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The Complete 3rd Season

The Complete 1st Season

The Carol Burnett Show - Carol's Favorites: Collector's Edition (6-DVD)

Release Information:
Studio: Time Life
Release Type: Individual Episodes - Random
Release Date: 9/25/2012
Number of Discs: 6
Number of Episodes: 16
Running Time: 1080 mins
Retail Price: $59.95 (US$)

Audio/Video Information:
Video: Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio: Unknown
Subtitles: None/Unknown

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The Carol Burnett Show is one of the most popular and beloved shows in the history of television and it is now available on DVD to all audiences for the very first time. Starting in 1967 and continuing for 11 straight years, The Carol Burnett Show was the ultimate variety show with music, acting, larger-than-life guest stars, and, of course, comedy... sketches, jokes and parodies that are as funny now as they were 40 years ago. All the episodes in the DVD collections were personally chosen by Carol, and all DVDs feature full, unedited episodes as they originally aired on television.

This information is not complete and will be completed when the information or time becomes available


  • DISC 1
    • Show #1007, Original Air Date: Oct. 30, 1976
      • Roddy McDowall
      • Q&A
      • Mrs. Wiggins: Buzz Off-Carol and Tim
      • Medical Documentary-Harvey, Tim, Vicki, Roddy McDowall
      • Hollywood Seven-Vicki
      • The Lift-Carol and Roddy McDowall
      • The Morning After-Carol, Harvey, Vicki
      • Finale: Salute to Silent Movies: Without a Word, Without a Sound-Carol, Harvey, Tim, Vicki, Roddy McDowall, Dancers
      • Goodnights
    • Show #1002, Original Air Date: Nov. 13, 1976
      • Dinah Shore
      • Q&A
      • Business Lunch-Carol and Harvey
      • 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover-Dinah Shore
      • The Oldest Man: The Butcher-Harvey and Tim
      • Went with the Wind!-Carol, Harvey, Tim, Vicki, Dinah Shore
      • Finale: Basin Street: Basin Street Blues/That's How I Love the Blues/The Birth of the Blues/Mad about Him Blues/A Good Man Is Hard to Find/I Ain't Got Nobody/St. Louis Blues/Wang Wang Blues-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Dinah Shore, Dancers and Singers
      • Goodnights
    • Show #1121, Original Air Date: Mar. 5, 1978
      • Steve Martin, Betty White
      • As the Stomach Turns: Close Encounters-Carol, Tim, Vicki, Betty White, Steve Martin
      • Comedy Act for Dogs-Steve Martin
      • Bird Lady: The Escape-Carol and Tim
      • The Family: Ellen's Anniversary-Cast and Betty White
      • The Late, Late Movie: Beach Blanket Boo-Boo-Carol, Tim, Vicki, Steve Martin, Betty White, Dancers and Singers
      • Goodnights
      • "Let's Bump Up the Lights": Cast reunion with Carol, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway and Lyle Waggoner
      • Featurette: "I Want to Push That Button..." on the history of The Carol Burnett Show
      • The rarely seen sketch "The Dentist," with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman (original air date Mar. 3, 1969)

