy
Rob   The DVD Edition   buy
Simon & Simon   Season 8: The Final Season (Shout! Select)   info
SpongeBob SquarePants   Extreme Kah-Rah-Tay   buy
Twenty Twelve   The Complete Series   buy
Waking the Dead   The Complete 7th Season   buy
Wild Thornberrys, The   Season 2, Part 3 (Shout! Select)   info

January 22
Bill Engvall Show, The   The Complete 2nd and 3rd Seasons   info
Iron Man: Armored Adventures   Season 2, Volume 3   buy
Kendra   Season 4   buy
Men Who Built America, The (mini-series)   The Men Who Built America   buy
    The Men Who Built America (Blu-ray)   buy
RuPaul's Drag Race   All Stars   buy
Scarecrow and Mrs. King   The Complete 4th Season   buy
Spy   Series 1   buy
Young Justice   Season 2, Volume 1   buy

January 29
Bat Masterson   Season 1   buy
    Season 2   buy
Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley, The   The Complete Series   info
Downton Abbey   Season 3   buy
    Season 3 (Blu-ray)   buy
Femme Fatales   The Complete 1st Season   buy
George Washington (mini-series)   George Washington   buy
Hey Arnold!   Season 3 (Shout! Select)   info
Misfits   Season 2   buy
Multiple Shows   Agatha Christie's Poirot & Marple: Fan Favorites   buy
Night Court   The Complete 8th Season   buy
Pan Am   The Complete Series   buy
Partners in Crime, Agatha Christie's   The Tommy & Tuppence Mysteries   buy
Sea Hunt   Season 1   buy
    Season 2   buy
    Season 3   buy
    Season 4   buy
Spiral   Season 1   buy
Wodehouse Playhouse   Complete Collection   buy
Young Riders, The   Season 1   buy
    Season 3   buy

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