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Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Complete 1st Season

Farscape - Season 1 - Vol 08

Release Information:
Studio: A.D. Vision
Release Type: Individual Episodes
Release Date: 11/06/2001
Number of Discs: 1
Number of Episodes: 2
Running Time: 120 mins
Retail Price: $19.98 (US$)

Audio/Video Information:
Video: Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio: English - Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: None/Unknown

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"Durka Returns" When Moya nearly collides with another transport, the Leviathan brings the vessel aboard for repairs. But the ship carries a Nebari official; his prisoner, Chiana; and Durka, the Peacekeeper responsible for Rygel's torture. Seeking revenge, Rygel sets off a dangerous chain of events that unleashes Durka's evil desires, frees the prisoner Chiana, and inadvertently allows Durka to take himself and Aeryn as hostages. To save them, Chrichton, must risk trusting the devious street urchin Chiana!

"Human Reaction" After traveling through a wormhole, Crichton finds his way home. But his father is the only one who believes he really is John Crichton. And the suspicion escalates when Aeryn, D'Argo, and Rygel follow Crichton to earth., Once there, Rygel is dissected, D'Argo imprisoned, and Aeryn and Crichton must discover that this earth is exactly as it was seven months ago. Why is this earth everything that Crichton remembers, yet nothing.


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