  • DISC 2
    • Show #722, Original Air Date: Mar. 16, 1974
      • Roddy McDowall, The Jackson 5
      • Q&A
      • Talk and Duet Medley: Exactly Like You/She's Funny That Way/They Didn't Believe Me/Tea for Two/Speak Low/So in Love-Carol and Roddy McDowall
      • Short Film: Roddy McDowall in the Makeup Chair for Planet of the Apes
      • The Family: The Reunion-Cast and Roddy McDowall
      • The Carpenters-Carol, Harvey, Lyle
      • Dancing Machine-The Jackson 5
      • Bus Stop-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle
      • Brief Encounter-Carol and Roddy McDowall
      • Finale: Music School Medley: This Old Man/ABC-Carol, The Jackson 5, Dancers and Singers
      • Goodnights
    • Show #810, Original Air Date: Nov. 23, 1974
      • Maggie Smith
      • Q&A
      • Born Free-Carol, Harvey, Tim
      • Talk and Duet: You're So London-Carol and Maggie Smith
      • My Buddy-Harvey and Tim
      • A Visit from Karen-Carol, Harvey, Maggie Smith
      • The Third Degree-Harvey and Vicki
      • Finale: Charwoman Medley: Oh, to Be a Movie Star/Cuddle Up a Little Closer-Carol and Dancers
      • Goodnights
    • Show #903, Original Air Date: Oct. 4, 1975
      • Shirley MacLaine
      • Q&A The Family: The Flashback-Cast
      • Talk and Duet: Fan Mail-Carol and Shirley MacLaine
      • The Hollow Hero: Palace Guard-Carol, Harvey, Tim
      • Little League Mothers-Carol, Harvey, Shirley MacLaine
      • 200 Years Ago Today-Harvey and Tim
      • Finale: Gorgeous/I Love to Dance Like They Used to Dance-Carol, Shirley MacLaine, Dancers
      • Goodnights
    • Show #812, Original Air Date: Dec. 14, 1974
      • Ken Berry, Carl Reiner
      • Q&A
      • Razzle-Dazzle-Ken Berry, Dancers and Singers
      • The Biggest Movie of the Week: Disaster '75-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Ken Berry, Carl Reiner
      • Song Blackouts: I've Gotta Be Me/Something/Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!/A Baby Is Coming-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Ken Berry
      • Bedtime Honesty II-Carol and Harvey
      • Finale: Hold Me, Hamlet-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Carl Reiner, Ken Berry, Dancers and Singers
      • Goodnights

  • DISC 3
    • Show #921, Original Air Date: Feb. 14, 1976
      • Joanne Woodward
      • Q&A
      • The Family: Friend from the Past-Cast and Joanne Woodward
      • The Butler and the Maid-Carol, Harvey, Tim, Vicki
      • Wallflowers Duet: Why Can't I/Let's Be Buddies-Carol, Harvey, Joanne Woodward
      • Mrs. Wiggins: The Intercom...Again-Carol and Tim
      • Finale: Everything Old Is New Again-Carol, Vicki, Joanne Woodward, Dancers and Singers
      • Goodnights
    • Show #716, Original Air Date: Jan. 19, 1974
      • Carl Reiner
      • Q&A
      • Accident Prone-Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Carl Reiner
      • Send in the Clowns-Carol and Harvey
      • Funny Lady-Carol, Harvey, Carl Reiner
      • Supermarket Checker-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle
      • La Caperucita Roja: Little Red Riding Hood-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Carl Reiner, Dancers and Singers
      • Goodnights
    • Show #814, Original Air Date: Jan. 4, 1975
      • Joan Rivers, Vincent Price
      • Q&A
      • Alice Portnoy: The Author-Carol and Vincent Price
      • Born in Brooklyn-Carol, Vicki, Joan Rivers, Dancers and Singers
      • Comedy Spot-Joan Rivers
      • The Ham Actor: The Understudies-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Vincent Price
      • TV Blackouts: Police Lady/Chiquita and the Man/Rhonda/Tony Tallahassee & Dusk-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Vincent Price, Joan Rivers,Tony Orlando & Dawn
      • The Walnuts-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Vincent Price, Joan Rivers
      • Finale: Sarah and the Moose-Carol, Harvey, Vincent Price, Joan Rivers, Singers
      • Goodnights
      • The Garry Moore Show episode featuring Carol Burnett in the "Supergirl" sketch-the first time Carol did the Tarzan yell on television (original air date Mar. 6, 1962)
      • Featurette: "Ahhhh, Mrs. Whiggins?" with the exasperated Mr. Tudball
      • Interview with: Carol Burnett

