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Baywatch - Nightmare Bay/River Of No Return

Release Information:
Studio: Pioneer Entertainment
Release Type: Individual Episodes
Release Date: 6/08/1999
Number of Discs: 1
Number of Episodes: 2
Running Time: 178 mins
Retail Price: $29.98 (US$)

Audio/Video Information:
Video: Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio: English - Dolby Digital Stereo
Subtitles: None/Unknown

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Nightmare Bay
Something is in the bay. Something mysterious.something deadly. Linda, an underwater photographer, is attacked inside a sea cave. Her boat is destroyed and her partner is killed, but she is saved by Mitch Buchannon. Terrified, Linda's somewhat disjointed account is misconstrued and overblown by Kay Morgan, a newspaper reporter covering the story. Mitch and the Baywatch lifeguards find themselves dealing with an often comical yet dangerous situation crated by media hype and speculation that there is a Creature in the bay.

River Of No Return
Raging rapids match the ocean surf for danger when Mitch heads for California's rugged Gold Country to investigate the death of his prospector uncle. While the annual rookie swim is bringing new hopefuls like Summer to Baywatch headquarters, Mitch and fellow lifeguards Hobie, Eddie and Shauni follow clues that lead them to a treasure map. Stalked and trapped by the gold-crazed killer of Mitch's uncle, their rafting journey becomes a nightmare struggle as they hurtle through the wild water towards a deadly underground river. The abusive ex-boyfriend of Summer's mother Jackie threatens her life, Eddie and Shauni face an emotional crisis, and as the exciting action peaks, each Baywatcher must overcome daunting odds for survival and happiness.



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