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Peanuts by Schulz - V2: Go Team Go!

Release Information:
Studio: Warner Bros. Home Video
Release Type: Individual Episodes - Random
Release Date: 4/25/2017
Number of Discs: 2
Number of Episodes: 19
Running Time: 224 mins
Retail Price: $18.94 (US$)

Audio/Video Information:
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1)
Audio: Unknown
Subtitles: None/Unknown

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1 No strings attached Charlie Brown gets caught in the kite eating tree; Charlie Brown fails to fly his kite and Lucy tries to give it to Snoopy; Peppermint Patty lends her kite to Charlie Brown who messes up again; Peppermint Patty asks Charlie Brown to join her team as the mascot. 2 Snoopy the Superstar Snoopy is the World’s Greatest Lawyer defending a rabbit; Snoopy needs a letter of recommendation as the World’s Greatest Lawyer to send to the President; Linus helps Woodstock and Snoopy film a movie about Joe Cool co-starring Lucy; Charlie Brown tells Linus about Joe Motocross. 3 Don't worry Charlie Brown Snoopy is early for dinner due to daylight savings time; Snoopy takes advantage of Charlie Brown; Charlie Brown gets caught in the kite eating tree and Snoopy gets caught trying to rescue him; Lucy as a waitress serves Snoopy dinner; Lucy imagines being the first lady and the Queen. 4 Show dog Lucy arm wrestles Woodstock and loses to Snoopy as the Masked Marvel; Charlie Brown and Lucy box with Snoopy; Lucy complains about Linus' germs; Woodstock's bird football team antagonizes the gang’s team and Snoopy the World's Greatest Surgeon tries to help out; Snoopy, Woodstock, and Linus make a horror movie about Snoopy's Vulture persona. 5 Good sports Peppermint Patty gives a report on her Summer; Marcie makes baseball caps and Peppermint Patty critiques them; Charlie Brown gets upset over his baseball team's 49 fly balls; Peppermint Patty helps Marcie practice her football tackling; Linus tries to teach Sally how to play football. 6 Doing it right Peppermint Patty asks Charlie Brown for life advice; Lucy takes Charlie Brown's baseball bat; Lucy tells Linus to not stand close to her so no one knows they're related; Linus draws a picture of Lucy with a big mouth because she likes to yell; Lucy tells Linus that a little brother should do everything his sister tells him to do. 7 Like skates on ice Snoopy wants to skate with Peppermint Patty; Peppermint Patty gets skating lessons from Snoopy; Peppermint Patty wants Marcie to make her a skating outfit; Peppermint Patty gets a bad haircut from Charlie Brown's dad; Peppermint Patty goes to her skating competition but it's not what she thinks. 8 Tennis Snoopy meets his intimidating tennis partner Molly Volley; Snoopy and Molly Volley play against Crybaby Boobie who lives up to her name; Charlie Brown and Linus watch Snoopy and Molly Volley play Crybaby Boobie and all she does is complain; Molly Volley argues over the tennis score. 9 Even-ing the Score Charlie Brown tries to help his baseball team get hit on the head less with fly balls; Lucy asks Charlie Brown what to say on the baseball field; Lucy's only focus during the game is her baseball glove; Lucy asks Charlie Brown for the ball to be hit in a different direction to accomodate her; Charlie Brown keeps getting hit on the baseball mound. 10 School is out! Sally decides to go to Hollywood instead of Summer camp; Peppermint Patty struggles with her Summer reading; Freida tries to boss Snoopy around to be a hunting dog; Linus tries to play catch with Snoopy; Lucy makes Linus dig her garden. 11 Black and white Lucy has everyone sign a document to void her of blame; Lucy is writing a book about Beethoven that is actually about her and Schroeder; Lucy finds Beethoven cute; Lucy has a petition that Charlie Brown is crabby; Lucy discusses Beethoven's birthday. 12 The great outdoor Lucy and Charlie Brown watch a puppet show by Snoopy; Woodstock helps Snoopy fish; Lucy and Sally meet a bug; Lucy watches Snoopy while Charlie Brown is away; Lucy tells Charlie Brown he should have control over Sally. 13 Strike out Charlie Brown doesn't want to end the game over weather; Peppermint Patty tries to teach Marcie how to play football; Charlie Brown bribes Snoopy with a manager title; Lucy questions jogging. 14 Autumn is here Snoopy plays with the falling leaves. Linus talks to leaves; Peppermint Patty's hair gets caught in her binder; Peppermint Patty convinces Marcie to play football in the rain; Peppermint Patty has dreams of sleeping. 15 A Bad Mood Lucy tells Linus no one is happy all the time; Lucy bosses Linus around while watching TV; Linus wants to teach Sally how to pass in football; Charlie Brown finds out Snoopy had a previous owner. 16 Amateurs Marcie tries to throw a football. Peppermint Patty wants to trade Marcie for Lucy in baseball. Peppermint Patty tries to teach Lucy baseball; Linus wants to host dinner to honor Charlie Brown as coach; Marcie tries to kick a football but there are setbacks. 17 Team Spirit Frieda joins Charlie Brown's baseball team; Charlie Brown gets hit on the head during baseball; Lucy's only focus during the game is her baseball glove; Charlie Brown doesn't want to end the game over weather. 18 Trust Me Lucy holds the football for Charlie Brown; Dandelions cover Charlie Brown's pitcher mound; Lucy helps Charlie Brown fly his kite; Charlie Brown is confident in kite flying; Charlie Brown feels like no one likes him. 19 Creepy Crawlies Woodstock has a creature in his nest. Linus explains the importance of bugs; Lucy and Sally meet a bug; Snoopy has a bug in his supper dish; Woodstock doesn't want Snoopy to fish with worms.

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