  • DISC 4
    • Show #611, Original Air Date: Oct. 25, 1972
      • Pearl Bailey
      • Q&A
      • Nora Desmond: The Commercial-Carol, Harvey, Tim
      • Where Is Love-Pearl Bailey
      • The Oldest Man: Galley Slaves-Harvey, Tim, Lyle
      • The Psychiatrist: A Good Man Is Hard to Find-Carol and Pearl Bailey
      • F. Lee Bunny-Carol, Tim, Lyle
      • Salute to 20th Century Fox: Do-Re-Mi/You've Gotta See Mama Ev'ry Night (Or You Can't See Mama at All)/Hound Dog/I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much)-Carol, Harvey, Tim, Lyle, Pearl Bailey, Dancers
      • Finale: Alexander's Ragtime Band-Carol, Vicki, Pearl Bailey, Dancers and Singers
      • Goodnights
    • Show #1022, Original Air Date: Mar. 26, 1977
      • Ken Berry
      • Q&A
      • Mrs. Wiggins: The Fire Drill-Carol, Harvey, Tim
      • I Got Rhythm-Ken Berry and Dancers
      • Harry's Mirage and Grill-Harvey, Tim, Vicki
      • Salute to MGM Musicals: Babes in Barns-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Ken Berry, Dancers
      • Goodnights

  • DISC 5
    • Show #817, Original Air Date: Feb. 15, 1975
      • Rock Hudson, Nancy Walker
      • Q&A
      • Mine-Rock Hudson and Nancy Walker
      • TV Commercials-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Rock Hudson, Nancy Walker
      • Partners-Harvey
      • The Late Late Late Show: When My Baby Laughs at Me-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Rock Hudson, Nancy Walker, Dancers and Singers
      • Goodnights
    • Show #1012, Original Air Date: Dec. 11, 1976
      • Betty White
      • Q&A
      • The Family: The Attic-Cast and Betty White
      • Pom Pom Girls: Ready to Begin Again-Carol and Betty White
      • Counterfeit Bill-Carol, Harvey, Tim
      • Finale: Salute to the Ziegfeld Follies-Carol, Harvey, Tim, Vicki, Betty White, Dancers and Singers
      • Goodnights

  • DISC 6
    • Show #803, Original Air Date: Sept. 14, 1974
      • Jim Nabors
      • With an A, B, C-Dancers and Singers
      • Q&A
      • The Family: Brotherly Love-Cast
      • Toilet Tissue-Carol
      • One Life-Jim Nabors
      • Bedtime Honesty-Carol and Harvey
      • Just a Gigolo-Carol, Harvey, Vicki
      • The Gunslinger-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Jim Nabors
      • Finale: Rimshot-Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Jim Nabors, Dancers
      • Goodnights
    • Show #823, Original Air Date: Mar. 29, 1975
      • Jean Stapleton, Phil Silvers
      • Tacky Lady: Alice Blue Gown-Carol
      • Q&A
      • The Couples-Carol, Harvey, Phil Silvers, Jean Stapleton
      • Losing My Mind-Jean Stapleton
      • TV Commercials-Carol, Harvey, Jean Stapleton, Phil Silvers
      • Saturday Night Stoop: Flings-Carol and Jean Stapleton
      • The Old Folks: Anniversary Present-Carol and Harvey
      • Hallway Encounter-Harvey and Jean Stapleton
      • Finale: Bilko's New Army: Anything You Can Do/I'm a Woman/Alright, Okay, You Win-Carol, Harvey, Phil Silvers, Jean Stapleton, Dancers and Singers
      • Goodnights
      • Featurette: "Leading Lady-Carol as a Television Pioneer"
      • "Harvey Korman & Tim Conway-Together Again": A rare interview with Harvey and Tim (taped in Los Angeles on Apr. 24, 2004), talking about their ten years together on The Carol Burnett Show
      • Interviews with: Betty White; Carl Reiner

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