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The X-Files - Eerie (or is 'Spooky' the word?) box art for Mythology a possible delay!

Posted by David Lambert
Late yesterday evening we set up our release listing here at TSoD for The X-Files - Mythology Collection: Abduction, a 4-DVD set featuring episodes from Seasons 1, 2, and the first couple of Season 3 that center on the "government conspiracy" theme that ran throughout the series, and was a heavy part of the show's lure. In the release listing, we gave you a thumbnail-sized glimpse at the cover art, which Fox distributed yesterday afternoon. Below you'll find the full-sized version of it, and we must say we like it a lot! It certainly fits the mood of the show. Can you say "Spooky"? (Fox Mulder fans will get the joke!)

Equally mysterious is that fact that Fox is still showing a May 17th release date for this themed compilation, as we previously reported. However, a lot of the online retailers now listing it - including TSoD partners,, and - are showing that the set will ship on June 7th instead. They would use the date that the studio solicitated to them, of course, and since all of them are consistant then it's probably not a mistake. We've decided to go with the new date as our official date here for the set, and we'll presume that Fox will be updating that in their system shortly. If that turns out to be the wrong assumption, we'll take our lumps and post a correction. Right now, though, it looks like we just have to wait an extra three weeks.

Our thanks to reader Rudi Van Laer, who surfs in to our site from Belgium, for the heads-up about the date change. We appreciate all of our readers who take the time to write in to us with tips and information.

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