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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - New Update On TV-DVDs Ties Release Firmly To Indy 4 Film

Posted by David Lambert
Our good friend Bill Hunt of The Digital Bits website celebrated his 38th birthday yesterday by attending the Lucasfilm press event about the upcoming Revenge of the Sith film release on DVD. While there, he heard Producer (and Luca right-hand man) Rick McCallum speak on subjects mostly having to do with Star Wars, but also about the long-awaited TV-DVDs for The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Here's what Bill passes on at his website about that:
    McCallum expects there to be 22 Young Indiana Jones Chronicles DVDs in all, 3 of which have been completed. The discs will include some 66 historical featurettes, now in production. Work has been ongoing for about 18 months on the Young Indy DVDs, with about another 18 months worth of work yet to be done. If all goes well, the plan is to tie the DVD release to the theatrical debut of Indy IV (the script for which Lucas is expected to finish this Sunday).

The original timeframe for this release was generally to be somewhere between the last quarter of 2005 and the last quarter of 2006. However, the new comments firmly place the release of Young Indy on DVD to be more in the Spring 2007 timeframe...probably around Memorial Day, since that's a reasonable target to guess at for the debut of a 4th Indiana Jones motion picture! McCallum's comments that tie those two events together match perfectly the info in the last update back in July.

Our thanks (and happy birthday to) Bill Hunt for keeping us updated on this one. Stay tuned for further updates as we get them.

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