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The Shield - Season 5

Release Information:
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Release Type: Season Boxed Set
Release Date: 3/27/2007
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 11
Running Time: 546 mins
Retail Price: $59.98 (US$)
$89.98 (CAN$)

Audio/Video Information:
Video: Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio: English - Dolby Surround
Subtitles: English, Spanish

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As the Strike Team battles racial tensions in the city, friction inside The Barn escalates with the arrival of Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh (Forest Whitaker), an dogged Internal Affairs cop obsessed with taking down down Vic Mackey, squeezing Vic's ex-wife Corrine, to do it. In the midst of this chaos, Dutch and Claudette's work relationship becomes strained, Danny refuses to reveal the father of her baby and Julien struggles with a new, attractive rookie partner.


  • Commentary on Extraction by DJ Caruso, Michael Chiklis, Walton Goggins, Kenneth Johnson, DavidRees Snell & Kurt Sutter
  • Commentary on Enemy of Good by Catherine Dent, Guy Ferland, PaulaGarces & Michael Jaces
  • Commentary on Jailbait by Michael Chiklis, Walton Goggins, Kenneth Johnson, Scott Rosenbaum & David Rees Snell
  • Commentary on Tapa Boca by Liz Craft, Sarah Fain, Paula Garces, Laura Harring & Jay Karnes
  • Commentary on Trophy by Catherine Dent, Laura Harring, Benito Martinez & CCH Pounder
  • Commentary on Man Inside by Adam Fierro, Jay Karnes, Emily Lewis, CCH Pounder & Cathy Cahlin Ryan
  • Commentary on Kavanaugh (participants to be decided)
  • Commentary on Smoked by David Marciano, Glen Mazzara, Cathy Cahlin Ryan & David Rees Snell
  • Commentary on Of Mice and Lem by Anthony Anderson, Gwenyth Horder-Payton, Michael Jace, KennethJohnson, Benito Martinez & CCH Pounder
  • Commentary on Post Partum by Walton Goggins, Kenneth Johnson & Shawn Ryan
  • Season 6 Prequel
  • "Delivering the Baby"
  • "The Shield Panel"
  • "IAD"
  • Scott Brazil Tribute
  • Music Video
  • Promos
  • 25 Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Shawn Ryan
  • All episodes have the option to play with or without recaps

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