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The X-Files - X-Files Season 6's 'Triangle' episode

Posted by David Lambert
There is a "housekeeping" item we've put off here at TVShowsOnDVD, concerning the 3rd episode of X-Files Season 6.

By the sixth Season of X-Files, episodes were regularly protected for widescreen rebroadcast (overseas or HDTV), but none were composed that way. That is, until the episode "Triangle," which featured a 1939 storyline which takes place aboard the Queen Anne luxury liner sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. To accomodate two storylines - one in the present and one in the past - a split-screen technique was used, filling up the entire "letterbox" widescreen composition that was broadcast over-the-air for Fox network in the Fall of '98.

When this episode was translated to DVD, they apparently ran it through the wrong encoding process. Complaints have been wide that the quality of this episode, which is on Disc 1 of the set, is "worse than VHS." Low video resolution, reports of scrolling text in the bottom corner, and the title screen changed ratio back to 4x3 briefly where it did not do this on the other episodes.

Well, 20th Century Fox has listened to complaints, and is working on a replacement disc. You can call their customer service center at 1-888-223-2369 and give them your name and address right now. The new disc will be sent to you as soon as it's ready. They do not require owners to send in anything, nor do you need to have your box set in front of you. Just give them a call, and they will set this up for you, hassle-free. Now THAT'S the way to take care of your customers, Fox!

Since replacement discs are not ready yet, we also can only presume that every copy sitting on store shelves also needs the replacement done on them. There has been no word that the sets have been recalled, or reissue sets made available to retailers. As I said, they are still getting the fix ready.

Originally it was hoped to be ready by now, but I spoke to Fox late this week, and it's looking more like Spring (perhaps as late as May). We were originally going to hold off with this information until we knew the replacement was done. But since it's been pushed back a couple of times, we've decided to spread the word so everyone can get their orders in.

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